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Musings from an Aussie Kitty

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August 1st 2012 1:56 am
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This is my 3rd time as Daily Diary Pick! I didn't realise my writing was that good! :D Of course, my furiend Nikita is Diary Pick as well. I've lost count of how many times SHE'S been DDP - it seems like efurry day! MOL` Nikita must be a furry good writer!

And there's more excitement! Some of the groups I'm in are having fun stuff coming up. Let's see, KCK had a pawty recently (which, incidentally, I missed!), Fancypants Cafe is having a Pool Pawty tomorrow, and last, but CERTAINLY not least, The Cat & Dog Plaza is having an Olympics! How KEWL is that! Mikey, Goldie and I are each hosting a game. It's gonna be so much fun!! I'm working on building up my new Catster Life group, but it's kinda fun, seeing what's going on in the diffurent groups, and reading furs' diaries and so on. If you want to join my group, here's a link:

Anyway, I have events to pawlan, birds to hunt, and sleep to catch up on! ;)

Samson The Mighty Hunter

P.S. Meowmy's working on a new pic fur me! Is that good or bad??


Under Cover... Literally

July 30th 2012 7:40 pm
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The grandpawrents may have gone, but the fun's not ofur yet. (I still don't know if that's a good thing or bad?)

Meowmy got up this morning (that's GOOD) and she went fur her potty break (I think that's good!) and she tried to flush (DEFINITELY good!) but it wouldn't (REALLY BAD!!). So the plumbers came round. Now, I don't like most visitors anyway, but it's worse when tradespeople come, because we're not meant to be in the house AT ALL! Well, we're allowed in the laundry at night, but not anywhere else in the house. So you know what Meowmy did? She threw me outside... literally! I mean physically THREW me! (FURRY bad!!) So you know what I did? I ran back inside! So you know what Meowmy did? She picked me up and threw me outside again when the plumbers weren't looking. So you know what I did? Yep. The next chance I got.. ZIP! Those plumbers nefur knew what streaked past them. I guess they thought it was a white streak of lighting... floor level. And you know what Meowmy did? This time she got fed up with me and decided to just leave me alone and hope the plumbers didn't see me and don't say anything to the real estate. *paws crossed* And I got to sleep under the bed fur the rest of the morning.

And now I'm off to my various duties, including plotting and planning with the admins at the C&D Plaza, hunting down criminals at SDA, and tending to my new Catster Life group. As well as picking up Meowmy's slack as far as sleep is concerned, hiding under beds from plumbers, and keeping the back yard free of pesky birds. A busy life indeed!


Fashion Show

July 25th 2012 3:19 am
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Yes, Meowmy has been playing around on the puter again and this time she's dressed me up in a General's hat (I think it's an Indonesian police general's hat or something - Meowmy looked at a lot of pics so she can't remember now!) and she's taken me out on the battle-field. See the big tank behind me? I wish I could drive one of those! Meowmy has titled the picture "General Ignorance" (in reference to my general's hat and as a recycled joke from somewhere else.) :(

I would also like to say thank you to the furs who have shared their thoughts about a Catster magazine of my own. I think I will do it, though I will be glad of any suggestions and help. The trouble is, I would like to have it as a group of its own, but Catster is having fleas BIG TIME at the moment and I can't create any groups. (Hisss!!) I do, howefur, have a group of my own already called "The Aussie Cats' Club". It was intended fur Aussie kitties and pups to hang out and play games, but it hasn't had much action. Maybe I could recycle that group, like change the name and delete the current threads and start new ones, etc. It will only be a little bit of stuffing around and it will save bugging HQ. Again.

What do you think? I think I will change my Aussie group to house Catster Life, but I don't want to act rashly or upset my furiends. (I'm good enough at that already!)


Amateur Journalist and Master of Mischeif, Samson (aka "General Ignorance")



July 23rd 2012 3:08 am
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Whassup?? WHASSUP?!? *I'LL* tell you WHASSUP! We have VISITORS. And not just *any* visitors, these are GRANDPAWRENT visitors!! Tuna cakes and kitty litter! Grandpaw's alright, he just ignores me fur the most part, but GRANDMEW *LIKES* me! She STROKED me! And she tried to PINCH MY CHEEK!! (See, Spice E, you're not alone there!) Thanks Goodness they're GOING soon! I don't like strangers normally, but CHEEK-PINCHING ones are even WORSE!!

