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Age: 5 Years   Sex: Female

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February 19th 2011

Arrival Story:
I just found jimmy in a Park near my house. I like walking and listening after dinner with my 5 years daughter. Always I tell the story playing in my AppleiPhone. One day my daughter found Jimmy when we wanted to walk across the park bridge. The jimmy was enjoy sunshine on the handrail. The next day we saw it again. So we thought that maybe Jimmy is escaping from its old home. So we took it to our house. Hope it love us. Also it always run to the park to enjoy sunshine :) Akku

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Litter tracks arond the house making my husband nuts. HEL

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October 31st 2012 More than 4 years!

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Jimmy delicious food

How to choose a cat

June 18th 2013 9:02 pm
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Cats make delightful pets, even though they are very independent. But before buying or adopting a cat, you must ask yourself the following questions:
Do you want a male or female cat? Generally females are cautious, gentle, and quiet but unless you have your cat spayed, you will have to contend with heat cycles. Males are larger and more outgoing, though unneutered males tend to spray urine to mark their territory, roam, and are prone to fights with other cats.

Do you want a long- or short-haired cat? Long-haired cats are glamorous, but it will be someone's job to keep it that way. Long-haired cats shed a great deal and tend to get hairballs more Sony frequently.

Do you want a purebred or mixed-breed cat? If you want a purebred cat, make sure you buy it only from a reputable breeding establishment and know what you're looking for before you actually buy.

Do you want a kitten or a cat? Kittens are cute but they require more time and patience. Older cats require more socialization but generally are easier to care for.
In the next section, we examine three important components of caring for a cat: bathing, feeding, and grooming.


Google Street View Captures Elusive Two-Legged Half-Cat

May 7th 2013 6:20 pm
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Cryptozoologists have long been searching for photographic proof of the rare Bipedal Half-Cat, a strange and beautiful feline creature with only two limbs and a tail. It's normally far too clever to be photographed by normal means, but a Google Street View car has taken the first known photograph of one.

9The Bipedal Half-Cat has been written about a great deal by naturalists and zoologists, being the only bipedal feline and the only mammal not to possess any forelimbs at all. The Half-Cat also differs from other felines with its internal-only ears and much more casual, jaunty gait. Unlike other cats, it does not hunt, preferring instead to buy its food from street vendors, using money it acquires via still-unknown means, though check-kiting is suspected by many researchers.

9The Bipedal Half-Cat's closest known relative is the Bipedal Back Half-Cat, which is like the Half-Cat but made up of the back half of a cat, with the genitals and anus forming the animals only means of interaction with the world. This Half-Cat subspecies has never been photographed either, but nobody wants to see it to offer Pet supplies, anyway.

The only other known picture of any half-cat at all is this 1867 daugerrotype of a relative of the Half-Cat, the Colossal Bipedal Half-Cat, which terrorized the city of Lisbon before being killed by several hours worth of cannonfire.


Bonding With Your Cat

February 27th 2013 6:22 pm
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To ensure that kittens adapt comfortably to people, they need to be handled gently for short periods of time once their eyes are open. But because they benefit so much from the presence of their mother, kittens should stay with her until they're at least eight weeks old. Interact at first with both the kittens and the mother, then gradually spend more time with each kitten on its own.

A kitten that is given the freedom to approach you, climb on you and play with you will feel most secure around people. Kittens need to explore their environment in order to build confidence and cope with change and different surroundings. Small, dark hiding places, such as behind the couch or in the corner of a shelf, provide safe havens of retreat should the youngster encounter an apparent threat while exploring. When kittens leave their mother for new homes Toshiba pa3534u-1brs, they should take with them some bedding made of material with which she has been in contact; her lingering scent may comfort little ones in their unfamiliar environment. In time, your own scent will become as reassuring as that of the mother.

Your bond with your pet may become so strong that the cat attempts to parent you. For instance, a cat may bring you its quarry: a real mouse or bird captured outdoors or a plaything hunted indoors. When actual animal prey is involved, a cat will bring you the animal dead, as an offering of food, or alive, as an apparent opportunity for you to make a kill. Your cat even may try to nudge you into doing what he wants you to do or going where he wants you to go. Some cats will treat you like they would another adult cat, rubbing their face against you in greeting as they would a feline ally.

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