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What a Wonderful Christmas Present...and a Request

December 24th 2013 9:23 pm
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What a wonderful Christmas present and way to end the year! KCK (Kewlest Catster Kitties) group has honored me by making me Kitty of the Week this week. I am so proud, humbled, and thrilled to have such an honor. To all kitties, this should show you that positive things can happen and wonderful things be achieved by any and all kitties if given the chance. To all humans I want to say this should show you that us special kitties (kitties with disabilities) should be given the chance to live and know the delight of having a wonderful loving forever home. Never underestimate us special kitties. We will surprise you with how well we can learn to adapt and compensate for missing eyes, disabled or missing limbs, deafness, blindness, and other disabilities. I hope if a special kitty comes your way and needs a good forever home, you'll see it in your heart to give that kitty a chance.

I'm the smallest adult kitty in my family, weighing barely 5 pounds. I have only one eye. I was more dead than alive when I was rescued after being dumped at a sanitation plant at only four weeks old with my litter sister, Righty and Lefty, and Righty and Lefty's two litter sisters (Righty and Lefty and their sisters were 6 weeks old.) Righty and Lefty's two litter sisters had normal eyes and vision and got adopted, my litter sister lives with Mom's best friend, and as you know, Righty and Lefty live here with me. Despite my bad start in life, I not only survived, I thrive. I never have let these things slow me down or get in my way. (Mom and her best friend claim most of this is because I'm a very determined strong-willed little kitty.) Just whip out a piece of cheese for me and I'll gladly demonstrate how I can beat all the other ktties to detecting that you have it and finding a way to get a piece of that cheese for myself before any other kitty hardly even knows its there (unless I decide to be nice and let one of the kittens have the first bite which I sometimes do, just to prove I'm not totally selfish MOL.)

Now I want to ask you to say a special prayer for our human Mom. She's going through a lot right now, enduring constant pain, and has to have major surgery January 10th. So please say a prayer that our Mom's surgery goes well and that she has a quick full recovery from it. I thank you in advance for thinking of our human Mom and praying for her.

Let me close by saying Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays whatever your beliefs or religious faith is, and may the New Year bring all the most positive best things possible to you and your families human, feline, canine and otherwise.

And see? I do have a serious side to me too. I'm not always a wild crazy mischievous little brat!


A Castle Out of Control

November 26th 2013 11:19 pm
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Zoom! Zoom! Zooom! and occasionally thud, crash, kaboom!

Through the house with the speed of light a trio of tiny tornadoes streak, jumping, bouncing, pivoting on a dime to reverse direction, only to fly through the house in the opposite direction. Quite often they manage to knock over the trash can or jump up on something that's not solid and bring things down with them as their failed jump lands them back on the floor where they started.

I'm supposed to be the Queen of the house but these three interlopers have totally upset my castle. I must admit I'm floundering a bit in my attempt to regain control. The kittens have absolutely no respect for my status. Gasp! There have been some kitty whispers around here that the real queens of the house are Splats and Carina and that I'm only a princess waiting in line for their shared throne.

Walk through the house at your own risk, for lurking around any corner, under any table, in any doorway is likely to be a miniature tiger flattened out in a crouch, eyes intensely full of anticipation, rears occasionally quivering with excitement, all ready to explode in a mock-fierce lionlike charge toward the prey. By the way, the prey is any cat or human who happens to come along at the right time.

Like releasing a coiled spring, a kitten launches himself at a moving human leg, forelegs poised to embrace the victim's ankle. The kitten grabs the ankle, gives a nicely inhibited playful nip at it, then races off in the opposite direction thinking he's going to manage to hide before the human sees him. Should the victim be feline, the kitten launches himself at the victim's neck, playfully wrapping his forepaws around the neck and biting at the side of the victim's neck in an attempt to pull the victim down. The result of such a mock attack on a feline victim is that the attacker either gets hissed at and swatted or should the victim be tolerant, he/she may merely shake the kitten off and stroll noncholantly on as if nothing happened. Unfortunately, even if you hiss at the kittens the next time you stroll through the house you're likely to be a target of their mischief again.

I'm finding it hard to outdo the kittens in the mischief department! Although I still hold the record for being able to scissor a cord in two with my teeth in milliseconds (providing Mom hasn't cheated and put Bitter Apple on it), the kittens now are trying to chew cords too. Go get your own acts, brats. Chewing cords is MY claim to fame (or infamy).

When I go to beg or attempt to steal food from Mom, I usually also have to fight off at least two of the three little terrors and sometimes they steal the tidbit from me. I'm a lady in that I may hiss and swat air but I won't actually hit a kitten unless it hurts me first and even then I'm careful to keep my claws sheathed.

