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Punkin's Diary

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March 4th 2012 5:29 pm
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I'm Punkin a 13 pound orange tabby. I'm not fat just tall and long. My wife's name is Twinkletoes or Twink for short. I have one other sister and two bros. Mom still calls me baby all the time even tho I'm 7. I haven't gotten into Grandma's room today but I really want to since it's like my fave thing to do. Nobody else is allowed in there except me and Twink cuz we're the only ones who don't pee in her shoes... she hates that!! I'm such a lover boy in there cuz I get all the attention and I kno I'm special so it's the only time I will give the humans the satisfaction of purring real loud. I helped Mom switch dressers today and am so exhausted from all the heavy lifting. The humans were making a " goodwill box" (whatever that is) and they put a bunch of Mom's clothes in it just for me to lay on! I'm always the first to inspect and get in a new box u see. Paelae likes to fight with me over them but I always win. Plus I just LOVE to pick on her cuz she's so mean and loud. I love to get in trouble and Mom always says That is what she should have named me. My favorite trouble making activity is telling Middy (Midnight) to go knock over the water glasses on the coffee table so he gets in trouble and I don't. That way I can be far away when he does it but close enough to reap the benefits of the water on the floor. I like to laugh at Middy cuz he will do it every time I ask!


a day in the life of me

March 5th 2012 11:58 pm
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Twink had the zoomies this morning when Momma was tryin to go back to sleep. Needless to say she was grumpy and had to get up! Mol. Momma gave me one of my catnip pillows tonite and I was so high and rollin around on the ground as I love to hug my pillows! She took a video of me that will soon b posted... I was just pestering Paelae b cuz she gets so mad and growls at me! I like to show her that I won't back down and that I ain't skurred! Plus, she thinks she is the boss of everyone...HA!


a day in my life

March 8th 2012 9:19 am
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Today Middy already got in trouble for knocking over Mom's water glass AGAIN! Mol!! I laughed as usual. Grandma took the zipper out of something and it was hanging off the edge of the kitchen table just for me. They are always giving me new stuff like boxes and other things I can push off the counters. I broke all Grandma's gtlass candle holders when I was a teenager. My rebellious never actually wenta way tho cuz I feel like I'm still a kitten. My wife is only 3 so I have to keep young ya kno?? I taught her all the naughty things to do when we first fell in love like scratching Mom's bed...she recently got a new one and a new bed skirt that I like to hide under and sometimes go under to scratch the bed and she gets really mad then! Sometimes when she snores I like to sing along with her and bite her hand to let her kno that I am there for her. What a terrible racket that is it disturbs my sleepy time!


my days

March 10th 2012 10:44 am
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I have been busy the past couple of days. Mom gave me a new box today and I'm having the best time!! Yesterday Mom went to get her sinuses CAT scanned...MOL!! She's been sick every month since Oct b4 my purrthday. I love when Mom gets outta the shower cuz I like to help her dry off by licking the water off her legs. Then I go into her room and give her lotsa love and knead on her bedspread or clothes. I love water! When she goes in the bathroom I like to drink out of the faucett. Middy got in troubl the other day a 2nd time when he knocked ANOTHER glass of water over! Some of it ran off the table and got him wet so he ran off without even drinking any. Mom just covered her eyes and laughed bcuz I think she's getting tired of yelling at him. Middy and Tux r in a constant battle for the Hooman's attention, and Middy is so possesive and a litterbox troll so Tux can't go potty sometimes. Can't we all just get along?! Middy and Paelae think they run the show but it's really me cuz I pick on them all equally. Except Twink...I just want to love her but she swipes at me when I get too close and she's quick! I play too rough 4 her, prolly cuz I'm a giant compared to her, she's so small. I have been up to the top of the big cat tree a lot the past couple of days cuz I've been feelin frisky since it's been stormy here. That dang cat tree isn't made for big cats like me and Twink is the only other one who will go to the top. It sways when I get up there but I don't care when I'm frisky!


