August 4th 2012 6:07 am
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The spaying count is up to 24 now, after the neighbor across the road caught the only surviving male kitten of the latest and hopefully LAST brood over there, and a female – probably his mama. She then turned them over to the Human Papa, who has made it his mission to drive any of the captures to the mobile spay clinic. The Human Mama over here had concerns about spaying affecting lactation, but as the mobile vet said, in the cases of indoor kitties, the majority of them will continue to nurse their kits. She is less certain about cats in the wild. But even if she didn’t allow the nursing, this kitten is at least 2 months and is eating solid foods, so it’s not going to starve.

SEVEN and SOCKS here: We had a wonderful walk last night with Samhain and Sleeper and the Human Mama. The Papa was staying in the village for the night to help guard this humongous water tank that has been constructed in the middle of the road RIGHT IN FRONT of the bookstore!!! If this sounds odd to you, you should hear what The Mama has to say – MOL! (Though, she admits she’s looking forward to it.) The deal is this: this weekend is the “heritage” festival for the village. Instead of the usual car show, pig roast, etc, the Powers that Be decided to bring in the Ultimate Air Dogs. We won’t put in the link - google it if you are curious. What they will be doing is diving into this water tank, retrieving a “stick” which is suspended in the air above the tank. For a fee, other peeps can bring their own dogs to have a go at diving into the tank, plus there’s a get-together in the park called Bark in the Park. [ SAMHAIN SAYS: Hey! I like water – this is discrimination! What about the Ultimate Air Cats???]

Anyhoo, picture this in your mind: a gigantic swimming pool, hot summer day, a village with a high percentage of rather wild childs whose parents don’t keep the best of watch over them [over the years, before the Neighborhood Watch, there had been a high incidence of vandalism and break-ins], what do YOU think is likely here? The Human Papa is sticking around to make sure that the water stays IN THE TANK, and that no little humans get drowned!

But back to our walk – The Mama took each of the girls one at a time on their leashes [not Fearless – despite her name, she freaks if you try to take her outside! The Cattery is as close to the Outside as she wants to get]. We - that is, Seven and Socks – like to walk with them. We run ahead or around, stopping sometimes to touch noses or head bonk. That Samhain is a fickle one! One moment she welcomes our approaches, and the next she takes a swipe at us! Sleeper seems curious about us, but a bit more hesitant. This time another of the blackies went with us. The Mama was marveling how identical this blackie was to Seven. Before she treated all of us with a round of wormer and antibiotics, she could tell who Seven was first by the friendliness, but also because her eyes were so bad. Now that Seven’s eyes are looking pretty clear, the Mama found that watching these two lying in the grass together, she couldn’t tell them apart!

[THE MAMA: I’m pretty sure that the other one is Igor (their name, not ours!) – the little male who was taken by the “Cat Whisperer” to try to socialize him, but who was brought back because they said they couldn’t stop him from biting. Well, we told them to bring him back if it didn’t work out. They haven’t offered to take any others – sigh.
In case anyone else caring for a colony is interested, the antibiotics and the wormer can be mixed directly into wet food. We’ve had no trouble getting them to eat it. Of course, the dosage is rather sketchy, simply because we can never be sure who will show and how much each cat will eat. And there’s a bit of a math problem determining the closest guess, but send me a p-mail if you’re curious.
The wormer, as recommended by the mobile vet is one used for goats: fenbendazole, but which is said to be effective in treating both roundworms and tapeworms in cats and dogs. I found a liquid form put out by Safe-guard (cost around $12.50 I think, and will last for a long time. It has a weight graph on the bottle. I haven’t weighed any of the ferals, but as Fearless was one of their number and same age frame and she weighs 9 lbs, I am figuring the outside guys as 8-9 lbs. The wormer WILL make a difference in overall health, of course, even in aiding the respiratory and eye problems, as the worms can migrate all over the body and not just in stomach, heart and lungs.]




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