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Squiggly Thoughts About Life

23rd May

May 23rd 2005 1:54 am
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Well today been much better than yesterday Both my mummies have been home almost all day.
on my oders they left the heater on last night. It gets cold when you have as little fur as I have, Mum has a jumper that she puts on me when it's cold and they are going out. I persomal hate it!! It feels weird and I dont like it one bit. Don't they know if I get real cold I just cuddle up to my mate Bandit, yea he still smaller than me but we like to cuddle up when it's cold. I heard my mommies say it's due to my short fur that is why I'm not allowed outside. Did forget to metion I also live with a dog? He is huge mummy say he is a German Sherpead. All I know is is he is big loud and strange looking he has only three leg's , do all dogs look like this I wonder. I have never seen any other dogs yet so I will have to wait and see, pesonal i don't know why they bother to get a dog? Us cats are better. Well time to see if they have put that heater back on like I told them too. It has be great meeting some of you and make new friends.

Talk again soon
The Boss


22nd of May

May 21st 2005 11:28 pm
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Well today has been better than yesterday. Both my Mum;s went out early and did not came home til late.
Not happy at all about been left alone all day yesterday, Me and my mate Bandit had fun. We made sure there was a mess when they got home, we both kick a lot of kitty litter out of the tray so it was all over the floor Hee Hee. my mate Bandit went mat skating and made sure the mat was right up aganist the door. This made it hard for my mum's to open the door. When they final got home I started meowing as loud as I could and for as for as long as demmed necessary. I then let go to sleep letting them think things were okey until, ealy hours of the moring. when me and my mate Bandit thought it would be a good idea to play chasey, we ran all over the house on to the bed and on our mum's waking them up as planned. What helps is my mate Bandit has a bell on. I have over heard my Mum's saying he needs to have one because he deaf, I don't understand what they mean we are able to talk to each other just fine.
I did my houdini trick today we one of my mum's was going outside to get something, i saw my chance to slip out the door. I know I'm not allowed outside but I can help not to take a peak and see what's happing.
This always scares my mum's evey times and they come running after me. I'm getting lots of cuddles today but if they think that makes up for yesterday they better think again. There is still heaps of time too have heaps of fun and drive them mad. Well must head off and see what is going on they cannot do a thing without me.

bye for now
The Boss

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