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Miss Hiss's Words and advice

I want out of this bedroom Human!!

February 25th 2013 10:28 pm
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Somebody shut the bedroom door on me, I do not like waking up to find the bedroom door shut so I woke my human by jumping in the windowsill then jumping down on her head. 1st time she didnt move just opened her eyes mumbled something about it being 4;am and went back to sleep..2nd time she got a bit startled but still fell back asleep, same as the 3rd time and 4th time, finally on the 5th attempt she got up and let me out of the bedroom..

Lesson: Be persistent with your Human parents..they might not be as smart as us cats but eventually they can be trained.. MOL


Do not chase the white Kitty, I repeat Do not chase the- white Kitty

January 10th 2013 3:25 am
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I decided to have some fun with my big sister summer the other day, Since im taller than her and almost as big as her I decided to try and show her who is boss...

It turns out she is..

My advice for today: Do not chase your older fursiblings..also do not bite their tail, that one is a huggge nono..


Yaay I was DDP of the day on the 15th!

November 17th 2012 7:55 pm
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Yaay for me! Too bad silly meowma was ill that day, thats what she gets for going outside in cool weather with wet hair..What is it with Humans and that thing called showers anyways? In my eyes water is for drinking not for standing under and why cant they clean their hair like us cats do?

My Advice for today: when your humans shower, make sure they know your concern and dislike of them doing so by standing outside the bathroom door and meowing as loud as you can over and over again..


Bite the fingers, Bite the toes,swat the hair and here we- goes...

November 11th 2012 11:10 pm
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dont you just love humans when they sleep.. they make the purrfect play toy..I dont think mommy finds it so amusing being woke up to me attacking her hair..oh well

Now Im off to attack my sister and then Attack Daddys toes..

Todays advice: try to attack your human around 4am, its more entertaining and also they move around alot more at this time of morning.

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