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Someone smells fishy!!!

September 7th 2011 3:48 pm
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'sigh' the leaves are changing colour and starting to fall. ith all the rain and wind we have had it looks more like the end of autumn here. We haent been out much as its been so wet. We sit in the windows and watch the leaves fall and float in the wind and the twins try and catch them thru the windows.
One day when mom came home from work, we all noticed she smelled different.......fishy! We were all sniffing the air and mom, we though she had brought somee fish home for us, nope. Again she came home smelling of fish and again we were all sniffing her, still no fish, whaat could be going on? Then we heard dad ask how the gull was doing at work, it turns out that someone had gound a young seagul with a broken wing and had brought it to the sanctuary where mom works and mom has been hand feeding it fresh fish. When the seagul is strong enough it will probably have to have its wing removed as its prob to badly broken to mend and it will then live at the sanctuary.
Hope everyone is well and no one is caught up in the fires that are happening. Mom is feeling better so I should be on here more again, if I can get her of that facebook. m surprised The Catfather hasnt got a page on there and started his world domination.

What Is A Cat? And Are You Sure You Really Want One?

22% Purring and Cuddling
25% Cuteness
3% Bad Breath
17% Disrespect for your furniture
15% Litter box odors
75% Easier than a dog
25% Vet bills
Takes up 50% less space than the Sunday paper
11% Inappropriate Pee and Poops, sometimes missing the box altogether
3% Coughed-up fur balls
75% foul smelling canned meals
3% Violent attacks on your ankles
10% Noisy late night annoyance of neighbors
100% Chance of kittens if neutering is neglected
10% Adorable antics
15% Evil intent
2% Scratches that bleed and puff up
5% Baby bird atrocities
.05% Ear mites
.05% Fleas
57% Naps

A cat will never learn: That the vacuum cleaner is not an agent from Hell.

Tomorrow we will be remembering Circles. It will be her 3rd annaversary at the bridge. A very special little girl who we miss everyday.



August 31st 2011 3:15 pm
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Moms not been well so I havent had chance to do my diary for a few days but we have been checking on everyone thoughout the hurricane period and we are so pleased to read that everyone is safe.
It cheered us up to come on catster today and find out I was a DDP today, thank you diary lady.
I have not been up to much, but today I sat and watched the chipmunks in our kitchen when mom fed them. They were stuffing thier mouths with food until they looked like they had the mumps, it was funny to watch them and it got me thinking...... is that how Blizzard has 6 mouse pouches, he stuffs them with food for him to eat later?

Cat Haiku

No-man's land: carpet alive
Flea season again
I need a new toy.
tail of black dog keeps good time.
pounce! good dog! good dog!

The rule for today
Touch my tail, I shred your hand
New rule tomorrow

In deep sleep hear sound
cat vomit hairball somewhere
will find in morning

Cat, fearless hunter
leaves 'presents' for me near door
next time I'll wear shoes

Grace personified,
I leap into the window.
I meant to do that.

Night. Now come night-mice.
I chase them 'round on loud feet.
You can't see them too?

Blur of motion, then --
silence, me, a paper bag.
What is so funny?

You never feed me.
Perhaps I'll sleep on your face.
That will sure show you.

The mighty hunter
Returns with gifts of plump birds --
Your foot just squashed one

You must scratch me there!
Yes, above my tail! Behold,
elevator butt.

You're always typing.
Well, let's see you ignore my
sitting on your hands.

My small cardboard box.
You cannot see me if I
Can just hide my head.

Terrible battle.
I fought for hours. Come and see!
What's a 'term paper'?

Kitty likes plastic
Confuses for litter box
Don't leave tarp around

Small brave carnivores
Kill pine cones and mosquitoes
Fear vacuum cleaner

Want to trim my claws?
Don't even think about it!
My yelps will wake dead.

I want to be close
To you. Can I fit my head
Inside your armpit?

Wanna go outside.
Oh, NO! Help! I got outside!
Let me back inside!

Oh no! Big One
Has been trapped by newspaper!
Cat to the rescue!

Humans are so strange.
Mine lies still in bed, then screams!
My claws aren't that sharp ...

Cats meow out of angst
"Thumbs! If only we had thumbs!
We could break so much!"

Litter box not here
You must have moved it again
I'll poo in the sink.

The Big Ones snore now
Every room is dark and cold
Time for "Cup Hockey".

Hair hanging, straight, long
One of my favorite things
Female visitors.

I seek new places
Cupboard doors hide secret realms
Meow when I get stuck.

I like to roll dice
From the box, one at a time
I will steal them all.

James has a squirt gun
When I eat the plant, he shoots
I wait till he leaves.

We're almost equals
I purr to show I love you
Want to smell my butt?