Worst of all, when I have to suffer the indignity of being hounded by these three juvenile delinquents, certain other cats sit, watch, and actually SNICKER at me, "Hey Uno, remember what they say about paybacks?"

Now what reason would another cat have to say that about me?

How can I regain proper control of my castle?


Three Little Kittens

October 20th 2013 11:21 pm
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Three little kittens,
To adult cats are pestilence,
As they run, jump, bounce, and play,
They stalk us across the floors,
Ambush us behind the doors,
And they keep getting in our way!

Those three little kittens are taking entirely too much attention away from us civilized grown-up cats. Today that little black and white monster named Moo even tried to copy me by trying to chew Mom's laptop cord. Go think up your own ways to get attention, Moo! Don't copy mine!

Mom has no sympathy for us either. She says we were all kittens at one time and quite bratty kittens too. She told Righty, Lefty, and me that she even had written her own Three Little Kittens rhyme for us after we grew up. It goes:

Three little kittens lost more than their mittens,
Each could only partially see,
One 2 weeks, two 4 weeks,
How lucky they turned out to be,

Rescued just in time,
They learned how to cope,
to live life to the fullest
& they happily grew up just fine!


The Vermin

October 16th 2013 2:48 pm
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Lately the house has become infested with a type of vermin I've never dealt with before. These pests run all over the place, get into everything, and drive most of us cats crazy. If you're sitting watching out the window and you twitch your tail, WATCH OUT! One of those pests is likely to attack your tail! When you hiss at it, it will back down temporarily but then if you twitch your tail again, the pest is right back to pouncing on your tail again!

The other day I was trying to get myself a drink of water when one of those little pests bounced on my neck and splashed water all over me. Boy was I mad! But by the time I got turned around to hiss at the little monster and give it a good swat, it had already barreled halfway across the kitchen floor.

I went in to the front room where our food is and there was one of those little vermin, playing in OUR cat food! Mom even caught him in the act and took a picture to prove it! At least Mom isn't feeding good canned cat food to those vermin anymore. For awhile, Mom treated them like they were something special, feeding them canned cat food. Now she's making them eat dry cat food like us cats have to do.

These vermin also won't leave our toys alone. It's bad enough when Destiny tries to steal our toys when she goes through the living room. Now these three little pests steal our toys, play with them, and then the pests lose our toys in all sorts of places too small even for us cats to get into! As if that wasn't bad enough, the vermin can also get into places too small for us cats to fit into.

Worst of all, Aurora, a new cat here, actually LIKES those three little vermin monsters! She washes them, takes care of them, and lets them climb all over her. At least she tells them off when they get too rough with her. And if they pester one of us too much and we try to take a serious swat at it, it will run to Aurora and she actually will protect the little monster!

Yeah I know, these vermin are supposed to be a creature of the kind called kittens. Mom says they will someday turn into cats like us. However, I don't see how anything that acts like them could ever turn into a civilized intelligent CAT! At least I'm still the queen of chewing things. Destiny hasn't even outdone me in that department yet!


Karmic Sabotage

August 24th 2013 2:51 am
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Tonight Mom is supposed to have company, some of whom have never been to our house before. Naturally for most humans, Mom wants to give the house a good cleaning and make a good impression on her guests tonight.

It's time for me to go into action! I have work to do.

First I enlisted some of my fur brothers & sisters to help me. Righty jumped up on the shelf where the vcr, dvd player, and a stack of tapes and DVDs were sitting. She proceeded to knock the entire stack of DVDs and video tapes off the shelf and scatter them widely. Then when she heard Mom coming, she jumped off the shelf in the opposite direction, hitting a stack of books on another shelf on the way down and knocking the books to the floor too.

For once in her life, Destiny actually was useful to me. She repeatedly interrupted Mom by whining and acting as if she needed to go outside. When Mom would take her out, instead of relieving herself Destiny would just want to play. On the way back inside, Destiny managed to kick one of the water dishes as she passed through the kitchen, sending water sloshing across the floor. Then Destiny went one better. The one time Mom was busy with the steam cleaner and ignored Destiny's whining to go out, Destiny peed and pooped in her crate. Then wanting to get the mess out of her crate, Destiny stomped it down hard around the edges of the crate, which means Mom had a tougher time scraping it out of the crate. Mom tackled that mess with Green Works All Purpose Cleaner, which does a wonderful job of cleaning up such messes.

