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A Furry Girl's Life

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Puppet show

October 15th 2007 8:15 pm
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Brothers are annoying. Little brothers are even more annoying. Almost every day for two weeks that orange furrball has chased me or pounced on me. Mommy knows this because I always hiss and she runs to my rescue. So today mommy said should stop running away and try to fight back. I'm really very timid really, I'm very good at hissing and running away, it works for me. Well mommy does not think so. This evening she hugged me and we sat in from of that pesky orange furrball. Then she held my paws and made me bop Luke on the head. He just sat there. It was kinda fun, but as soon as she stopped hugging me I ran back into the bedroom...


Not a pirate girl...

September 18th 2007 8:44 pm
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I hear it is Talk Like a Pirate Day again... what a silly holiday.

I would like to remind you that I am not a pegleg wench, I am not a sea monster, nor am I a stinkin' scowlin' swashy Esmerelda... So can someone meow to my silly brother to stop meowing silly nicknames around the house. Well unless he wants to call me a pretty little lass or a buxom beauty in his silly little pirate accent!


Cute and playful

September 16th 2007 9:29 am
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Mommy woke up this morning to see Luke & me playing. We weren't playing together but we were playing with the same thing, a bug. Mommy just sat at the end of the bed watching us each take turns bopping it. She thought we looked so cute.
Then the little centipede scurried behind the door. I followed him to bop him some more because I wasn't finished playing. After a minute of so I backed up and went back to where I was before hoping he would come back out on his own. Then Luke went behind the door, I guess he wanted to bop him some more too. I waited for the bug to come out but that fun was interrupted when Copy started sitting near me sticking his nose under the edge of the door. So after I hissed at him I went into the bedroom.
I didn't let me playful get interrupted too long though, because I started sliding and attacking the the piles of clothes mom had organized for the laundry. It was fun, and even more fun when mom pulled out my feather toy.


Making this furry girl's day special

August 17th 2007 9:10 pm
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Thanks to all my furriends, I feel very special today! They have showered me with pmails, group messages, rosettes and even stars. The outpouring of love from all of them is almost too much to handle! Thank you all for making my 15th Birthday a furry special one!

Some of my Olde Furt furriends even wrote me a poem, here they are for all to see.

From Rascal
Our sweet sweet Sissy
Beautiful and Prissy
Fifteen you are today
Oh my what can we say

A beauty you are
A bright shining star
May your day be full of bliss
I send you a birthday kiss

From Simon
That Sissy's the Girl
A bright shiny Pearl
I'd like to give her a whirl
But I fear she may hurl!

From Arnold P.
We love you Sissy,
Oh yes we doooooooo,
We love you Sissy,
And we'll be truuuuuueeeee

From Elsa

Sissy's a stunning beauty, she's more lovely now
Than even as a lass of yesteryear.
Her Friday Column keeps us Furts united
We turn to her words for news and cheer!

Meowmie wonders "How can it be?
With age Sissy grows more beautiful, see!"
And points to photos of Sissy on lavender silk
Stretched so regal, in pearls and gilt.

Sissy's charm and mystique drive cats to bow
Desiring her company and perhaps even vows!
Dear friend, our correspondent par excellence,
I join Olde Furts in wishing you a wonderful year, bar none

To end my lovely catnip filled day, this furry girl is going to take a nap and think of all her wonderful furriends.


Calvin is in charge

August 15th 2007 8:59 am
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Have you visited Calvin's page yet this week? Oh wait, what am I meowing of course you have... That orange furrball has made me his Pal of the Week, that's right me! I am so honored and meowless that I even fainted at the mews!

LoveMuffin even wrote a diary entry all about me. I should probably clarify some of the embarrassing stuff he revealed.
~ Yes I love rolling on celery. Something about the smell drives me crazy. I rub my cheeks all over it and roll on it. I have even been known to steal a ziplock bag that contains them out of moms bag so I can roll on them.
~ I am not going to discuss my embarrassing incident again.
~ Yes, I do lose my antenna whiskers often, and yes this queen was mortified.
~ Yumm raw turkey! I am also the only kitty in the family who will receive a second portion.
~ What can I meow, daddy's shirts just smell good to me... and napping on them is a great thing.

