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DDP 10 April 2014

April 10th 2014 9:59 pm
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Woohoo! One of the DDP's today!!! Thank you Catster for selecting me today. Again, it's an honor and a pleasure to be chosen and very much appreciated! Mom is so proud when she sees one of her babies being featured! We just wanted to take a minute and thank Catster for the selection and to thank everyone that sent pmails and presents of concatulations! We love you Catster and am so glad the site isn't shutting down!!! We really do love it here!


2 Year Bridge Anniversary

April 2nd 2014 4:21 pm
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Time flies so fast!!! I can't believe yet another year has come and gone since you left. So much has happened in the last 2 years which makes it seem like you've been gone longer at times. If it wasn't for a few very thoughtful Catsters today giving you Remembrance rosettes in honor of your bridge anniversary, I probably would not have remembered the anniversary. It's not that I don't miss you because I miss you every's just that life is so busy and I'm trying to take care of the kitties that are still living. I try to remember the good memories of you and not focus on the day you died. I know you understand and don't hold it against me.

You are never far from my thoughts and I'm hopeful we'll be together again some day. Until then, don't forget how much you are loved and how much I miss you. I love you Tigger with all of my heart and soul.


DOTD 16 Mar 2014! Thank you Catster!!!

March 16th 2014 3:21 am
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Woohoo!!!! DOTD! What an honor! Thank you Catster for selecting me today! What a pleasant surprise to wake up to! Thank you Tundra and family for making my St Patty's Day pic for this special occasion!

On a bittersweet note, mom is keeping vigil over Lucky because today might be the day he crosses the bridge. You can read his diary to see what's going on with him.

Thank you again for selecting me as today's Diary of the Day! Such a proud honor and we really appreciate it! Thank you Catster!!!


You would have been 12 today

March 15th 2014 1:46 pm
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Today is your birthday. You would have been 12 today. Daisy is 11 today. In a few weeks it will be 2 years since you left. I think about you often and hope that I'll see you again some day. Hoping you're enjoying your birthday at the bridge! Happy Birthday my beautiful Tigger! I love and miss you so much!


1 Year Bridge Anniversary

April 2nd 2013 6:05 pm
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Hard to believe it's been a year already. Time passes so fast these days. I woke up this morning a few minutes after midnight and I thought to myself that in 2 hours, it will be exactly one year since you died. I fell back asleep and woke up at 2:06...2 minutes after your 1 year passing. I remember your passing like it was yesterday and I miss you so much. I had almost 10 years with you but it doesn't seem like it was that long and our time together went by so fast. I still can't believe you're gone. I think about you often but today I found myself thinking of you more often. You were my first kitty and will always hold a special place in my heart and in my memories. I learned so much from you. You were the one to open my mind, my heart and my home to so many wonderful kitties over the years. You will always be my first! I love you Tigger and hope to see you again some day! I miss you my Tigger baby!


Your first birthday away

March 15th 2013 2:18 pm
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You would have turned 11 today. I miss you and hope to see you when it's my turn to cross the bridge. Daisy turned 10 today and Silvie unexpectedly crossed the bridge today so she can celebrate your birthday with you. Today is a mixed feeling kind of day but the sad feelings are the dominant ones today. Hopefully you and the others will take Silvie under your wings and keep her safe. In a few weeks it will be your first bridge anniversary. Hard to believe you've been gone almost a year and it's so hard to swallow the fact that life changes so fast and with no warning both in your death as well as Silvie's. Rest in peace my sweet girls. I'll see you both again some day. Love you both with all of my heart!!!


Crossed the bridge today 2 Apr 2012

April 2nd 2012 1:15 am
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Tigger made her journey across the bridge a little after 2am this morning. It was a shock to say the least. She was fine last night. I've been up since midnight because I couldn't sleep. So, I went out to the kitchen and wiped the counters down, filled food and water bowls, etc. Then around 2:10 am, I came back to the bedroom and went to turn the light on. Tripped over a cat on the floor before finding the light...that kitty was Tigger. She was laid out on the floor. I picked her up, looked at her face and I knew she was gone by her eyes. Then she peed on my arm. So, I missed her last breath by less than a minute. She just had her 10th birthday on March 15th. I never expected her to die so soon...and without me holding her! She died alone. She was my first cat of my adult life and I've had her since she was 8 weeks old. My life won't be the same without her!

Everything was normal last night. She loved the shower stall and would sit in front of the door and meow at me to open the door so she could go inside. Last night was no different. When it came time for my shower, she just sat in there, so I turned the water on. She slowly mossied her way out and then sat in front of the door when I got in. I opened the door just after getting in, and Tigger walked back in, getting wet but she didn't care. I took her collar off and hung it on the shower curtain rod...where it still hangs. Then after my shower, she sat in the shower stall while I dried off. Then when I went to bed, Tigger was under the covers trying to stay warm. She was still wet, so I made sure she slept up against me to stay warm while she dried. When I woke up, she wasn't on the bed anymore. Not sure where she was. So last night while she was under the covers, that was the last time I saw Tigger alive. I just can't believe she's gone.

Tigger knows she was loved and I know she loved me. She was my first kitty and I still remember the day I found her at Petsmart. When I picked her up, she laid in my arm and just purred and purred. That's how she lived her life...usually right next to me, purring and purring and purring. I'd kiss her on her forehead and she'd would lick my forehead right between my eyes...that was her way of showing affection to me. I'm going to miss her so much!

