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Uno Happily Irrepressible!

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Don't Burst My Bubble!

September 30th 2014 12:23 am
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I can't believe it. I feel so honored. DDP AGAIN! I think I'll go strutting around the house in front of all the other kitties telling them to look at me, I'm special because I got a DDP again. Oops! Does anybody know how hard it is to try to strut when you have feline vestibular syndrome and a head tilt? When I try to straighten my head and put it high into the air to make me look the part of the kitty the other kitties should admire, I lose my balance and fall over. Then when I get up and try to shake myself off and act like it was nothing, I lose my balance and fall over again. Then on top of all my embarrassment I'm trying so hard to hide as my attempt to show off to the other kitties, Mom whispers to me that she thinks that there might be something wrong with Diary Central. She said she thinks it might be stuck somehow and that's why I've gotten all these wonderful DDPs in a row. Chastened, I slink out of the room. Right now I'm glad that I'm a black kitty so the embarrassment doesn't show on my face.


Thank you Again!

September 26th 2014 5:49 pm
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Thank you again, Catster Diary Person, for another DDP. I'm thrilled. Also a big thanks to readers & friends for appreciating my diary. I also hope my diary account of my battle with feline vestibular syndrome may help someone else whose kitty also has it. It's mysterious, it's weird, it's really annoying but hey, at least you can live a normal lifespan with it.

I'm doing pretty well although there are still some jumps that I used to do effortlessly that I'm afraid to try yet. Mostly I stick to short jumps. I rarely miss now when I jump although when I do, I get embarrassed if anybody sees me miss. I'm getting used to having a head tilt. However there are still two problems with this vestibular syndrome that drive me crazy. When I shake my head or move my head too fast, I tend to lose my balance and fall over. I really hate it when I move fast to swat another cat and instead of landing my swat, I lose my balance and fall over. (Hey when another cat tries to beat me to a treat or crowd me out of my sleeping spot, they're just ASKING for a swat!)



September 23rd 2014 2:25 pm
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Thank you Catster Diary person for Uno's DDP and thank you everyone for your caring and appreciation of Uno and her diary. Uno's feline vestibular syndrome condition has improved a lot. As it turns out, the day she hid on the computer shelves and refused to come out (the day I tripped and dislocated my hip!), she was right. She really was ready to have her freedom back. In spite of a few minor falls which didn't hurt her, she is managing to learn how to compensate for her balance problems. She has a head tilt to the right that probably will always remain. One thing which amazes me is the perseverance of this courageous little cat. She never lets her challenges get her down, she never gives up. When she slips and falls when attempting a jump, she will later attempt the jump again, doing it a bit differently each time until she figures out a way to get where she wants to go.


Uno Swears She Had Nothing To Do With It!

September 17th 2014 11:20 pm
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Uno is doing well. She's learning how to get around and deal with her balance issues. I however, am not doing so well. I managed to dislocate my left hip Tuesday evening Sept 9. Now although Uno told me to keep it quiet, I'm going to reveal just how I managed to dislocate my hip. Uno for her part, swears she had nothing at all to do with it.

Uno had been hiding on a shelf behind some computers and I wanted to make sure she was okay. When I attempted to reach her, I tripped over something which caused my left leg to go to the right, directly across in front of my right leg. As my left leg went in this direction it wasn't supposed to go, I heard an ominous crack sound and felt a tremendous pain in my left hip. I knew at that moment I'd dislocated it. I called 911 and went to the hospital.

I ended up having to stay in the hospital until Thursday evening. Luckily the doctor was able
to put the hip back in joint with manipulation. My best friend took care of the animals while I was in the hospital. Uno for her part, made sure to stay in her hiding place while my best friend was present.

I have to wear a brace on that leg to keep it straight and keep a wedge between my legs when I'm laying down or sleeping. The cats enjoy the fact I have to spend more time laying on the bed with the brace on and the wedge between my legs. They figured out that three cats will fit on the wedge and four more will fit on me! Uno always assumes her favorite place to lay, right on my chest. When I have to get up, I first have to move an avalanche of kitties MOL.

Hopefully I'll overcome this setback quickly. Destiny lucked out during all this. I was supposed to finally be able to take her back to dog obedience school Tuesday evening, for the first time since my surgery June 27. However, instead of going to dog school, she got to go to my best friend's kennel for a fun mini-vacation while I recuperate.

On a sadder note, Mom added 3 new Angel family member profiles to our Catster family. Uno, ever irrepressible, says they need friends too!

