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Sheela's Back At Home!

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48 Hours Back At Home

November 7th 2012 11:11 pm
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I've been back in my rescue home for 48 hours now. I'm living in Sissy's bedroom and have a bed to sleep on and a cat tree to lay on and look out the window.

Sissy has been feeding me KMC milk because I won't eat. I did lick the juice off a can of food this afternoon. And I ate a little dry food.

That wasn't good enough for sissy. She came in and fed me some more of my kitten milk with a syringe. I drank it and growled and hissed all at the same time.

Mommy came in to pet me after work. I growled and hissed at the same time she was petting me. I turned in circles wanting more petting. I'm so confused!

I'm still in the bedroom by myself so the other cats don't upset me. Mandy came in to visit me tonight but she was put back out after I hissed and spit at her.


I Had Company Today

November 8th 2012 10:08 pm
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Laura let Lucky and Midnight and Gizzy and Brinkley come in her bedroom and visit me. Brinkley stayed with me a long time. I don't like Jasper and Sammy because they pick on me so Laura won't let them visit.

Mommy came home from work and petted me as soon as she got home. I didn't hiss as much as I did yesterday. I jumped down in the floor then back up in her lap.

I had fun today. I stayed on a table looking out the window. I'm eating some on my own and Laura still giving me the KMC so I get enough vitamins.


I Had A Good Day

November 10th 2012 2:24 pm
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I had a good day on Friday. Sissy Laura left her bedroom door open so all of the other cats could visit me. They left me alone so that was good.

I spent part of the day looking out the window. I have a soft pillow just for me that I lay on to do that.

Mommy and Laura petted me and I didn't even hiss at them today. And I ate a whole can of Paws and Claws canned salmon food. It's the most I've had to eat in a long time. Sissy runs the other cats out of my room so they don't try to get my food.

Hey-I'm starting to remember this place. I lived here before after I got off of death row! Wow it's good to be home!


I Made Diary Of The Day!!

November 11th 2012 12:47 pm
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Wow! I can't believe I made Diary of the Day! It rounds out a really great week.

I had a wonderful day yesterday. Mommy and Laura couldn't find me in Lauras bedroom and I'd snuck out. I was in the cabinet under the bathroom sink. It's all their fault because they left the bedroom door open.

The other cats all came in for a visit. I'm beginning to remember Cassie because she was my best friend when I lived here before. Coral is also very nice. She's Laura's cat and she doesn't know how to mean. I bet I can teach her to meow, and hiss, and um...growl.

Cats everywhere, be warned about these creatures called "toddlers." If you hear that word-RUN! They make loud squealy noises and pull tails.

It's good to be home! Mommy says I don' have to ever live anywhere else.


I Remember My Home

November 12th 2012 10:45 pm
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I had a REALLY good day. Laura left the bedroom door open and I layed in the floor and on the bed and on my cushion looking out the window.

I even followed mommy and Laura into the bathroom every time they went in there. I jumped in the tub a few times. That's where me and my sister Shirley recovered from our spaying when we first came here.

After it got quiet last night I even snuck into the living room and checked out the food and water bowl.

That's when the cat-dog critter Cujo decided to come over and say hello. He was very quiet and didn't bark, but I'm not ready to make friends with him yet.

I'm glad Laura is leaving her bedroom door open at night so I can explore after everybody goes to sleep.

I must remember this place, especially the tub and the living room. I'm not lost here anymore. And I'm not scared anymore either! Two whole days with NO growling/hissing!


Another Day Without Hissing

November 14th 2012 10:22 pm
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I made it another day without hissing or growling! Yay me! I did have to slap the dog critter, but at least Cujo didn't pick on me and get me upset.

I have so many good places to sleep. I can sleep on the bed or under the bed. Then there's the cat tree and also a pillow next to the bedroom window.

Mommy wanted me to sleep in her room, but I started to growl (just a little bit) when they took me in there. I'm just so used to Laura's room and I claim it for my own!

I'm eating good and even got brave enough to roll over on my back for a belly rub. Hey-that tickles!


I'm All Over The Place!

