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"Looking pretty with plumbago ~ (July 2006)."

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Sex: Female   Weight: 6 lbs.

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My first Christmas, 1988.  I found a mouse on the tree!

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"My first Christmas, 1988. I found a mouse on the tree!"

Love me!   This was one of Scooter

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"Love me! This was one of Scooter's first photos. She was two months old. (Dec. 1988)"

This photo was chosen to be shown when I was Cat of the Week in Dec. 2005. That was back when Molly GoLightly chose COTW. (photo Aug. 2003)

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"This photo was chosen to be shown when I was Cat of the Week in Dec. 2005. That was back when Molly GoLightly chose COTW. (photo Aug. 2003)"

If there is one spot of sun spilling onto the floor, a cat will find it and soak it up.--Joan Asper McIntosh, American writer (photo Dec. 1988)

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"If there is one spot of sun spilling onto the floor, a cat will find it and soak it up.--Joan Asper McIntosh, American writer (photo Dec. 1988)"

Adorning the garden.  May 5, 2006

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"Adorning the garden. May 5, 2006"

Sleeping in air...

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"Sleeping in air..."

ZZZZzzzzzzzzz....... I love this blankie from Edie and Sylvia for my 20th birthday.

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"ZZZZzzzzzzzzz....... I love this blankie from Edie and Sylvia for my 20th birthday."

I loved to nap!

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"I loved to nap!"

You can

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"You can't look at a sleeping cat and be tense.--Jane Pauley, American journalist (photo Aug. 2004)"

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Before Catster: Duke; Doodle; Missy; The Princess.   >^..^<   Since Catster: Scootie, Scootie Patootie, Scoots, Scooter Pie, Scootie Pie, Scoodle

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Quick Bio:

October 23rd 1988

Seal Point

Mom and Dad. Being held. Scratches behind her ears. Being outside -- exploring her back yard, smelling the fresh air, snoozing in the fresh air.

Being left alone. Cloudy days. When the sun is shining but it's too cold to go outside. Contractors!

Favorite Toy:
She's semi-retired, but still tackles catnip toys. When playful, loves a yarn pompom ball from Katrina, a pink feather on a ribbon from Louis LeBeau & Ethan (for 18th birthday) and the new pink crocheted ball from Louis and Ethan (for 19th birthday).

Favorite Food:
Halo Liv-a-Littles freeze-dried chicken! REAL chicken! Turkey breast Dad cooks on the grill! Chicken baby food! But she eats -- and actually likes -- Royal Canin Modified canned food, made into soup, to help her kidneys.


