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Jungle Cat's Adventures

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How to save all your friends pages all at one time!!!! And- some contact info for us

July 19th 2016 4:51 pm
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From Saphira, Viola, and Nonsense's dad:

I was going to add a diary entry with our contact info for all of our furiends before we lose Catster forever, but I just received something from our sweet furiend Greystone that I felt I had to share immediately:

We just had our sweet friend Liza tell us how to do the coolest and easiest way to save every one of our friends pages.

open up a word document and title "Friends Wayback Catster Pages"

open up the Wayback machine ~

1. open Catster and go to the community page

2. scroll down and on the left hand side click on "you have (0000) friends"

3. this will bring up the page with thumbnails of all your friends

4. copy the address of the friends page and put it in the Wayback Machine

5. when it brings up the new address put it in your Word document to keep.

6. put this address in a new window and it brings up your friends page

7. you can click on any thumbnail and it will go to that kitty's Wayback Machine page.

AWESOME! thanks so much Liza! We love you.

Some contact info for dad:

The thing we are most upset to lose are not our pages as much as the connections to all of our furiends. We have shared so many good times and laughter, as well as some sad times and tears, and we value it all. We have been looking for other sites where we could have at least the important parts of the functionality Catster has given us. So far I am going to add us to United Cats, and will certainly look at others, does anyone have any other suggestions? We have other furiends going to Cat Scouts and Cathuggers, but I find the Cathuggers site seems like it may have been hacked as very often as soon as I bring it up I get redirected to either a spam site or even worse, a site that will spread malware! I am a software engineer in real life and am pretty good at recognizing such things.

Meowmy and I each have facebook accounts, but don't really use them for cat stuff and I don't use mine much at all, so am not sharing them.

Anybody with other ideas please share them!

We REALLY want to stay in touch with all the wonderpurr furiends we have made over the last four years, we love you all and would hate to lose any of you!

Warren and Terri, servants to Saphira and Viola and keepers of Nonsense's memory


MEOW! It's my gotcha day! Time for a catebration!

December 28th 2015 2:03 pm
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Four years ago today a couple of nice young ladies came to the home where I had lived most of my two years, where I had become a momcat several times. My servant (owner) Jesse had decided it was time for me to retire from being a breeding kitty mom and live a life of luxury with new pawrents in a nice furever home where I would be loved forever. The young ladies were not total strangers, they had met me before and had decided that I would be the purrfect kitty for their pawrents. Into the portable kitty jail I went (I HATE THAT!), and it took about an hour to get to my new home. At first they kept me in one of the bedrooms, and I immediately set about making them love me. They had no chance when I started to work my charms on them, and within a day or two they saw how wonderful I am and let me loose. I immediately started doing all those Ocicat things that their humans love, following them around the house, sleeping in their bed with them, and taught my new dad to play fetch. It's a pretty big house with lots of places to run and play, a nice long hall to tear up and down, and their king size heated waterbed has enough room for all of us and is nice and warm on chilly winter nights. They love me so much that before I had even been here a year they adopted a second cute Oci girl Viola to give me a playmate. I love it here, I get lots of cuddles, great grub, and daddy play fetch whenever I ask. Viola and I chase each other all over the house, do a little kitty boxing, but never a real fight and we both are in bed with the pawrents every night.

Note from Dad: As the gotcha story on her homepage relates, she was a surprise Christmas gift from our daughters, who violated several rules in doing so. They picked a cat for us, one we had never met before, and her arrival was a total surprise. We were told even before she arrived (took a couple of days to recover from her spay surgery) that the breeder would take her back if she did not work out with us. Within two days she totally stole our hearts and it was clear that she was here to stay in her furever home. We had much to learn about the breed! We were not strangers to spotted kitties, having been owned by two Egyptian Maus over time, (the first we adopted as a kitten in 1974). Wonderful cats, and while we had never even heard of the breed, we soon learned how wonderful Ocis are. Saphira soon showed us that she was the best behaved kitty ever to own us, going back over 40 years. Stays off the kitchen counters, rarely scratches furniture, perfect about using her litter box, and never wakes us up at night. Very bonded with us and very playful, follows us around the house, comes when called, and loves to play fetch. After we adopted our other Oci girl Viola, we found that while she has her own personality, she shares all the wonderful traits I just detailed, except that over time she has switched from playing fetch to playing catch! Both are absolute joys and we could not possibly be happier with them or love them more than we do. This is as true now, if not more so, as it was four years ago. We are thankful every day that we have these wonderful spotted felines in our lives.


