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Siamese Meows

Welcome to the Bridge.

July 1st 2007 11:23 am
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You're going to love it here. You're completely healthy again. You can romp and play and chase butterflies all you want now.

I know your crossing was difficult on your family. It's pretty tough for those who loved us, so we're going to try and help them too. They're encouraged to post and talk about how they feel. There's lots of love here, and all the kitties, doggies, and families have gone through it, so there's lots of support. I'll be with you until you get your paws settled.

Let me share some of the wonderful things that you'll be able to experience here. One of the most important is that ANYTHING you wish for is yours for the taking. All you have to do is wish for it, and it will appear to you. Wish for toys, beds, things you’d like to eat, places you’d like to go…anything. Imagine too that you can eat as much as you want and never gain weight or throw up. This can be a good thing in case you overdo it at the Whipped Cream Parlor. Just choose your flavor -- anchovy is very good. There are restaurants for every taste and lots of entertainment, and let's not forget the Catnip Cocktails.

You can go to the many fun places. There's a Kitten Museum where they have interactive classes in kite making and puppet shows. We had a carnival with rides for the kits and adults, lots of yummy food, and fun things to see. There are hot air balloon rides, fields of catnip, fountains of milk and honey. We have Hammock Talk on Wednesday and Friday evenings. You’ll get a notice on how it works. We also have a place called Fur Love, a virtual website found in the Forums section of our main page, where you can meet other kitties who are looking for that special someone.

Are you getting the idea? It is truly a kitty heaven.


Cat Mummies

January 20th 2007 4:07 pm
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One of the most common animal mummies in Egypt was the cat. Cats were believed to represent the goddess Bastet. Consequently, they were raised in and around temples devoted to Bastet. When they died, they were mummified and buried in huge cemeteries, often in large communal graves.

From about 332 B.C. to 30 B.C., animals began to be raised for the specific purpose of being turned into mummies. The mummies were sold to people on their way to worship a god and left at the temple as offerings. Scientists have uncovered a gruesome fact: many cats died quite premature and unnatural deaths. Two- to four-month-old kittens seemed to have been sacrificed in huge numbers. So many cat mummies were made that researchers can only guess that there were millions of them.


I have a vibrating Tail!

March 13th 2006 7:48 am
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I would back up against something and my tail would vibrate and I would spray a little urine. It was no where as smelly as when a tom cat does it. I even did it on my mummy's new 61" projection tv! That really impressed my mummy. Also whenever I would go out side I would mark tires, walls, even my neighbor's house! People thought I was a boy because of my behavior. I did it to mark my territory and it sure got Princess angry!

I am spayed and I am a girl! I think I started to do it when mummy brought home Princess. She attacked me constantly and hated me. We would get into some big fights and wads of hair would be pulled out. Sometimes it was my hair, but usually it was Princess who had her hair pulled out. She wasn't so pretty with bald patches...hee, hee


Siamese Cats Are Cool!

February 28th 2006 1:59 pm
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I'm a sealpoint siamese and before I went to Rainbow Bridge I was different than most siamese. I hardly ever meowed and when I did the humans jumped right up and did what I wanted immediately! Now that's good training.

I was an indoor/outside cat and when mum brought home Princess I was very angry. I ran away from home once for a whole week and when I came home my mum didn't recognize me because I gained about 2 lbs and it really showed. She knows I was going into a neighbors house through a window that they left open so their cat could come and go. They liked me a lot and shut the window and kept me hostage for 1 week. They fed me piles and piles of kraft dinner. My mum put me back on the meaty menu and in no time at all, I was sleek and beautiful again.


My Untimely Death

February 5th 2006 6:57 pm
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I was 13 years old and I was missing for 1 week when a neighbor found me lying on the sand beside the river. We don't know if I was killed by a raccoon or a coyote. It was dark and I didn't get a good look when I was attacked.

So now Jasper and I are playing at Rainbow Bridge with Dolly, Bambi, Katey, Tinker, and Rosie, until our mummy comes for us. I miss you mummy!

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