The food in my bowl
Is old and more to the point
Contains no tuna.

So you want to play.
Will I claw at dancing string?
Your ankle's closer.

There's no dignity
In being sick - which is why
I don't tell you where.

Seeking solitude
I am locked in the closet.
For once I need you.

Tiny can, dumped in
Plastic bowl. Presentation,
One star; service: none.

Am I in your way?
You seem to have it backwards:
This pillow's taken.

Your mouth is moving;
Up and down, emitting noise.
I've lost interest.

The dog wags his tail,
Seeking approval. See mine?
Different message.

My brain: walnut-sized.
Yours: largest among primates.
Yet, who leaves for work?

Most problems can be
Ignored. The more difficult
Ones can be slept through.

My affection is
conditional. Don't stand up
It's your lap I love.

Cats can't steal the breath
Of children. But if my tail's
Pulled again, I'll learn.

I don't mind being
Teased, any more than you mind
A skin graft or two.

So you call this thing
Your "cat carrier." I call
These my "blades of death."

Toy mice, dancing yarn
Meowing sounds. I'm convinced:
You're an idiot!


Stay Safe

August 26th 2011 3:37 pm
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We are all purring for those facing the hurricane, stay safe guys, we will be thinking of you. Also purring that all the feral and stray animals find somewhere safe to shelter.
Dont forget to check in, in the Hurricane forum and everyone know that you are safe.


Sweet-talk artist, malcontent
Quiet little innocent,
Agile gymnast, silly clown
With Cheshire grin or solemn frown,
Busybody, stay-at-home
Fearless hunter free to roam,
Alley-fighter, diplomat . . .
So many faces has the cat.


Another quiet day

August 25th 2011 3:36 pm
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Mom was working today and then she had to go shopping after work for our food, she got back and fed us then went to bed as she is not well. So we have all been good today and I did not go out but slept on the bed next to mom.
Last week, mom brought us a new toy.....its a treat dispenser and it really cool but mom has to take me away from it after a while as I get very possesive over it and dont let anyone else play with it. Mom says its fun to watch us get the treats out but the down side is she has to but more treats. We arnt complaining.
We are sending lots of purrs for those going through more hurricanes over the next few days, stay safe everyone.

Cat Fitness Program

Cat fitness really can be fun. However, it is important to start any fitness program only when you FEEL like it. And, please, don't let a few extra pounds intimidate you into becoming more active. The most important aspects of fitness are:

THE RIGHT TIME: The best time to start your program is at about 3 AM. Yea, the house is so quiet, and there are (usually) no distractions. (The Mr. and Mrs. are sometimes snoring away, but I'm okay with that!)

THE WARM UP: The warm-up is critical. We cats are THE experts of stretching, so this won't be a problem. Start with a few wind sprints at full speed. Be sure you get your claws to click nicely on the tile or linoleum floors. A few low but loud growls will help you feel charged up and get ready for the peak of your workout.

EYE-PAW COORDINATION: Now it is time to add that all important eye-paw co- ordination work. Find a marble, or two (the big steely jobs work the best) and roll it all around the floor as you continue with the bursts of sprints. See how many times you can ricochet (don't you love that word!) the beautiful noisy globes off the wallboards before they disappear under the fridge, or better yet, the stove.

UPPER BODY STRENGTH: Finally, work on that important upper body strength. CLIMBING is the ultimate exercise for this. It's the most fun and develops your strength better than any other single thing you could do! For best results and ease, use the things that are so convenient and readily available: draperies, macramé plant hangers, clothes on hangers, the book case headboard, and my personal favorite - the home entertainment center with the books and electronic equipment! If you're lucky you may have the advantage of having some nice textured wallpaper or even carpeting on some of the WALLS at your disposal. Backs of chairs and couches work well, too.

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: Here we go! A speed sprint to the end of the hall! A race around the living room! Leap to the back of the rocking chair! Let the rebound launch you to the top of the swinging planter! Rock that baby! Feel those muscles work. Just as the hook pulls loose from the ceiling, dash to the bedroom and dive under the covers. Establish your alibi just in time to hear the crash of the plant to the floor below. Pop your head up out of the covers and blink those innocent eyes at the now awakening Mr. and Mrs. Let them think that is was one of the other cats (or better yet - the dog) who's causing all the commotion! Hee hee! Ain't life grand!
Have a good work-out!


Lazy, lazy day.

August 24th 2011 2:17 pm
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Yep, I have had a very lazy day. Mom hasnt felt well today so this afternoon we all had a snooze on the bed with mom. Weather has been boring but Ollie enjoys sitting out in it, sometimes he looks like he is meditating, sat still with his nose stuck up in the air and he stays in that position for ages. Someone needs to tell him us cats have already reached nirvana.
Mom has one of those facebook pages, cant work out why anyone would want a book of faces, humans arnt that cute to look at, if it felines then I could understand as we are the cutest creatures on the planet!