God Speed my sweet Tigger! May you rest in peace. I hope you'll be waiting for me at the bridge and we'll be together again when it's my turn to cross that bridge. I love you, Tigger Tigger...always and forever my little girl!


Guess mom didn't like that!!!

June 12th 2010 8:46 am
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You see I really don't like being brushed. I try my best to keep my fur un-matted by myself but I've been doing a horrible job lately. Mom thinks its because I'm shedding so much now with the change in temps here. It's pretty hot now.

But I seem to get tiny mats of fur on my sides and right in the middle of my back. It's nothing really noticeable until someone pets me. If mom takes the slicker brush to me, it seems to go right over the mats. So, over the last 3 days, mom got out the comb and has been working on getting these mats out. I DO NOT like it when she pulls at these mats. I growl, hiss, spit and try to bite and scratch her, so she quits and leaves me alone.

Well, she's been working on them but there was a few mats on my sides that the comb just goes over but yet you can feel them when you pet me. So, mom tried again a few minutes ago. She got a hold of one of those mats and I attacked mom. I wrapped my body around her arm and I clawed her hand up with my back claws (I don't have front claws anymore for that reason) but I sunk my teeth into mom's forearm and boy did she scream. Now she's bleeding all over the laundry room floor and I guess mom didn't like that. She grabbed me by the back of my head and she held my face down into the floor. I'm growling and hissing and trying to squirm my way out of that choke hold she had me in but she didn't relent. (I'm pretty sure there's a face imprint in the linoleum now too). She took that comb and pulled at those mats on my sides until she got every last one of them. Then she let go of me. It didn't take but maybe a minute but it seemed like forever. On the bright fur is slick and smooth now and it feels so much better!

Note to self...don't piss off mom and definitely don't bite, scratch and draw blood...I don't want my face planted into the floor again anytime soon!


Annual Vet Visit

June 27th 2008 3:43 pm
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These years are just flying by! It seems like it was just a few months ago that I had my annual vet visit.

Well, it started off as a good day. Even when mom put the carrier on the floor and opened the door, I was okay with it cuz I just waltzed right in to the carrier.

We get to the vet. Mom had her hands full this time. It was myself, Daisy the dog, Squirt and Princess. Squirt had to get his second set of shots and the rest of us had our annual shots.

Squirt was the first unsuspecting target of their attention. He weighed in at 3.5 pounds...the little porker! They put him back down on the counter after weighing him and he made a bee-line for mom. He tried to hide in between her arm and her side. Poor thing. But he got his shots and was put back in his carrier.

Then Princess was up. She weighed in at 10.1 pounds. Mom distracted her in her carrier while they gave her her shots and then she was done.

Daisy was next. 38.5 pounds. Mom had to rub her belly to keep her from wiggling around while they injected her. Then they cut her nails and she was done.

That leaves me. I weighed in at 14.1 pounds. Mom knows that she has to do the weighing. She takes the carrier to the scale, opens the door and I walk onto the scale and then she points me back to the kennel and I walk back in. Everything after that was a fiasco.

They tried giving me a shot while I was in the carrier. Not going to happen. So mom let me out of the carrier and they had to bring a net to catch me in and a thick towel to put over my head. Then mom had to pat me on the head really hard to distract me so they could stick me with 3 different needles. I was not a happy camper!!! That was the first time I've ever had to be netted but it worked.

Because of how I react, they'll never be able to do an exam on me. So this is the first year they didn't even attempt. So next year I'll have to be sedated before they can touch me. I won't even let mom brush me without growling and attacking her. I won't let her pet me anywhere except for my head and tail without growling.

So hopefully I'm good to go for another year as is the other 3 that went with me today!


Do Bunnies go to the Rainbow Bridge too?

February 2nd 2008 4:39 am
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We live outside of town and there's lots of small wildlife in the area (raccoons, possums, bunny rabbits, etc). Well, mom's encountered several rabbits jumping out, zipping & zig zagging across the road in front of her. Well, today was no exception. She saw it on the left hand side of the street and it ran right in front of her. She slammed on her brakes and thought she felt the bump-bump on the passenger side of the vehicle. She stopped and backed up but didn't see the bunny rabbit.

Several blocks away, another rabbit was laying in the road in the opposite lane. It's 4 am and no one is out there, so mom turns around and goes back and removes the rabbit from the road. It was tri-colored like me and it's body was still pliable so it hadn't been there that long. It was probably only run over that first and fatal time. Mom swore that it's eye moved when she picked it up to set it off to the side of the road. Kind of eerie for her.

Well, mom did her running around and just came home. It was still dark out at about 6:15 am but mom slowed down and came to a crawl hoping that the bunny rabbit she thought she might have hit, wasn't anywhere around. No such luck for either of them. A little (fit in the palm of your hand, little) tri-colored rabbit was off to the side of the road (about 4 inches from the road). Mom is pretty upset. She is a true animal lover and the thought of killing an animal makes her sick to her stomach. She knows accidents happen but that doesn't make her feel any better. She just hopes that the bunny rabbit died instantly and didn't suffer. So do bunnies go to the rainbow bridge? God speed little bunny. We are so very sorry!!!

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