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Hmph Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwizy

##&*#* 10 days in Doggie Jail,spit,sputtter,,,- growwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwls

May 12th 2006 11:34 am
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You will never believe what a h----------I have been through... mommsie says she would baby sit her daughters "RAT TERRIER' while they went to Florida,,, for 10 days... it felt like 10 YEARS.... my life will never be the same.. they arrive on a Sunday afternoon, they get out of the car they have this thing they call a doggie, a rat terrier, yea, right, a big skinny rat with big ears that yips and jumps.. well. ok, as long as she stays outdoors with them,, WAIT A MINUTE, THEY ARE GETTING IN THE CAR AND THEY FORGOT, "THE RAT TERRIER", HEY, TURN AROUND. mommsie ,hurry, it still here.. well I keep my eye on her and momsie picks her up and brings it in MY HOUSEIE..she say be nice Bluie,, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeksssssssssssssss, be nice, you out of your mind. it is a yipping,jumping, nipping doggie ,if you can call it a dog.
It ran right over and DRANK OUT OF MY WATER FOUNTAIN, AND SCARFED UP MY FOOD. Hey, mom put it somewhere.. I laying very quiet her not see,me, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA, STOP, SHE JUMP ON ME AND LICK ALL OVER MY FACE, I THINK I GOING TO VOMIT,, GAG ME, GET HER AWAY,, mom got her just in time I going to swat her good.. they put her in the crate,, 1o days I had to put up with her.. she ate my food,drank my water, PLAYED WITH MY TOYS, AND SHE SAT ON MY MOMMYS LAP, THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN.. I growl and snarl and swat at her when she get near my mommsy, Mommy say Bluie be nice, or I put you in the bedroom, PUT ME IN THE BEDROOM, SHE IS THE BAD ONE,, HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT.. SMACK, THERE THAT TEACH YOU TO HAVE MOMMY TELL ME I GO TO THE BEDROOM... ok, Bluie, timeout for hitting Sophie,, sputter###@@#$%%%^^%$%$#&&$ you just wait little doggie,,, in bedroom I go, door shut,,
Next day I sicky, I not wee right, I scream and momsy rush me to the vet, her say I got stress crysals, I WONDER WHY MOMMY, IT MIGHT BE THAT STUPID DOGGIE,, MAKE ME SICK, NOW SEND HER HOME. so I had to have fluids and a great big shot, I felt real good aftter that, like a ton of catnippy,,, mommsy say her sorry, not baby sit again.. I drop my headdy to make her feel worse..
Next day they come pick up doggie,, I make sure they took all her things with them, not want them in my houseie....after she go, I strectch out on the floor and go to sleepy,, I happy again,, I free..... Bluie


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