Kitty's Bedtime Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray this cushy life to keep.
I pray for toys that look like mice,
And sofa cushions, soft and nice.
For grocery bags where I can hide,
Just like a tiger, crouched inside!
I pray for gourmet Kitty snacks,
And someone nice to scratch my back.

For window sills all warm and bright,
For shadows to explore at night.
I pray I'll always stay real cool,
And keep the secret feline rule.
To NEVER tell a human that...
The world is really ruled by CATS! (and not just the catfather!)


Im Back!!!!

August 23rd 2011 2:42 pm
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I am back!!!!did ya miss me???
Might not be able to post everyday but will try my hardest.
Mom had to take a break, working with term ill andd elderly animals and all the sadness that comes with it, takes its toll. After one of the cats at moms work was found dead in one of the gardens unexpectedly, it was tiime to take a back seat for a while. Even today one of the dogs had to go to the rainbow bridge today, it seems never ending.
Today mom recieved a surprise in the post, a special gift from QT's mom, It brought tears to moms eyes and to arrive on QT's Anaversary too. Thank you so much QT's mom and QT, mom will wear it with pride.
Not much mews to report, Maizie is back to good health, the twins are always naughty, Boo is alway moaning and the weather has been a bit boring, not one thing or another, as for me....I have been doing a pretty good impression of a sloth( otherwise known as doing a Blizzard!!!)

Always An Angel

I know sometimes I sharpen my claws
On every bed and chair and wall
and Wake you up with midnight howling
because I wish to go a-prowling.
But despite these things and maybe more.
it's the Angel in me that you adore
In me you know you've found
the perfect companion to have around.
A friend who is forever true
an Angel always there for you



July 31st 2011 4:31 pm
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After a hot day yesturday, its been damp here all day so we havent been out much today.
This afternoon mom was lying on the bed with us and she woke the bed mice up for us to chase, it was really fun but we didnt catch any.
Maizie continues to improve but is very picky with her food.
Purrdie is recovering slowly, shes eating well and walking better but still confined to one room.


The cat is one of nature's cleanest animals. Cats spend around 30% of their time grooming themselves.

Because cats have an amazing sense of balance they rarely become ill when travelling by car.

The average life expectancy of a cat is between 15 to 18 years although the oldest cat on record lived to be 36 years old. However, the oldest reliably recorded cat was a female tabby named Ma, who lived to the age of 34.

Cats should not be fed raw egg whites because they contain an enzyme that breaks down the vitamin biotin, which is essential to cat health.

The oldest known fossilized record that has a similarity to today's cats has been aged at 12 million years old.

Fish isn't a "natural" food for cats. Cat origins are in the desert where rodents, birds, and insects are found, not fish. One theory that explains why cats today eat fish is that during World War II, meat was scarce, expensive, carefully rationed. Cat food manufacturers had to find a cheap source of protein, so they started to use fish and fish by-products in cat food. Except for one cat breed in India, in the wild, cats won't hunt for fish.

The more cats are spoken to, the more they will speak to you.

It is believed that a white cat sitting on your doorstep just before your wedding is a sign of lasting happiness.
Hey , Blizzard, theres something you could be good at!!!!



July 29th 2011 2:53 pm
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Thank you for picking my diary as a DDP and thank you for the gifts and comments and of course for reading my diary.
I have been tagged agian but I am going to have to do that one at a later date. Mom is feeling emotionally drained today, it was hard for her to face work this morning with out little sam there, he broke a lot of hearts when he left for the bridge.
Our summer seems to have gone again, its changed to being cold and cloudy. Maizie continues to recover well and Purrdie is a little better today, she has eaten and is moving around and purring up a storm. All the purrs from Catster really do work.


People who are allergic to cats are actually allergic to cat saliva or to cat dander. If the resident cat is bathed regularly the allergic people tolerate it better.

Studies now show that the allergen in cats is related to their scent glands.

Cats have scent glands on their faces and at the base of their tails. Entire male cats generate the most scent. If this secretion from the scent glands is the allergen, allergic people should tolerate spayed female cats the best.

Cats rub up against other cats, and people, in an attempt to "mark" them with their scent glands. They most often use the scent glands between their eye and ear (near the temple area) or their scent glands near the base of their tail.

A cat is pregnant for about 58 to 65 days. This is roughly two months.

Cats respond better to women than men. One reason this might be is that women have higher pitched voices which reminds cats of a mother cat calling her kittens.

White paws on cats are referred to as gloves, but they are often called boots.

