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Cat gone wild

catster changes

January 16th 2014 6:37 pm
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Hello sorry to hear that this site is making alot of changes.There is another cat site if you want to check it out.It"s called if carlies cat friends would like to see us in facebook just send me a friend request would like to keep a few people that how furry facebook is lisa hilner. Carlie seems to be feeling alittle better came out today and she was paying with my daughter and catnip bubbles.She goes to the vet feb 3.So what is the changes going to be.So no more seeing our cat friends profiles thats not cool.well goodnight lisa and carlie


My carlie is acting strange I think shes sick

January 15th 2014 5:59 pm
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Hello all our furry friend's carlie has been hiding in her room staying in her bed not really eating and scratching like crazy I tried to get help for her to go to the vet but nothing yetShe's my best friend I'm sure shell come around well everyone have a goodnight Carlie's mom


Hello all my cat friends

January 14th 2014 4:48 pm
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Well we have been searching for pet insurance.It"s difficult to get insurance or not carlie has never been sick but you just never know any advice from carlies cat friends would be helpful if anyone can help us out i seen that vip has a feline select ins plan but i dont know.carlie has been staying in my room alot I feel bad she only comes out when she wants a snack i pet her alot to get her more friendly but hasnt worked at all.Well hopeful shell come around soon.Goodnight everyone have a greatnight


Cat gone wild

January 9th 2014 6:22 am
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Goodmorning everyone Carlie is having issues.Well has been eatting dry food for yrs I just recently started giving her wet cat food as a treat twice a day.Well she wont her dry food now she has me up all night she jumps on me shes acting crazy I woke up today she scared me to death she was staring in my face lol crazy cat.

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