Uno says thank you Catster Diary Person for the DDPs and thank you everyone for reading and enjoying her diary!


Uno Makes Her Point

September 8th 2014 5:57 pm
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Uno's decided she's ready to be released from her crate tonight. When I went to clean her crate, I put her on the bed as I usually do. This time instead of staying there as she usually does, Uno went and climbed a shelf that's behind her crate and proceeded to crawl across some old computers sitting on that shelf until she reached the very back corner of it. Wisely (or aggravatingly for me) she picked a spot to hide where it will be difficult for me to extract her from. There she lay on top of the computer in the back corner, giving me a very self-satisfied look.

I decided to go back to my original task, that of cleaning Uno's crate. Uno has been very busy in her crate. Due to her handiwork, there is no piece of cardboard or paper left in her crate any larger than the size of a dollar bill. Most of the cardboard and paper has been shredded to the approximate size of a fifty-cent piece or smaller. Uno dumped about half of her litter on the floor and mixed it with what remained of the contents of her water dish. Then she stuffed a bunch of the torn paper into her litter pan on top of the litter that remained in there. She also had taken what little remained of the food in her dish and sprinkled it across the top of the mess. When I asked her what she thought she was doing, she told me this was the recipe for her "crate trasher pie."

All things considered, I decided to let Uno have her way and her freedom of the house, provided of course that she's able to get around okay. Judging from her abilities demonstrated in her escape to the corner, I think she most likely is going to exercise good judgment in compensating for her condition. Uno you've made your point...and then some!


Thanks and an Update

September 8th 2014 2:33 pm
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I just found out today that Uno was a DDP on 8-31-14. I hadn't been able to load my Catster Community Page, Diary Central,or my cats profiles for the last several days until today due to the Catster 503 error flea. Thank you Catster Diary Person for honoring Uno with a DDP and thank you to all Uno's friends for your thoughts and wishes.

Uno's condition is improving. She's not falling over so much now. She also seems to be beginning to understand and work with the limitations of her condition. Today I had her out on the bed and she made a dash toward the edge to leap off of it. Before I could stop her, she put on the brakes at the edge, looked down, then slowly got down off the bed. As I watched she walked, swaying like a drunk, through the living room. She fell over twice before reaching her goal, the front room. Upon reaching the front room, she ate a few bites out of one of the food bowls, then returned to the bedroom. She looked up, started to try to jump up onto the bed, thought better of it, then reached out and climbed up the side of the bed. If Uno continues showing improvement physically and in her judgment about not trying to do things she can't physically do yet, I might soon be able to let her out of the crate again. That, I know she'll be glad about.


Uno Battles Feline Vestibular Syndrome

August 30th 2014 11:57 am
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Yesterday Uno made a second visit to the vet where she was officially diagnosed with idiopathic feline vestibular syndrome. Idiopathic means the cause is unknown. The vet put Uno on a steroid to see if it might help her. She also put Uno on an antibiotic as a precaution because Uno had a slightly runny nose and steroids depress the immune system. If the runny nose was caused by a bacterial problem, the steroid depressing the immune system could cause it to get worse, hence the need for a cover antibiotic too.

This link: syndrome.cfm
has excellent information on the condition.

"The clinical signs of this mysterious disorder may be seen in both male and female cats of any age or breed. A generally healthy and typically agile cat suddenly seems to be having trouble getting up on all four legs and maintaining its balance. The animal eventually manages to stand, but its appearance is startling. Although its vision seems to be all right, its head is oddly tilted to one side, and its eyes dart back and forth wildly. And after taking a few steps, it abruptly lists to one side and tips over again."

To me its so ironic that Uno was smitten by this condition because she was my most coordinated athletic cat. Uno does not show the nystagmatus (eyes darting back and forth) sign of the syndrome. She does have a head tilt to the right and tends to fall to the right. Otherwise, she's in good condition. She has to be confined to a crate for her own safety, a situation she definitely does not appreciate. I do allow her out on the bed or floor under supervision to make sure she doesn't try to jump up or do anything else that might cause her to hurt herself. She expresses her displeasure at being crated by trashing the crate, tearing up the newspapers that line the crate, tipping over her food dish, etc. However, there is a positive side to this behavior-at least she feels good enough to do it!

The information I've read on the web about feline vestibular syndrome claims that a cat will recover from it. The vet says some cats do recover from it but that others simply learn how to compensate for it. Hopefully Uno will be one of those that recover from it. If not, I'm sure she will learn to compensate for it. She's already proven herself adept at winning over adversity in her life.