Lucy Liu had a liquid stool on the hallway rug but she only got to do it two spots in one time. Unfortunately for her, Mom saw her do it and promptly locked her up in a crate to make sure Lucy is all right and not constipated. In Lucy's case, her history of a crushed pelvis makes her more susceptible to constipation. Diarrhea sometimes is caused by constipation because hard stool partly blocks the path to the outside so that liquid stool is all that's able to bypass the blockage and get out. The result is that a cat who actually is constipated can appear to have the opposite problem. Mom's got to give Lucy some canned food with mineral oil in it to relieve Lucy's problem. Anyway, Lucy certainly did her part in our endeavor to stir things up and sabotage Mom's housecleaning.

Two others of my co-conspirators barfed up some nice big slimy hairballs in prime spots for humans to step on them. Somebody else also managed to get a couple of pieces of poop just outside of a litter pan. Hey I'm not going to tell on everybody MOL. I'm only telling on individuals who I know can't get in trouble. Righty's actions were accidental=well they could have been! Destiny can use the excuse that being only a puppy, she doesn't know better yet. Lucy can claim she had diarrhea on the rug to show Mom she has a problem.

Although I was trying to run the show from behind the scenes and not actually put myself into a position to get into any trouble with Mom, I must admit I managed to yank Mom's steam cleaner cord out of the wall a few times, knock over the paper shredder, knock the paper shredder's lid off, strew shredded paper around the living room, and then just when I was trying to figure out what to do next....the telephone rang. Mom had to go help a friend with an emergency situation.

Immediately, Mom got ready and left. She was gone for a long time. When she got back home, she texted her impending guests to ask when they thought they would arrive at her house. They replied that they had a change of plans and asked if they could reschedule the visit for tomorrow. With surprised relief, Mom said it would be fine to reschedule. Tomorrow would be great, Mom said, and added that she hadn't gotten her housecleaning finished because of having to unexpectedly be gone most of the day. She didn't even mention anything we were doing to try to sabotage her cleanup!

We cats and Destiny sat in stunned silence. All our planning, all our using every incident possible to our advantage, all our hard work, all my attempt to stir up something interesting to write about...and....and...Mom seems to not have even noticed it. It was then that I remembered some things Mom had told us about karmic law. It seems to me that our trying to sabotage Mom's cleanup caused things to happen that sabotaged us, in other words KARMA sabotaged us. But it sure was fun trying to sabotage Mom's cleanup!


Gotta Stir Things Up Around Here, Ideas Anyone?

August 8th 2013 7:38 pm
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Mom was gone all weekend and she actually had the nerve to take that dog with her and leave all us kitties home. While we think she should've taken us too, I'm glad she took the dog. Destiny doesn't try to hurt us but when she comes through the house, kitties have to watch out and be ready for evasive maneuvers because she doesn't pay any attention to what she might be getting ready to step on. Also when we run in front of her crate or sit in front of her crate and tease her, she barks and gets really noisy unless Mom tells her to be quiet. It was fun having a few dog-free days, a few days free of that big noisy thing Mom claims is supposed to be a puppy.

While Mom was gone we had fun getting up and walking on countertops and exploring other places and things we aren't supposed to mess with. Mom wasn't there to see us so I don't quite know how she found out what we were doing while she was gone.

Except for the fact that it's almost time for Mom to bring out the dreaded flea drops and heartworm preventative again, things here now are rather quiet again. We haven't had a lot to say in our diaries lately. That means its time for me to start thinking up some good ways to stir things up a little (Mom claims its called stirring up trouble MOL) so things don't get too boring (Mom calls it peaceful) around here!

Anybody got any good ideas for ways to stir things up around here?



July 29th 2013 5:25 pm
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After having a connection problem for weeks and being totally dcd for the last few days, FINALLY as of the end of today's visit by the Comcrap technician,at long last our internet connection problem appears to be fixed.

It's been so long now that we've had the weird problem of the connection either being dcd, or when it connected at all it would constantly dc and reconnect every couple of minutes, that it seems weird now not to have to constantly struggle between dcs when trying to do anything at all here on Catster & Dogster. Now for the first time in weeks, I can actually do something on Catster & Dogster without having to constantly fight dcs.

Now all I have to do is try to keep the peace as the kitties fight over whose turn it is to get on the laptop to catch up on things. And yes, although I'm posting this on Destiny and Uno's diaries, they too will get their own turn if they have something they want to say!


Uno Now Has To Share Her Throne

July 21st 2013 12:07 pm
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Uno became the undisputed queen of my cats after Hallie's death, at least for awhile. However, now Uno finds she has to share her throne. Splat Cat appointed herself as Uno's "nanny" and disciplinarian. Uno was still the queen of the cats as long as she didn't overstep her boundaries (as drawn by Splat Cat).

