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Kitty Scritches

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The Big Furry Thing

March 26th 2012 5:15 am
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The Big Furry Thing and the The Big Furry Thing's Big Furry Thing Friend and another human visited me a lot this weekend. The Big Furry Things make a lot of noise and wrestle a lot. The Big Furry Thing's friend talks to me a LOT, too. I love the humans and purr like crazy when they hold me and scratch my chest. I'm being very gentle.

This morning The Big Furry Thing was sitting so I sniffed its chest and it turned around and gave me its butt!! Gross! Why did it do that?! I pawed at it and my human mom just laughed at us! She said cats and dog speak differently. Maybe that's why The Big Furry Thing and The Big Furry Thing's Big Furry Thing Friend think I'm playing when I'm crouched down with my butt in the air? I dunno, it's very weird. I usually just go play with my feather toys. MOL!


New Home

March 20th 2012 5:03 am
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kinda like it here... there's a big thing here that sniffs my butt a lot, and it has a friend that comes over that sniffs my butt a lot but I like them, they like to play. I have been very good and now have free reign in my new room. It's much bigger than the cage at the shelter/rescue. I use my box like a good boy and the doctor said I'm really healthy and have a good personality. People come visit me and hold me and I love it.

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