Very sad news, second followup (Important!)

July 9th 2015 8:11 pm
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Anyone who read the previous entry needs to know that there has been a development that alters my judgment of the breeder involved. As I said then, after my daughter's new kitten died of FIP less than a month after she received her from the breeder, at that time the woman refused to even consider that she had FIP, and if she did claimed it was acquired it after adoption. She wanted my daughter to bring the dying kitten to her vet (50 miles away) for treatment, or failing that bring her the dead kitten in order to receive a refund. Today she seems to have acquired a heart, and now wants to make good with my daughter, requesting only a copy of the kitten's medical records before sending her a refund. I therefore have to modify my previous caution about doing business with her, since she is now behaving responsibly. Maybe she was just having a bad day. I would still be very careful, and would require a one year health guarantee that specifically covers FIP, and I would also want testing to show the kitten is free of Feline Coronavirus, the precursor to FIP.

Again, here is her information:

Stephanie Walsh
Welhaus Siberians
Victorville, CA
She is registered with TICA

My daughter has the contact information for the other customers buying kittens recently from her, and has emailed all of them, I think the total number is 18. I will post here any future updates from the other customers.

Sorry if I seem to have gone off a little prematurely, you would have reached the same conclusion I did had you read the text message exchanges between them. Remember also that we are talking about my little girl who was being mistreated and cheated. Regardless of their ages or accomplishments, they are ALWAYS daddy's little girls.

As always, do your research and pick a breeder very carefully.


Very sad news, followup (long again)

July 8th 2015 6:44 pm
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Saphira's dad again, I'm afraid that the sad news contiues, Jen and Megan had to make that awful decision to end poor Millie's suffering yesterday. The were so heartbroken that they could not watch, but thankfully a really good friend went with them and stayed with her, so her last minutes on earth were spent with a friend. Not only were they of course in tears, but the vet tech broke down too. Even though we sadly only got to meet this sweet kitty one time, you could not help falling in love with her on sight. I will try to add a picture or two of her to Saphira and Viola's pages later.

All this is sad enough, but the behavior of the breeder through all this has been thoroughly despicable, claiming that Millie did not have FIP and that they were killing their kitten by not giving her antibiotics. She also said that if she did have FIP, she did not have it when Jen and Megan received her. This is complete BS, there were no other cats in Jen's home and never have been, and it takes longer than that for the disease to develop. Millie was adopted June 12 and was put to sleep on July 6. No possible way she did not come from the cattery with the virus! She does not have much of a cattery, she lives in a mobile home near us in Victorville, CA. and sells her kittens on Ebay. My daughter contacted this breeder's vet to ask her about the situation, and was told that if she wanted to think about acquiring another Siberian in a few months, she knew a REPUTABLE breeder she could recommend. I am going to identify her to help anyone else in California who might be looking for a Siberian avoid the mistake of getting one from her at all costs:

Stephanie Walsh
Welhaus Siberians
Victorville, CA
She is registered with TICA

Sorry for the rant, but if it helps save some other cat lover from the heartbreak my daughter is going through now it will be worth it. Always be careful and check your breeders out thoroughly!

I want to thank our Catster furiends who have sent prezzies expressing their sympathy over this sad ending to a sweet young kitten's life, over way too soon. I will thank each of you personally after things around her settle down a bit.

I will try and post some much happier entries about the goings on here with our sweet Oci girls soon.


Some very sad news... (Long)

July 7th 2015 8:12 am
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Saphira's dad here, we received some devastating news last night. Our oldest daughter Jennifer has a pretty severe case of asthma, so severe that many years ago she had to rehome her two cats with us due to her allergic reaction to them. Last month she and her roommate Megan adopted the cutest little Siberian kitten, about three months old. They were just over the moon over this cute little girl. As you may know, Siberians tend to produce less of the protein in their saliva that triggers allergic reactions in humans, and Millie was causing her no problems. We visited her a few weeks later and Millie was the cutest, sweetest kitten you could ever want.