Uno Needs Your Power of the Paw

August 25th 2014 4:59 pm
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On August 22, Uno made a leap for the window shelf which is maybe 2 1/2 feet from the floor. There was another cat on the shelf. Now Uno's made this leap successfully many times whether or not there's another cat on the shelf. But this time, perhaps in her attempt to avoid landing on the other cat, Uno somehow fell and landed on the floor. Whether she struck herself on anything that was on the floor, I don't know. There was computer equipment in the area where she fell that she could possibly have hit on her way down or when she landed. She let out a weird cry of distress. I immediately ran to her, picked her up, and put her on the bed. All this happened in a matter of seconds.

Uno seemed to have been instantly struck by some mysterious illness. She tried to stand up and fell over. I went over her and couldn't find any noticable wounds or swelling. Stroking her back and neck failed to elicit any kind of pain reaction. I immediately consulted the vet and the vet thinks it's a head, neck, or spinal injury. She advised a wait and see approach for now with more thorough diagnostic work if Uno doesn't show improvement or if there is any worsening of her condition.

I confined Uno to one of my big plastic dog airline crates with her food, water, and litter. (These crates are excellent for confining a new cat or a sick or injured cat, btw.) On the first day of her accident, Uno wouldn't eat. However on the second day and so far ever since, she has been eating canned food very well. She is relieving herself normally and is staying hydrated and in good weight. Tonight she was able to take a couple of steps without staggering or falling sideways. Hopefully she will continue to improve.

However, Uno needs your power of the paw, prayers, reiki, etc to help her heal and overcome this newest challenge. Thank you!


Too Much Going On, Too Much Sorrow

July 4th 2014 10:01 pm
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Hard to believe it's now been a week since Mom had her left hip replaced! The hospital didn't keep her very long either. She came home on Monday evening. The pain medicine she has to take makes her sleep a lot but that's ok with us because it just means more time for us to curl up and sleep with her. The only confusing thing is that before Mom went for surgery this time, she had taught us to walk or jump on her left hip instead of her right hip. Now she's stopping us from walking on jumping on her left hip and making us walk and jump on her right instead. Two of our family members had problems while Mom was gone. Shadow, a black cat who is extremely shy and is 14-15 years old, had a stroke (and is recovering fairly well from it) and Maggie a very shy dilute calico who is ancient-Mom doesn't know her exact age, died suddenly. These two cats aren't on Catster because she hasn't ever been able to get any good photo of them (only blurs as they flee from the camera.)

Trudy, one of the newcomers, loves to ride in Mom's walker (Mom has to use the walker for awhile-doctors orders!) as Mom goes around the house.

I had seriously just written the above line and was trying to think of what to say next to close my diary with positive happy things...when suddenly Mom who was talking on the phone to her best friend, suddenly said "I hear a weird noise in the closet" That may give you an idea how very sudden Dova's death was.

This sadly seems to be our time to say goodbye to family members and be left behind as they cross the rainbow bridge. Just a few minutes ago, as Mom was writing this and talking to her best friend, she heard a weird noise in the closet and went in there to find Dova seizuring. Dova crossed the Rainbow Bridge so quickly and so much too young. We're too shocked and too upset by it to say any more now except that Dova will be taken to Purdue University in the morning for autopsy to hopefully find some answer as to what happened to him.


How Mom is Celebrating My Gotcha Day

June 24th 2014 6:19 pm
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Hi! I just wanted to let all our friends know that Mom is celebrating my gotcha day, June 27 in a very "unusual" way. As some of you know, Mom had to have hip replacement surgery on her right hip in January due to avascular necrosis. The doctors don't know why Mom got this problem. She has absolutely none of the risk factors for developing it. Anyway at the time Mom's right hip was replaced, the doctors told her that the left hip was also affected and would have to eventually be replaced too. Mom's left hip was starting to cause her pain and when she went to the doctor yesterday, the doctor looked at the x-ray, told Mom that her left femoral head was in the process of collapsing, and then added that he wanted to do hip replacement surgery on Mom's left hip on Friday, June 27, the anniversary of my gotcha day. So Mom's going to be "celebrating" my gotcha day by undergoing surgery. (BTW, Mom's right hip that was already replaced, is as good as normal. The doctor said it was doing great.)

I will be celebrating my gotcha day anniversary by putting up with Russ taking care of us while Mom is in the hospital again. I intend to con him out of treats Friday, you can bet on that.

It seems ironic to me that I had surgery on my gotcha day before Mom brought me home and now Mom has to have surgery on the anniversary of my gotcha day!

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