New thought... I've been thinking. (Please don't worry yet!) I like Catster. (Stay calm...) And Meowmy likes writing, especially magazines. (Take deep breaths...) So MEOWMY was thinking (NOW you can worry!) of doing a magazine about Catster and the fun stuff, great groups, and furtastic furs on Catster. (Did I say "worry"? *look of innocence*) She was thinking of calling it "Catster Life", unless anyfur can think of a better title. She made a forum thread about it so furs can tell me what they think there. _Entertainment/thread/750643

She's still thinking about EXACTLY what to put in it, but it would have stuff like Catster's featured group (on the groups page), the latest Mews and MOLs (in the Magazine tab), a Catster in the Spotlight (hand-picked by the editors and maybe voted fur by Catster kitties), and featured stories/poems, articles, pictures, videos and what-nots submitted by furs and/or sourced on various websites by the editors. If you're interested in helping out with the magazine and want to be an editor, PAWLEASE let me know! Any help, tips, or purrs anyfur wants to give me would be much appreciated. I was thinking the magazine could come out quarterly (September through November, then December through January, etc.). What do you think, furs?


Rookie Detective and Amateur Journalist Samson T. Hunter


Here's your host... SAMSON!!

July 21st 2012 2:37 am
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Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood evening!! (Or if you go by Catster time, it's half-past 2 in the morning -- so GOOOOD MORNING!)

I haven't written much in my diary, mainly because I haven't had much to write. What have I been doing? Ummmm, well. On Caster I've been managing a trivia game in We Love Contests, helping out at SDA, planning secrets at the Cat & Dog Plaza, and generally enjoying myself with my furiends.

At home, howefur, I turned nasty. I decided to scare Meowmy last night by staying outside ALL NIGHT and not coming when she called. Well, I kept MY end of the bargain and hid away, but do you know what Meowmy did? SHE WENT TO BED!! She IGNORED me! And when she let me inside this morning, she just gave me breakfast and left me alone! No "Where have you been?!". No "You gave me such a fright!". No extra treats. Of all the meowmies I could have chosen to be mine, I HAD to choose one who is NOT SOPPY!! How typical is that?? Hiss!

BTW, has anyfur else had problems with the groups they're in not showing on their page sometimes? I mean, sometimes I'll look at my page and it will list the groups I'm in (yes, ALL of them -- I'm not going to count them now, I'll get a headache!) and other times I'll look at my page and it's not showing any of my group list. *???*

I've also added some new pictures to my Catster page. There's one picture at the bottom of the page of me curled up on a yellow baby blanket. (I got chucked off it immediately the photo-shoot was ofur!) There's also a new picture at the top of my page of me on a police car. Kewl, huh? And before you ask, I DID NOT intentionally misspell "Police". It's a clip-art picture of a SWEDISH police car. I don't yet know if that's good or bad.

PC (Police Cat) Samson reporting fur duty... and lodging a request fur a transfer to Tuna Land.


Ace Detective Samson T Hunter!

July 12th 2012 5:41 pm
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Hey, guess what, everyfur? I'm an ACE DETECTIVE now! Know why? I SOLVED A COLD CASE AT SAMOA'S DETECTIVE AGENCY! I just joined not long ago and I was looking through the cold cases and I got three suspects in mind fur two of the cases. I pmailed two suspects fur the first case and another suspect fur the second case. The first suspect replied - WRONG! The second suspect replied - WRONGO AGAIN! Furry dispirited, I waited fur the third suspect to reply. And just now I checked my pmails and there it was - "Yes you are correct". WHAAT?? I actually got it RIGHT?!? But there it was in black-and-white! Oh, I'z so proud of myself!! I think I EARNED my detective badge now! Any other ARGs out there want to let me find them??

