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I get no respect!

My cat days

August 30th 2007 8:23 pm
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I have been uncomfortable for quite a while. Last year the cat doctor found out that I have a nonfunctioning left kidney and stones in my right kidney and bladder. The only answer was aggressive surgery and that does not sound like much fun.

The lady always thought I was a bit antisocial - but that is how I felt.

I have had a good life, a nice home, good places to sleep, food on a regular basis and humans who pet me and feed me scraps from the table.

Tonite I felt really bad and Wally chased me. I could not pee, bled all over the place, vomited, and hid in the corner breathing heavy. The lady took me to the vet and they found that I was totally blocked - I cannot move a limb and are groaning under my breath. The doctor could work on me for a few days but could not say if I was going to get better.

The lady pet me, I purred and we both agreed that I would go on to the rainbow bridge and meet up with Tasha, Sarge and Sarah to share a bowl of food, run in the grass and nap.

I bid you all goodbye,


My life is in TURMOIL!

November 7th 2005 3:23 pm
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ACK! The human's made me move.
I was laying on the bed in my room (the only one I live in)... when the Lady swooped me up and put me in a laundry basket with a lid on top. Then toted me down numerous stairs, to a place where the furniture is now standing. It looks like the old place, just smells different -- and the floors are slippery.

The word in the cat club, was that the place is UNDER Construction. WHAT DOES that mean? Do we get to go back to the old place? Can I get a private litterbox? I mean I just can't walk out there all exposed!!!!

This morning the loudest noise from overhead totally put me over the edge and I spent the day under the couch. Missed dinner, the Lady and the Man tried to talk me out! HA that wasn't happening. BUT the humans made the couch disappear from over my being, and I got scooped up again, and brought to a really dark place. This place smells like there is a cat pan and that is where I was deposited..... Time to use the pan, I had not gone since late last nite. AAHHHHH

Upon completion, I sped to the closet and jumped into my basket -- I will never come out again!

Please keep my desperate plight in mind, purr for me and wish me strength.



I have the bed to myself

August 1st 2005 5:29 pm
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These housemates of mine are WHIMP's. They think a little heat is too much to bear! Look at me, I have the most fur -- but do you hear me complaining?

Nobody can eat -- it's too hot. Nobody can lay on the bed -- it's too hot. Nobody wants to stay on the third floor -- it's too hot. AND NOBODY has has chased me.

HAH, I now can lay on the bed with the people, totally uninterupted or bothered by their "playing" -- they are GONE. The people are MINE! I snuggle against their legs while they are sleeping... even if it is hot.

I do purr and roll around to gain the people's love while I am in bed and limit my nips and scratches to a minimum. But, human feet in my face are so totally not acceptable and will be bitten.

Ah, to revel in the heat and win the people's bed back!

Paws up!


I've ventured into a third room

July 10th 2005 7:20 pm
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I have decided to travel into the room with the TV. Lately, the man has been spending some extra time sitting on the futon and watching TV. If I spend time with the humans, there is less of a chance that one of the others will chase me.

I am not really a social cat, and just want my living area free of invasion. I am a little plump and running is not my thing.

I will come back and speak somemore, after I finish my snack.


Who I Am

July 2nd 2005 7:45 pm
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You may not have noticed from the picture, but I am a fat, furry cat. I do not handle criticism, teasing, and especially dislike being chased. With all the cats that have lived here over the past 10 years, I have been subjected to alot of mental anguish. This type of behavior is very disturbing, and has left me a total wreck. I have two rooms that I live in, and keep a really close eye on my food dish.

The Man and Lady are very considerate of my needs, but are not home all the time to see how I am treated. Furthermore, they do not understand the language of Cat and can't fully understand what the others are saying to me. I do believe the Lady has a good idea of what is going on. She invites me to the bed, and I like laying with her while she pets me. I return the petting with a good amount of purring.

Delco, Dumpling and Whitefeet are OK, but the others are rude, billigerent, and on a page in my book as the definition of social derelicts.

Hope to write a little more in a few days, and tell you about the other cats before me.


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