White cats with blue eyes are often born deaf. The reason for this is because the gene that gives them the white coat is connected to deafness. (Blizzard was not born with mouse pouches, he cultivated them carefully over time!!)

The roughness of a cat's tongue has a very useful purpose. It gives the cat an extremely effective grooming tool with which to clean their fur and paws.


Things happen in 3s!

July 28th 2011 2:01 pm
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It never rains, it pours!
First Maizie, who is now quite bright but still is picking at her food.
second - Fur cousin Purrdie has possibly been hit by car, she is not very good on her back legs.
third - 3 cats from work went in for dentals today and the youngest one got through the dental and was in recovery when he had a heart attack and died. Mom was very upset, she said Sam was so sweet and it has been so unexpected, no time to say goodbye. Why do they have to leave so suddenly?
We purr for Purrdie and little Sam.


Imprisoned by Henry VIII in the Tower of London, Sir Henry Wyatt, close to starvation, was saved by a cat who showed up with a pigeon in its mouth for him to dine on.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the richest felines is a pair of cats who in the early 1960's inherited $415,000. The richest single cat is a white alley cat who inherited $250,000.

The first formal cat show was held in England in 1871; the first in America was in 1895.

It has been scientifically proven that stroking a cat can lower one's blood pressure.

To drink, a cat laps liquid from the underside of its tongue, rather than the top.

Female cats can reach adulthood in as little as five months, but male cats can take nine months to a year to reach adulthood. Most breeds of cats have reached their full growth by two years. (Blizzard is still growing!)

Cats aren't hunters by nature - their mothers teach them to hunt.

Cats only sweat from the pads of their paws.

The frequency that a cat needs to sharpen its claws is governed by the value of the new lounge suite.

The amount of raspberry jam a cat will get on its paws is related to the size of the white carpet.


Family Tag

July 27th 2011 3:45 pm
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I got tagged, so I have to say a little about my family.
Well, I have 13 fur brothers and sisters and I have 12 fur cousins that live near by.
Mom - she works as an animal carer at a sanctuary for elderly and term ill animals and she is studying to become an holistic animal healer.
Dad - he works in a dockyard and is a health and safety officer. I am his favourite.
Aunty Mom - she is my moms mom and she live near us with my 12 fur cousins, she also looks after us when mom and dad go away.
There are also 9 bunnies, 7 chipmunks and a mouse in our family.
Not sure who I will tag?

Maizie is doing OK, she is about the same as yesturday, still picking at little bits. Mom is going to get some different food for her tomorrow to try her with.

Its been another nice day here today, not too hot, just right for lazing outside and little Oliie came out again when it got cooler. I was allowed out in the front garden this eve with dad, he showed me a toad, I sniffed it and it hopped towards me, I ran away and so did mom, she dosnt like frogs or toads, I dont know who ran the fastest!


Many cats cannot properly digest cow's milk. Milk and milk products give them diarrhea.

Though rare, cats can contract canine heartworms.

Cats are subject to gum disease and to dental caries. They should have their teeth cleaned by the vet or the cat dentist once a year.

Cats with white fur and skin on their ears are very prone to sunburn. Frequent sunburns can lead to skin cancer. Many white cats need surgery to remove all or part of a cancerous ear. Preventive measures include sunscreen, or better, keeping the cat indoors.

Cats can get tapeworms from eating fleas. These worms live inside the cat forever, or until they are removed with medication. They reproduce by shedding a link from the end of their long bodies. This link crawls out the cat's anus, and sheds hundreds of eggs. These eggs are ingested by flea larvae, and the cycles continues. Humans may get these tapeworms too, but only if they eat infected fleas.

Cats can get tapeworms from eating mice. If your cat catches a mouse it is best to take the prize away from it.

There are tiny, parasitic worms that can live in a cat's stomach. These worms cause frequent vomiting.

Many people fear catching a protozoan disease, Toxoplasmosis from cats. This disease can cause illness in the human, but more seriously, can cause birth defects in the unborn. Toxoplasmosis is a common disease, sometimes spread through the faeces of cats. It is caused most often from eating raw or rare beef. Pregnant women and people with a depressed immune system should not touch the cat litter box. Other than that, there is no reason that these people have to avoid cats.

Sir Isaac Newton (1642 - 1727) invented the first known cat flap. While he was in his attic trying to conduct light experiments, his cat kept nudging the door open and letting the light in, spoiling his experiments.

There are three body types for a cat. Cobby type is a compact body, deep chest, short legs and broad head. The eyes are large and round. Muscular type is a sturdy body and round, full-cheeked head. Foreign type is a slender body, with long legs and a long tail. The head is wedge-shaped, with tall ears and slanting eyes.
(There dosnt seem to be a body type for Blizzard.....may be pouchie!!!

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