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If Only Life Could Be a Box of Chocolates...

My New Little Brother *Rolling Eyes*

December 1st 2006 9:09 pm
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So recently mommy bought this thing...I'm not sure what it is exactly...but I overheard her telling her friends that it was a baby African Leopard tortoise hatchling, whatever the heck that means. I don't like it! And the stupid little thing even has a name, and it's a dumb one too! Marchello!!! And to add insult to injury, the thing is suppose to be my little brother!!!! I just want to eat it! And trust me, I've tried several times, but mommy got upset and gave me time out in the closet. I think it's about time I start looking for a new mommy...


Paging Dr. Cupcakes!

August 16th 2006 1:48 pm
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I was rushed to the emergency room the other day. Mommy had this beautiful calla lily flower arrangement that looked awfully appetizing, so I couldn't resist and ate it. It was so beautiful that I couldn't keep my belly away from it! A few hours later, I started throwing up everywhere so mommy rushed me to the emergency room at 3 a.m. in the morning. I kept insisting that I would be fine since I'm very used to digesting foreign materials but she was terribly worried. The vet said that lilies are poisonous to cats and my mommy almost died from a heart attack! Luckily right before she was about to suffer from cardiac arrest, the vet said that calla lilies do not actually belong to the lily family so my life is in no danger at all. A long night and two hundred dollars later, I was back at home in my bed. Mommy didn't look too happy...


Anal glands and dryer sheets

March 13th 2006 11:30 am
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A few weeks ago, I had an anal gland infection and my mommy told eveeerrryone about it. Good lord, can she ever keep a secret! Am I not entitled to have a patient's rights to privacy? Must my reputation be jeopardized for such a trivial matter? I think I may have to sue her for slander and extreme infliction of emotional distress.

So once again I ate something that I shouldn't have. But how am I supposed to know? Everything looks like food. This time I ate a dryer sheet. My mommy found out when she was cleaning my litter box and she was not very happy about it. You guys probably don't know this but within the past year I've eaten a shoe lace and a hair scrunchy, thank God I was able to poo them all out. So mommy is not very happy with my behavior for the time being but I'm sure she'll get over it soon. Until then, no treats for me. I'll just have to find my own treats! Like mommy always say, "make the best of what you have." Let's see what we have lying around here....yummmm!!!!!


My Human Mommy

January 7th 2006 9:59 pm
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Hi everyone! Since I'm new to the community, let me introduce myself. I am Cupcakes, and yes I'm a boy. I'll get back to the name issue a little later. I am a two year old exotic shorthair residing in San Diego California with my mommy. And her name is Lindsey by the way. My mommy is quite a character and here is why...

1. She's obsessed with me.
I'm not being overly dramatic, although she always is when it comes to me. She's always worried that something is wrong with me so she's always taking me to the vet. And my vet my mommy says, must be a cat specialist and not just a regular vet. Anyway, I'm always at the vet's office. Why you ask? We're all still trying to figure this out. By the time I turned one, my medical record consisted of sixteen long pages of my medical history. But seriously, nothing is wrong with me. I am perfectly healthy.

2. She's overly sensitive when it comes to me.
I'm slightly plump, so her feelings get hurt when people call me "fat" or "obese" or whatever. I've seen her go off on someone for calling me fat. And once she told some guy who said I shed too much to go and re-evaluate his own personal shedding tendencies because he sheds more than I do. Anyway, enough of that.

3. She thinks I'm her little girl....
Cupcakes? Does my name not tell you enough? My toys are pink, I have frilly little collars, and I sleep in a french toile bassinett and my mommy thinks that this is perfectly normal. Her "so called" logical reasoning behind this is, "who ever said that men can't wear pink?" Oh and another one of my favorites, "he's neutered so pink is fine."

Although my mommy is slightly "off," she feeds me so I LOVE her!

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