November 17th 2012 3:29 pm
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I'm having the most fun running Laura to death. I run from MY bedroom to the kitchen and get under the kitchen sink cabinet. There's a great big pot under there that I climb into and take a nap. It also seems natural to watch my human on her hands and knees bowing before me. She's only trying to reach me and pull me out, but I feel like a queen and she's my lady-in-waiting. Teeheehee...

I came out of hiding yesterday and lay on the couch and allowed my human to pet me. Right now I'm laying on one of the cat feeding bars and everybody is leaving me alone. Laura wants me to eat before I go hiding under the sink again.

Mommy went to the store and got me 20 cans of cat food. I eat at night with the bedroom door closed so all of the can is MINE!

Mommy and Laura are so happy I'm fitting in now.

Uck comes our cat-dog critter Cujo. I'll just sit here and not move. He's not too bright. He'll think I'm a statue and go away. At least he doesn't chase me.


I've Moved Out!

November 20th 2012 11:38 pm
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A lot has happened in the past few days. I've completely moved out of MY bedroom and I'm now living in the kitchen. I eat in my bedroom and that's the only time I like going in there. I still nap in the pot under the kitchen sink when I feel like hiding. Most of the time I lay on top of the toaster oven and look out the kitchen window.

I can see all kinds of critters from my birds eye view. There are a lot of kitties going through my yard. I don't know any of them. And at night there are big dog looking things mommy calls deer. Every once in awhile I hear some yappy dogs, but they aren't the ones who used to chase me. Our cat-dog Cujo doesn't bother me. He's too busy chasing the boy cats, who are training him to be a better cat. Huh?!

I've been a little sad because I heard through the cat grapevine that my former mommy thinks I left because I don't love her. I still love her a lot. I'm just very fragile and need a lot of quiet. It was never quiet there and I was always being chased. Ever tried to do your business in the litter box with somebody barking at you? Trust me, it's not fun....


Home Alone!

November 21st 2012 10:48 pm
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Oh boy oh boy oh boy! What a day! Sissy Laura took her kitty Midnight and went away for Thanksgiving. What I wanna know is who left Jasper in charge? Jasper is Laura's cat and for some reason he thinks he's second in command. He's spent the day trying to boss us all around while mommy's at work. Somebody really needs to find him some kitty Prozac cause he's CRAZY! He's a brother to Mandy and Sammy, but mommy don't claim him cause he's always hung out with Laura.

Jasper was even mean to Cujo while mommy was at work. He kept sneaking up on Cujo in the dark and trying to scare him. Cujo's our cat-dog being raised as a cat, but he can't see in the dark. Jasper scared him so bad one time Cujo almost peed his paws!

I've had a good day. I took a long nap in the pot under the sink. Then Cujo and Jasper woke me up playing a wild game of "AMBUSH." That's their favorite game and they chase each other until one of them hits the wall and turns around and goes the other way. Looks tiring...

As for me, I'll stay on top of the toaster oven and keep watch out the window for mommy to come home. I'm gonna tell her how bad Jasper's been today. Hopefully Cujo will wear him out playing before bedtime.

I found a new big box waiting just for me in my bedroom. After all, I need my beauty sleep. Gotta be well rested for that Thanksgiving turkey I'm gonna swipe later. Yum yum!


I Made Cat of the Day!!

November 26th 2012 9:55 pm
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Oh wow everybody! I can't believe I made cat of the day! I don't really know what to say except THANK YOU! Thank you for all the gifts and the fwiend requests. I love making new fwiends!

Mommy's had a rough time without Laura here to help keep me from hiding. Mommy still has sore knees from getting down to make me leave my hidey hole under the kitchen sink. Laura's back now and I'm eating normal again. I just like to eat better with Laura here.

Guess what everybody! I ate on the cat feeding table in the living room for the very first time tonight! I haven't done that since I lived here before. That's where all the cats love to eat. There are food bowls and water bowls and treat bowls and there are beds to sleep on. We even have our own comfy pillows that put us way up high so we can see EVERYTHING!. Mommy calls it the cat feeding table. We cats call it a cat spa...

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