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Hi from Me!!

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Can Kitties Have Nightmares?

April 23rd 2013 8:12 pm
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So I was sleeping pretty as only a kitty who's perfect in every way can be on the rocking chair. Suddenly I waked up, staring at the floor under Stephanie's chair across the room. I jumped up, arched my back, every hair standing on end. Stephanie don't see anything and say I be freaking her out. I just stay like the for a minute, then jump off the rocker, prowl around the chair a minute, tail still all puffed up. Then I jump back up on the rocker, turn around and go back to sleep. Who can know the mind of a perfect kitty.


The Springtime Flowers!

April 22nd 2013 5:38 pm
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I have never seen ANYTHING so fantastic!! There be big RED flowers,YELLOW flowers, PURPLE flowers - and they smell so wonderful! Mom even brought some of them inside and put them in a vase of water on the table! I just had to check them out. I jumped on the table....Bob jumped on the table. Dad clapped his hands to get off. Bob jumped off the table. Me? Me? Certainly he wasn't talking to me. I am perfect in every way. What did he say??? Phoenix get down? He think I be a dog? He even used my WHOLE name "Phoenix-Naomi!" Then he picked me up and put me on the floor. Well I never! Dad, those flowers are up on the table, not on the floor! I swear Bob is laughing at me....... how humiliating!


Well I Never!

March 22nd 2013 8:22 pm
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Mom brought me something from the store today. Not really sure what to make of this, but Miranda tells me it be fun. Mom gave us some eggs. She opened them, and put some catnip inside, then they rolled all funny wonkie. Miranda says they are Easter eggs. Don't know what an Easter is, but I hope it hatches better than my catmus tree eggs did. Now to find a good place to make my Easter egg nest.



March 10th 2013 5:00 pm
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Well, today be quite a day. Dad started to take apart the kitchen for real. Walls, lights, plumbing. I be sooo proud of him cause he can do all that. Then these men came from Lowes with a big truck. They brought what dad called drywall. But something happened. Nobody lookin' and the men propped the door open to the outside. That great big place. It be such a curious place to be sure. The door open.....I looked.....just a step.....then another step.....and - I be there! In the great OUTSIDE! The men come outside, startling me and I run down the steps. Suddenly it not be so much fun anynmore. I feel very small in the very big world. A bird fly overhead. I so scared!!! Where should I go? DADDY!
Suddenly I hear Mom yelling that the door be open. Then I hear my Daddy. He is coming to save me! Suddenly I be scooped up in his strong arms. He can feel my little heart beating so fast. Then I am back inside safe at last!!


My New Talent

January 31st 2013 8:32 pm
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Well, a talent maybe - but a fun game! Mom got up Sunday morning and could not find her glasses. She wear contacts mostly, so just wore them, but kinda wondered where those glasses were. They stayed missing. Then her watch went missing (she doesn't really need to know the time anyway!). Well, today I was playing with something and she looked and I ran across the room with her glasses! She ran after me and grabbed them. Phooey. I was just playin'. She called me a kleptomaniac -whatever that is. Anyway - guess I'll keep that watch in hiding a bit longer! It be so shiny and all. I tried to give her a Christmas egg today that I brought from hiding. That didn't work.


DDP Again!!!

January 19th 2013 5:11 pm
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I be DDP again yesterday. What is it with Mom that she misses my days???? Well, me and Bob had a good day anyway. We be runnin' and jumping and so playful!!! Happy me!


Silly Bad Mommy!

January 10th 2013 7:41 pm
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Golly, I be DDP TWO DAYS in a row and silly mom be off doing weird stuff like WORKING. Really! Work ain't all it's cracked up to be. Well, okay, it make money and money buy kitty treats. But Mom be sooo irresponsible. Thank you, Catster!! Me to so proud of my DDP!!!!


No! It Gone! It Gone!

January 5th 2013 5:37 pm
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What a horrible terrible day!! It started just fine, then my daddy - my fuurend, my special human! - got this big box outta the attic. Then mom started attacking my tree! She chopped it into pieces right before my eyes! I kept grabbin' for my eggs, but it be no good. Bob came to my aid and tried to pull the eggs from the box, but dad took them back again. My treeeeeee!

Sigh...... Nothing to do but sit on the cloth where it once stood and mourn my lost tree eggs. Check out Bob's page cause he had an adventure, too!


Catmus tree Eggs

December 30th 2012 6:22 pm
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We been so busy that it seems sad that the days of Catmus almost be over! It be my most special time ever! My family and TWO Catmus trees. One be real and they put water in it and it smell like outside. Linus and Lucy like that tree a lot. They and Miranda play lots of hide-n-seek under it. The other tree mom call artie-ficial. Artie seem like a funny name for a tree, but I made friends with it. It have these little round eggs on it. I watched a movie with Dad where this dragon had a lair full of eggs, so I decided that I would hatch the Catus tree eggs. Knocked them offa the tree and piled them up where I could protect them. I even guarded them through Catmus day when there be 19 peeplz with big feet walkin' 'round. An' I kept them all safe. None of them hatched yet.

Then this morning Bob said he'd help me with my eggs. He be a good foster brother. He climbed up the tree, but he be bigger than me. It didn't work out so good cause the tree fell over with a big crash. And there be Bob and me under the tree with the Catmus tree eggs. One got broken, but that be okay cause it was a dud. It was hollow, no baby Catmus tree inside. I heard mom tell dad that they be putting the Catmus tree away day after tomorrow. Sure hope my eggs hatch soon!


Kitties and Dryers

November 21st 2012 5:25 pm
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Mom put the clothes in the dryer. She turned away for just a minute to answer the phone. Come back and just about to close the door when.....she looked again! Was very shocked to find me looking out at her! She took a picture that she gonna post on the dryer for everyone always looks twice - and sending the caution to all our fuuurends, too.

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