With the coming of Carina, the dynamics between the cats changed even more. Although the two rarely ever interact directly with each other, due to their similar personalities Splat Cat and Carina seem to reinforce each other's dominance and confidence in ruling over the other cats. Splat Cat tolerates Uno's exuberant irrepressible ways to a certain extent, perhaps because Uno, like Lacey, came as a small kitten.

As things are now, Uno has to share rulership of the other cats with Splat Cat and Carina although Uno still rules as queen most of the time. However when either Splat Cat or Carina asserts herself, Uno reluctantly finds she has to yield and let them rule over her temporarily. As principal queen of three rulers, Uno is a good balance to the other two because whereas Splat Cat and Carina have loner personalities and both are stand-offish with the other cats Uno is very social and is good friends with most of the other cats.


Summer's Necessary Evil

July 9th 2013 3:29 pm
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Tis' the season of feline nudity, hot humid weather, insect pests, and allergies, especially flea allergy. Like many, maybe most, cats are quite sensitive to fleas. It takes only one flea bite for a sensitive cat to react with itching, scratching, chewing at oneself, and resultant hair loss. Flea allergy forms a recognizable patteern of hair loss on the back above the tail, down the backs of the hind legs, on the underside, and around the neck. In addition, sores are created as a cat scratches and chews at itself to try to relieve the itching. Summer is also the time when the threat of heartworm is at its worst: Yes kitties can get heartworm and heartworm in kitties is much more serious than it is in dogs because if a kitty has even one heartworm and that heartworm dies in the kitty it can kill the kitty too. Heartworm is easily prevented and kitties, especially outdoor kitties, should be given heartworm preventative in warm weather seasons.

This is why Mom tells us kitties that monthly flea drops are a necessary evil. She says she doesn't care that we don't like the oily feel of the drops or the smell of them (sometimes humans are lucky having such a poor sense of smell!), we have to wear flea drops for our own good. Mom said for me to tell everyone to NEVER USE ANY PRODUCT THAT HAS PERMETHRIN IN IT BECAUSE PERMETHRIN IS POISONOUS TO CATS. I must reluctantly admit that after Mom has treated us with our flea drops, we get about four weeks free of the damned fleas before Mom has to treat us again.

I'm one of those unlucky kitties who is quite sensitive to flea allergy and who also tends to "go naked" aka have a short sparse summer coat. Some kitties like Velcro and Little Skittles, are so lucky. They don't seem to be that allergic to fleas and they also have enough coat in the summer they still look good. However, Velcro says I'm lucky because I stay a lot cooler in the summer because of my short sparse coat. He wishes he had MY feline nudist look.

Hey everyone, gotta go. It's flea drop time again, Mom is armed, and I gotta hide and try to delay the inevitable as long as possible. See ya later everyone!


To All Our Catster Friends

June 28th 2013 7:56 pm
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Thank you everyone for the lovely pictures, the rosettes, etc you gave me to celebrate my Gotcha Day.

Lately our internet connection has been screwing up more than it's been working right & Comcrap has yet to figure out the problem and fix it. Thus, we've been unable to keep up with pawmails, birthdays, gotcha days, rainbow bridge days, & other things in a timely fashion. (Little Skittles was supposed to get to make this announcement about our connection but I decided to do it so I could also thank everyone for everything you've done for my Gotcha Day!)

To any of our friends whose birthdays, gotcha days, rainbow bridge days, diary awards, or other special occasions we've missed because of our connection problem, we apologize and ask your forgiveness. To those whose pawmails we've been unable to answer in a timely fashion because of our connection problem, we also apologize and ask your forgiveness. Hopefully Comcrap will fix it soon. It was interesting to find out Angel Buddie has experienced similar problems with Comcrap lately although it seems that luckily his problems have been minor compared to ours. Thanks for letting us know we're not alone in having problems with Comcrap, Angel Buddie!

I think Mom is right about Destiny being totally safe with kitties. Tonight Destiny got in Buttons face, he hissed her and swatted her on the nose a couple of times and she only barked at him once, then just stood there looking at him. Its pretty good when a cat can swat a dog and the dog doesn't retaliate. However, most of us still are scared or nervous about her our kitty eyes, she's so BIG. She's also kinda clumsy and its unnerving when a paw that's almost as big as my face gets too close to me.

Right now our connection is still acting up, we answer a pawmail, the modem resets, we wait for it to finish and send the pawmail, then we have to wait for the connection to come back again so we can answer the next one. Right now we're waiting for the connection to come back again so I can post this diary entry. Buttons and Farrah are sort of keeping watch for me so if the dog comes too close while I'm writing this I can make a fast getaway. Yeah yeah I know the dog won't hurt me, but she's BIG and she's clumsy and tends to want to stick her nose on us kitties or lick us and I sure don't want to wear any doggy slobber!!!

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