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrss,

Ace Detective and Master Crab-cake Eater Samson T Hunter


Oh My Catness!

July 11th 2012 3:15 am
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Barely had I finished writing my last diary entry when Meowmy checked her inbox and found she had an email from Catster HQ - "Concats, Samson has been chosen fur Cat of the Day". MeWOWza! I couldn't believe it, but Meowmy said it was true. Wow! Me, Cat of the Day! Holy Mackerel!! July is now officially my FAVOUITE MONTH - it just keeps getting BETTER AND BETTER!!

I will try to be the model Cat of the Day and set a Good Example to all aspiring COTD's. *reaches over and steals catnip cookie out of jar*

And Catster, if you want to keep the honours coming, that's FINE WITH ME!!

Now if you will excuse me, I shall recover from this surprise. *faints from shock*

UPDATE: I revived long enough to find out that I'M DDP AS WELL!! Oh my Gosh! *faints again*


New Gadgets!

July 11th 2012 12:04 am
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Yessir, am I ever havin' fun! A few days ago, Meowmy got me a Shoutbox fur my Catster page! Here my furiends can leave me a "shout" to give me a message or suggestion (or a clue to a mystery at Samoa's Detective Agency!).

Another kewl gadget Meowmy got me is the sticky-note clock below the shoutin' box. It shows the time at our place (a few seconds slow, I'll admit, but that doesn't matter!), so when you're on Catster you can just look at my page to see whether I'm likely to be online or not. Time differences are a nuisance, aren't they? At the moment it's 5:00 our time, and Meowmy's on the puter, but it's midnight Catster time so most of my furiends are asleep! :( And when my furiends are online, Meowmy's busy! If she gets on the puter at 9:00 am, that's... um, 4:00 Catster time, so I only have a few hours to pawlay with my furiends. Curse time differences! Maybe I should move to Ameowica??

Another addition to my page is the kewl picture Luigi made me of me with a kangaroo. I hope it's a gentle one! I've seen some of the damage kangaroos can do to cars, and apparently they can kill a man with one blow of their tail! *turns to look at his own fluffy tail* I wonder...

CyberKitty and Professional Tail-Wrestler Samson T Hunter


The latest on C-A-T News!

July 8th 2012 6:15 pm
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Well, the most exciting of our latest Mews is that Uncle Felix now has his wings! Aren't they purrty? I almost wish I was an angel so's I could have wings like that! Uncle Felix purrs a BIG thank-mew to Muffin and da gang from the Over the Rainbow group fur his wonnerful wings.

I would also like to thank all of my furiends who sent Gotcha Day wishes and prezzies. I don't think I have room to name them all here, so I'll just say one big THANK MEW!! (Mew know who mew are, my furiends!)

"Furiends are the furmily we choose fur ourselves."
I furget who said that, but it's a grreat quote!

Have a pawsome day, my furiends! And big purrs to you all!

Gotcha-Day Boy Samson "Over"
Dept. of "The Moon"

(P.S. Fur those who don't get it, the joke in the signature is "Over the Moon". The one in my last entry was "Happy Happy, Joy Joy". :))



July 7th 2012 7:39 pm
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Oh! I'z so 'cited! I'z so 'cited my grammar is going!

Firstly, tomorrow iz my Gotcha Day! Meowmy sez I gets a special treat! *rubs paws in eager anticipation* I also gots rosies and pics frum my furiends. TANK MEW ALL! (Mew know who mew are!)

Seconds, I'z a detective now! Ooh, I'z gonna have fun! The group iz full of detectives who investigate anonymous rosies to find out who sents them. Which would be more fun I wonder - being the detective or the ARG? (Anonymous Rosette Giver)

Thirds - PAWTIES ABOUND! Da Cat's Meow group is having a Summerfest Pawty and I've been invited as an admin! (If I could put emoticons in diary entries, I would have a whole row of da dancing smilies!) This is gonna be fun, I can play da pawty games and maybe even do one myself. :D

I'll write more when I has more to write. Thanks mew fur reading!

Rookie Detective and Pawty Fanatic Samson "Happy, Happy"
Dept. of "Joy, Joy"

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