Thank you Calvin for making me your Pal of the Week, writing a diary entry about me, dressing all up in a birthday hat, changing your background to Super Celery and calling me a gem in your shoutbox. This furry girl sure does feel special!


Technocat error?

August 13th 2007 7:55 pm
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Why am I the only kitty in the family that has lost her Plus photo album? Do the HQ kitties not think I am cute enough that I am not worthy of having more than 10 pictures?
Hiss on them.
At least mommy thinks I am the cutest furry girl around, she did pick me out of the other cats in a cage and has loved me every day since.
Purrs for mommy.


Sharing... maybe I shouldn't...

July 22nd 2007 9:22 pm
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Something very embarrassing happened to me last weekend and I think I can now meow about it... What happened is not very lady like and probably not for the young ones. I had some, umm, poopie stuck to my rear. Mommy grabbed me and locked me in the bathroom and proceeded to wipe and clean me. She discovered that the reason it was there was because I had long strands of grass stuck to it and me. I guess I was too happy to have my bouquet that day that I did not properly chew to get bites sizes. I howled at her, I even hissed at her. She was shocked, but kept cleaning me and then she took out the comb. Daddy then came in to see if he could help or at least calm me down and said that all the other cats were huddled up to the door. It was a horrible experience...

As soon as I was cleaned up I ran and sat on mommy's pillow to clean myself after having my fur all messed up. Shadow came and laid down 2 feet from me, staring at me. I might even meow she was looking out for me and worried. She knows us girls have to stick together and how something like this is devastating for us.

You may be wondering why I would meow such an embarrassing incident, well I feel I can share this with all of you since my big sis has been sharing her poopie circumstance too. Let's just hope mommy doesn't get any ideas like Isaac's mom...


Losing reception

June 18th 2007 8:37 am
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This weekend I lost my whiskers on my left side known as my antennas... This happens all the time, they just grow back. Sometimes they are white, sometimes they are black - it's always a surprise.

Although this is the first time I have lost my sense of intruders in the house who are about to enter my bedroom. This weekend there was a human kitten in the house, she came into my bedroom with mommy and I stayed curled up on the chair and allowed her to pet me. After a few seconds there was a giggle so I tried to leave only to have mommy grab me and hug me. I stayed but as soon as she let me go I bolted towards the bed. Imagine mommy's surprise when she peeked under the bed and saw I was not alone. She was surprised to see Luke there too since he usually liked to sniff little Ella...but he didn't stay long because mommy pulled him out. He was ok as long as mommy is there in the room. Paste was the only one not under the bed, he was out having fun playing with the little girl...he even stayed when she screamed 'kitty' and giggled.

side note from mommy: I am so proud of Sissy for letting Ella pet her. She is so shy around strangers and must move at her own pace, however this evening I allowed Ella into her room to see her. I'm grateful she is a very gentle two year old who is just tickled pink to see kitties. I'm also proud because when Sissy was hiding under the bed with all the other cats there was no hissing! I guess you can be amicable when you all have the same goal - hide from human kittens!


My Little Stepping Stone

June 4th 2007 8:30 pm
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Today I hit my 1500th viewer and I feel furry special! Here are the following kitties who stopped by my page and pmailed me to let me know who they are:

A cutie tortie Muffin was viewer 1494
That sweet artsy faced Flick was viewer 1502
That tabby now known as Mr.Flirt was viewer 1504
The adorable one with a pink nose Cybil was viewer 1505

And my stone stepper was Sagan as viewer 1500.

Thank you so much furs for helping me make it to 1500 views, without you I would not have made it, you make me feel special because you are all so special!

I'd also like to meow a catgrats to the furry cute Boomer who also reached a stepping stone, she received her 3000th viewer today!


Being Admired

June 4th 2007 10:30 am
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There is a fur out there in Catsterland who is flirting with me... Mom says I have a secret admirer. I guess I must considering the two anonymouse rosettes I have received, first it was a blue one and then I received a pink one. Now who would flirt with this furry girl you ask, well it is none other than Arnold P. who called me beautiful in this rosette.

I must meow tho I don't think he's very good at being a secret admirer because he has only been secretly flirting with me for one weekend... I should have known he was a flirt when he mailed me a Zoom Groom, he wants to keep me pretty and soft. What a gentleman. Altho if he comes close to me to groom me himself I must just hiss and run away to hide... Then again I think he meowed he might do the same thing - MOL

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