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Day to day cat business

I want you!!!

March 23rd 2013 6:00 pm
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Nizzy was very talkative today. He wanted to be held & petted cuddled all day. He was especially affectionate & giving kisses by the dozens w/o being asked. He is already in bed with us. He loves racing into the bedroom when my bf or I are headed that way in hopes of cuddle time! He practically knocks you over to get there!


me & momma

April 2nd 2013 12:35 pm
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So momma has told me a lot about how she came to get me. Ppl think b/c she calls me momma's boy I am her favorite, but that's not how I got that nickname. Nija is much braver than me & momma loves him just as much, but he is very independent. I don't think he is afraid of anything but the horrid vacuum cleaner! I have always been pretty shy but I am great at alerting momma to any noise or thing that doesn't seem right. Momma realized I was scared of lots of things, noise, the outside, people, & much more. If I am not right by her most of the time I am hiding. I feel braver at night, then I come out & play, get into stuff, cause messess, & play with Nija. So she calls me momma's boy b/c I have needed her & my soon to be daddy (momma just got engaged to her long time friend & boyfriend, I am very happy he loves playing with us!) to work with me getting over being afraid of things. It has taken 4 years, but I am getting there. I will even go out on the balcony during the day now if the plants are out there & the stereo doesn't always need to be on now to drown out scary sudden noises!

Before momma got us she lived with 4 other cats! She moved into a basement apartment with Chan & Vladimir. Upstairs lived Alley & Diablo. Vladimir passed away first. No one was sure what was wrong with him & his dad was very sad. Then his brother Diablo got sick soon after so they all got suspicious & Diablo lived upstairs. His mom & dad took him to the vet & it turned out he had an enlarged heart :( Diablo passed away very quickly after the trip to the vet momma said despite everyones best efforts to care for him around the clock (he left the vet with some pretty specific doctor's orders!). Everyone thought Chan was in the clear, momma took her to the vet, explained everything had her checked out & everything but then Chan's daddy got sick & momma had to take her to a foster home (momma didn't have anywhere to live so this was the only option.) The foster home was actually an animal clinic & adoption agency & even they checked her out while she lived there. Well Chan's daddy started getting better & Chan got to come home! But then momma said Chan started loosing weight (it was hard to tell at first b/c she was a long hair tortis shell calico)... it was becoming clear chan suffered the same condition as her brothers. Momma wasn't there when it happened but she found out Chan had passed also :( Momma said they were all so devastated; she hadn't adopted Chan or Vlady but had come to love them very much, as well as Diablo & despite everyones efforts & once finding out what had been wrong with the boys, even their preemptive measures had failed to keep Chan alive. Momma says Alley was very sad, Diablo was his best friend & they used to get into all kinds if mischief outside & Vladimir & Chan were good buddies of his too. Well Alley's momma moved back to Washington & took Alley. Momma & my soon to be daddy moved to a place of their own. They waited 2 years after Chan had left them before they came looking for us! They loved them lots (chan & vlady) & were pretty upset, then they didn't want to adopt any kitty that hadn't been thoroughly examined for some time( Nija & I spent a whole week being watched & examined before we could even be adopted)...

Well momma came & got us & it was about time! We've had a couple daddy's but momma never leaves us & now it looks like we have a permanent daddy & he is very good to us (he spoils us lots!), she has never married any of her pets daddy's & we think he is a good pick! He spends hours playing with both of us & then cuddling us when we get tired of playing! (He wears us out & i know momma enjoys the help b/c we can be a handful for just one human!) She has known him 11 years, I think they must be pretty old that seems like a long time! He even knew her first cat she got as an adult (cremesicle but his daddy had to keep him but that's another story!)... meowyou if you got through all of this. I will be

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