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Princess Storm's Ponderings

Big sillies

January 18th 2006 6:25 pm
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Those puppies are so dumb that I live with. It was windy out tonight and one of the outside garbage cans was blowing around the front yard. From the way those two were carrying on, especially the little one, you would have thought that there was a bear outside. In order to shut them up Daddy had to go outside in the cold and wind and put the can away. It was funny because first he kicked it around a little bit so that the dogs would think he was beating it up. Dumb puppies.

I forgot to write last week that Daddy actually went to the grocery store and remembered to bring me home wet food! I was so surprised I almost fell over. Unfortunately while he has learned this new skill, he has forgotten how to open the cans and put food on a plate. Daddy unpacked the cans and put them away on the shelf without giving me any. Dumb Daddy.

So the people have put me on this new food which is supposed to be for multiple cats. I saw the commercial on tv and it said it's supposed to make fat cats thin and skinny cats muscular. So I'm thinking the people are trying to trick me by telling me that it's regular food when really it's diet food! That's okay, I'll outsmart them - I'll just eat twice as much!




December 22nd 2005 8:28 am
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Hello humble admirers.

I haven't written in quiet a while, but that's because I've been very busy. It takes a lot of time and energy to be this cute. But I am in a good mood this morning because Shadow kissed my ears, so I think I will write.

Christmas is almost here and there is a big tree in the living room with lights and shiny balls on it. If I had the time I'd climb it, but I have to watch out the window over my domaine. The beagle and I share the same spot on the back of the couch, only not at the same time of course. We have warped that cushion just how we like it, so that it cradles us. Biscuit is very skinny and doesn't weigh much more than me.

Shadow says that we are getting a special treat for Christmas this year - Chicken livers! Mmmm... There is also usually turkey with gravy, which is always good. Maybe Santa will leave me some tins of turkey and giblet wet food. That would be really good. Shadow is hoping for wheat grass, but I say why waste valuable stomach space on vegetables when you can fill it with meat and gravy!

I'm off now to the bath mat to groom myself. Happy Holidays everyone.




It's a miracle!

August 10th 2005 6:40 pm
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Miracle of miracles! The great big hairless cat (Daddy) actually figured out how to open a can of wet food tonight. After my yelling at him for a few minutes, Mommy told Daddy to feed me and how to open the can. Silly Daddy asked me which flavour I wanted. I don't care - just feed me! Shadow came in and said he wanted Chicken, but then he didn't even eat any. Oh well, more for me! Maybe tomorrow I'll teach Daddy how to give me two cans of wet food!


You like me, you really like me!

August 9th 2005 7:24 am
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As if there was ever really any doubt.

Mommy just told me that I am a daily pick for diary entry. I'm finally getting some recognition around here. Maybe the big furless cats will give me a can of real salmon for dinner tonight. Last night they gave me some salmon sushi, which was very tasty, so now I have a craving for it.

Last night the big furless cats came home with 5 huge bags of puppy food and bottles of Iams gravy. Daddy said it was on clearance, but what I'd like to know is where's my food?! I can see up on the kitchen shelves that those 16 cans of wet food Mommy bought are down to 8! We're getting dangerously low. Maybe I'd better go meow my disapproval to Mommy. I'd complain to Daddy, but he doesn't hear very well. Mommy said he has something called "selective hearing."

I think I'll go rub up against Shadow and tel him about my being picked for Daily Diary. Do I get an award for this? Maybe a stack of wet food cans!




Wet food!

July 31st 2005 10:23 am
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Today I am a happy girl. Mommy went shopping and bought me 16 cans of wet food, which is good because now I don't have to run away to Grandma's house. Grandma knows how to keep a princess like me happy - wet food with lots of gravy!

I might end up running away to Grandma's anyways. Mommy said something about me getting fatter and that she's putting me back on diet food next month. I hate that nasty low-cal food. Bring on the carbs!



Fun fun fun

June 29th 2005 9:59 am
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Dear Diary,

Last night when the big furless cats were in bed, I found a moth in the house. I had great fun chasing it all around and knocking things over. Daddy came downstairs to investigate and said something about not "trashing the place." Unfortunately, the moth got away, so I had to entertain myself by grooming and pestering Shadow. I sometimes like to sneak into the bedroom and meow menacingly at that big dumb dog, but he was asleep.

Tonight I am going to call Grandma and tell her that the people are not feeding me enough wet food with gravy! All I have is dry food. I'm going to waste away to nothing!


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