Our youngest daughter Melanie called last night to give us the terrible news that Millie had been diagnosed with FIP, and was going to be put to sleep today. As most of you know, FIP is a death sentence and Jen told me last night that the kitten had not been eating and is so weak she can barely walk. Jennifer and Megan are just devastated, and Terri and I are just brokenhearted for them. I am getting pretty teary as I write this. There is nothing that can be done for poor little Millie at this point, but a few purrs for Jen and Megan would be nice.

I had already had one sad experience with this horrible disease, many years ago my dad lost a really wonderful big gray shelter kitty to it.

While it is obvious that Millie had the virus before Jen and Megan adopted her, the breeder is being very unhelpful and really pretty cruel to them.

Sorry to be such a downer, but as we have shared with all of our Catster friends the joys that Saphira and Viola have brought into our lives, I felt this was the only online community I frequent where our friends would truly understand and share our grief over the loss of a wonderful little kitten before her life had really even begun...

Terri and Warren, servants to Saphira and Viola


It's my sisfur Viola's birthday today! She's Four!

May 27th 2015 6:28 pm
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Daddy woke us up this morning with the news that it is my sisfur Viola's birthday today! She is now a big four year old! I am so happy for her! She is lots of fun to play with, and we both love sleeping with the pawrents at night. I think I will go chase her around the house now...


Meowmy and Daddy's "Gotcha" Day

December 21st 2014 12:10 am
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We always try to remember our furry furiends' gotcha days, so we think we should do the same for our pawrents: Yesterday was their 40th anniversary. I don't know exactly what that is, but they told us it is something like a gotcha day for us kitties. Anyway, they seemed kind of happy about it, so we are too! We are purring for them, of course.


It's my sisfur Viola's gotcha day!

November 12th 2014 1:32 am
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Today is the second anniversary of my sisfur Viola's gotcha day! Even though we had lived together for a little while before (we came from the same breeder), almost a year had passed since I had last seen her as a little kitten and at first I was not too happy that this now 18 month old cat had invaded MY home! I got over it pretty quickly, and now we are the best of furiends, chasing each other all over the house and usually napping together, often on daddy and meowmy's bed. I really like having her around, especially when they have to leave us alone for shopping trips and such, it is really nice to have her around to keep me company.


It's my birthday! I am the big 5.0!

September 18th 2014 12:14 pm
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Hi everyfur, hope all of my furiends are having a pawsome day. I sure am, it is my fifth birthday! But I still feel and behave like a kitten, especially when my sisfur Viola and I are chasing each other all over the house or when I ask Daddy to toss me a mousie to fetch.

I think today I will probably take a nap or two, get daddy to play fetch with me (he sometimes gives me treats when I return the mousies to him), and curl up with him and Meowmy for my cuddles, strokes, and scratchies. Of course I do these every day! I do hope they get me some nice prezzies!

Note from Daddy: Shortly after Saphira joined us almost three years ago (check her gotcha story on her profile), I said three things about her:

She is the best behaved feline ever to own us.
She is the most amusing and entertaining feline ever.
And she is an absolute joy to have around.

Almost three years later, all of these are still true, and all three also apply to her sisfur Viola. We love both of them to pieces.


A really great day to remember and some new (to us) food we- LOVE

July 20th 2014 2:46 pm
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Hi to all my furiends, I want to purr about several things in one entry, since Catster still has some fleas that seem to affect diaries.

Today is the 45th anniversary of a truly great day in history, when a great human named Neil Armstrong became the very first person to put his pawprint on the moon. We all know about the cow who jumped over the moon, but he did not land there. Our human grandpa, who went to the bridge long ago, helped develop the big rocket that took them there, and we are very pawroud of him and everyone who helped make this happen.

Ever since I joined the pawrents over two years ago, they have tried to find a healthy canned food I would eat, something better than the Fancy Feast that our breeder fed us and I kind of like. Until now, I have turned up my pretty little nose at all of them. They finally found one, it is really healthy and we BOTH love it! It is called Soulistic, and only Petco sells it. Daddy gets the Good Karma Chicken flavor, and it is great! It is on sale until August 9, eight cans for the price of six.

Happy purrs to everycat!

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