Arrival Story:
Our 5-year-old Siamese cat, SooLing, needed a companion, or so we thought. We found an ad selling Siamese kittens, and there was just one left. We're certain, however, that she was the best of the litter--at least, that's what we tell her! We brought Scooter home Dec. 17, 1988 at 8 weeks old, and we've adored her ever since. Unfortunately, our other cat SooLing did not share our adoration. They were never great pals, but they were tolerant of each other for almost 15 years until SooLing passed away in June 2003. We thought Scooter might throw a party when SooLing departed, but she grieved, too. Then she ascended to the throne.

~~~~Scooter~Our Angel: Oct. 23, '88-Feb. 5, '09 ~~~~ Scooter was like sunshine -- she brightened each day for us. She was loving and affectionate, a touchy-feely cat, though only to us. True to her Siamese roots, she was very vocal, with a variety of sounds covering several octaves. With her purr in "overdrive," she'd put her mouth right up to my ear -- the better to hear her! But as sweet as she was, she was also needy, whiny and demanding. She'd leave a comfy lap to go to another room and YEEEOOW-RRROW-RRROW at the top of her lungs until one of us got up, went to her, and picked her up -- we had to prove our love, regularly. She was spoiled and ill-mannered; we were guilty and unremorseful. Our goals were to soak up as much of her love as we could while trying to give her even more in return and to spoil the heck out of her. ~~~~~~~~~~~ By age 19, she had lost weight, she wobbled, her beloved sunshine hurt her eyes, and she had accumulated a list of illnesses which slowed her down some: IBD, CRF, hyperthyroidism. Yet, she still ripped around now and then, still played on occasion, and still looked wistfully toward the top of the wall that surrounded her back yard with an "I could do that" determination in her eyes. Our beautiful little Scooter sometimes missed the jump into a chair, yet envisioned jumping a five-foot wall. In her last years, she showed us time after time how much grit she had, reminding us again of a nickname from earlier in her life: Duke. ~~~~~~~~~~~ In June 2008, x-rays showed a spot on Scooter's right lung. In Nov. 2008, an ultrasound showed kidney stones, possibly the cause of cystitis that had plagued her off and on for some time and which grew increasingly painful her last year, as she was apparently passing small kidney stones. Additional x-rays verified the spot on her lung. By Feb. 2009, she developed fluid in her chest cavity which made it difficult for her to breathe. The fluid was drained but it didn't relieve her breathing, so we made the painful decision to help her to the Bridge on Feb. 5, 2009. ~~~~~~~~~~~ We love you, Scooter, forever

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Scootin' Along

THANKS for the honor

February 23rd 2012 8:51 am
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Of course I knew all about it, but Mom wasn't paying enough attention the past few days to her emails and to diaries on Catster. Beepers had some teeth extracted a couple days ago and she was focused on that, so she didn't find out until last night that I was named Angel Dreamgirl #5 by the Dreamgirls group.

I knew, though, and I've been waiting to say THANK YOU to the Dreamgirls group for the honor, and THANKS for the special picture!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Dreamgirls, Angel Dreamgirls and Dreamettes!

gotta scoot . . .


my mouse and I on Facebook

December 25th 2011 2:57 pm
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My dear friend Cooper let me know this morning that Catster is using a photo from my first Christmas as the Christmas greeting today on Facebook.

Cooper wrote a sweet diary entry about it, too. Thank you, Cooper!

My first Christmas, in 1988 when I was just a mere kitten of 2 months, was so exciting! I found a ribbon and ran off with it trailing between my legs, as Mom was trying to decorate the tree. When I found a mouse hanging on the tree, I almost couldn't believe my eyes! That mouse and I had a face-off, and Mom captured a photo as I stalked him.

That's the photo on Catster's Facebook Christmas greeting today. It's still one of Mom's favorite photos of me, after all these years. Thank you, Catster, for liking the photo, too. That made Mom smile.

Merry Happy to all Catsters!

gotta scoot . . .


another birthday at the Bridge...

October 23rd 2011 11:22 am
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Has another year passed already? Here at the Bridge it's irrelevant because there's no time as the people on earth know it. The big birthday sign has my birthday posted today, so you can bet I'll be at the party! I can't wait for some of the heavenly cheesecake! This is my third birthday here at the Bridge.

Three years ago at my 20th birthday -- while I was still with Mom and Dad -- special visitors from Catster came to my party: RayPod's Mom and Daisy's Mom. Guess what?!! They're coming for another visit. This time they'll meet Ashlynne and Beepers, of course. They'll be at my house in just 3 days, so Mom's been busy getting ready for them. Those two show cats better put on a good show! ;)

A couple good Catster friends share my birthday, too. Last year Alexander celebrated his 19th birthday with his family. He made his journey here to the Bridge on Christmas day after that, so this is his first birthday here. Happy Birthday, Allie! Alexander will get the special "first birthday at the Bridge" treatment today, and we'll all help him sprinkle lots of Angel dust on his family to comfort them. I know he's still missed very much, as all of us here at the Bridge are.

My furst and best Catster friend, Kazumi Joy (Kitty Kazoo), is TEN years old today. She was just a mere 3 years old when we first met, shortly after we both joined Catster in May 2005. She was the first one to send me birthday greetings this year -- a party hat with a sweet message last night. Happy Birthday, Kitty Kazoo, and many more to you! I still miss you being on Catster and I'm always happy to hear from you.

I gotta scoot for now... the celebration here is for everyone having a birthday today, so there are a lot of friends gathering already to help celebrate... Sally Maria, Louis LeBeau, Dude Kitty, Calvin, Mercy, Baltimore (he's still Balty to me), Marrakech, Garp, Icebox, Hawkeye... I better get in line for some heavenly cheesecake!

gotta scoot...

p.s. Thanks for the gifts on my page. I'll try my best to have Mom help me send thanks to each of you.

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