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Hoppurr's Bazaar

O boy...

June 15th 2014 6:58 pm
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Now that I am the BEST cat I have to have a bath AND have my picture taken AND be on my best behavior...
Some how being BEST isn't the best...I wonder if I can get WORST next time..
(NOT Clod)


I'm a National BEST!!

June 2nd 2014 2:53 pm
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After a whole year (a furry loooong year) I found out that I am the Cat Fanciers Federation's National Best Household Pet! AND Eastern Region Best Household Pet fur the 2013-2014 show year!
Phew - I did it! And I made my mumma very purroud!
She says I will retire now - hah! I get to retire at 2 years old and mumma gets to keep going to work to pay fur our food!


Letter to Mumma

January 25th 2014 12:47 pm
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Dearest kindest loving Mumma,
Thank you fur being the discriminating and wonderful purrson that you are.
Despite the fact that I feel very badly fur Marlin, you chose the right cat to bathe today. Concatulations fur being so discerning!
My coat is in purrfect shape - fluffy and shiny! My tail is like a feather duster!
Marlin WAS looking a tad shabby and by bathing him he will appurr much nicer and he WILL appurciate what you have done fur him once he is dry again.
He really doesn't understand the finer points of bathing as I do, I assure you.
I shall cherish you furever my purrecious mumma!
Claude Hoppurr


I was a shoo in!

June 30th 2013 6:59 pm
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On Caturday mumma took me to a show. At first I didn't due too good, but after lunch the judges must have gotten revved up and they picked me as BEST HOUSE HOLD PET 2 times and 2nd best once!
I have a beautiful blew and white ribbon with the words BEST on it 2 times and 2nd BEST once!!
Mumma says I am now a COMPANION cat and I think that means she likes to cuddle with me. The next step is GRAND companion (mumma thinks I'm GRAND already)!
Claude (the BEST)
not CLOD


What Wait??

May 16th 2013 1:55 pm
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My dearest Mumma, bless her heart...says that I must watch my wait - how do you watch your wait? I thought wait was something you do - like wait fur breakfast, wait for supper, wait for a snack...wait wait wait that's all I do!
Oh wait (there's that word again) - Mumma says my spelling is wrong...she says it's WEIGHT that I must watch. She says 16 pounds and six oounces is more than enough and that I'm causing her back pain and she DOES NOT appreciate it when I bounce on her belly ( she gets red in the face and makes a funny sound like "oooooooooph" when I do that).
I think I should wait to watch my weight - I'm still a growing boy and I bet I will have to wait fur supper again tonight. *sigh*
Claude (not CLOD)


and the winner is..

November 17th 2012 4:18 pm
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I recently went to a cat shew and there was a lot of other cats there. I was in one class with Marlin...and he beat me the darn shew-off!
The judging peeple didn't like my COLOR!!
Now in this day and age isn't that...purrlickatily incorrect??
And REELY! who are THEY to judge ME??
LAH DEE DAH... my mumma still loves me a lot - even if I'm not PURRFECT!!!
Claude (NOT Clod)


Diary of the Day!!!

July 5th 2012 6:21 pm
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oh BOY!!
yesterday I got DOTD!! Mumma was quite surprised and I was too!
thank you everycat who sent nice messages and treats!
And thank you Miss Diary Girl! You are MY pick of the day!!
Claude (NOT Clod)


Claude - NOT Clod!

July 3rd 2012 2:53 pm
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Hello I am Claude. Claude Hoppurr.
My new mumma gave me this name because I have an extra toe on one front paw.
Purrsonally I would have purrfurred the name "Your Highness" or maybe "Tuff Stuff", but alas, it was not to be. (shucks)
I will be going "home" in a few short weeks with my brofur, Marlin Purrkins.
Fanks fur reading!
Claude (NOT Clod)

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