new toys

March 18th 2012 8:42 am
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yesterday Mom went to the dr. bcuz she hurt her ribs coughing a couple days ago. She has been coughing for like a month now and I must say it is quite noisy around here. She has ben sick a lot this year, I bet next year she won't 4get to get her flu shot. I hate getting shots. Mom has been buying us a lot of toys lately and went to the pet store yesterday. My favorite toy has always been the fishing pole bird thingy. They always break and yesterday Mom found us one thathas 3 toys and seems sturdy enuf 4 me. It came with that feather bird one and my fave the metallic streamers... those drive me batty! I want to play by myself but of course my brothers and sisters had to join in so I would go sit under the rocking chair and watch, Mom says I'm pouting but really I'm not. I don't think Twink had ever seen one before and watching her was hilarious cuz she's not as gracefulTwink and not as I am with that toy. Mol. Mom also got Twink and me new collars because she didn't like our old matching ones. I look so handsome and dapper in mine, it's black plaid and I look GOOD in black. Mom got Twink a pink collar bcuz she is such a diva, it has lady bugs on it bcuz she is my wife and Mom calls me Bug a lot. We also got new balls wome of them are that crinkly mylar stuff. And we re also recently got an undercover mouse that I love now but wasn't sure about it at first. It has a round mat that I love to lay on bcuz it's mine. I also lay on everything that I play with just to show it who's boss. I did NOT want to go to bed last nite cuz I wanted to keep playing but Mom put it away and I paced back and forth in front of her to so she'd kno I wanted to keep playing. I hope she's ready to do some serious playing today!


diary of the day

March 19th 2012 1:45 am
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YAY WOO HOO!! I got diary of the day again! Mom is having a hard time typing uz she is on pain killers cuz she tore some thingy from all thingy on her ribs and can't see very good. Mom ntore that that noisy coughing. She has to wear this weird thing around her ribs. Thank goodness she can move her arms today, so she can play with our new 5oy that I love! We had a couple different over the years but th alwaqys snap off, So the new one's have a shorter stick. Mommy keeps fallinb asleep on me so goobye foowr n



March 22nd 2012 9:07 am
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Mom has been in too much pain to pick me up. She sure has been sleeping a lot. I did get to play with my fishing pole toy (whick is my favorite besids catnip) The humans have been letting me into Grandma's room a lot on account of my Mom can't pick me up and I am so happy in there. Mom always asks why can't I b such a lover boy and purr really loud in any other room. I can't help myself! It's bcuz I'm so special that I get to go in there. Sometimes they let Twink (my wife) in there and I'm not as happy. It is the only room where they can give me a manicure without having to wrap me in a blanket bcuz I fight so hard and bite and claw my way out. It's a 2 human job, but Mom says I'm a good boy when I'm in Grandma's room. I went all the way to the top of the cat tree a couple days in a row even tho I'm a little too big fur it. When Grandma pulled the attic door down it scared me and I zoomed right inside...the humans thought it was funny...


Sunday Funday

March 25th 2012 1:29 pm
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When it's warm outside I like to go sleep on the chair in the garage where I can stretch all the way out. Mom says I look dapper in my new black plaid collar. Even tho Twink is my wife I don't understand her... She's such a DIVA! She doesn't like anything that normal cats like. She will only eat catfood and if the humans try to give her something to try in her dish (while she is eating her 3 peices at a time) She will look at it and jump down ( she's the only one allowed to have a special dish on the counter, pffft!) She will not eat turkey or tuna and doesnt beg for human food like the rest of us. She won't even eat cat treats!! Mom says she's a princess and spoiled worse than me. Mom has this yellow blanket that she used to snuggle up on the couch with and Twink took it over! Mom had to get a new blanket. So now Twink has her own little folded up blanket in her spot on the couch! She will sit across the room and just stare at Mom if someone decided to lay in her spot until Mom makes them move and then will come over and smell it and wait for Mom to flip it over because it has other cat cooties on it!! She is so weird!! But i LOVE her! Twink used to like catnip but now gets mad and jumps down if Mom tries to give her a little puffball from the catnip jar. So Mom tries to sneak it right next to her nose while she's sleepin' cuz Mom is a little devious at times. But of course Twink wants nuthin' to do with that and jumps down...I LOVE catnip and my catnip pillows! I roll around on the hard wood floor in extacy! That's the only time I'm not my normal manly self well and in Grandma's room. My wife also likes to lay on the heating pad when it's on and Mom keeps it on the corner of her bed just for Twink! I don't even get that and I'm her baby boy! I sneak in an kick Twink out occasionally tho just to let her kno who's boss. I love all the new cat toys we have and I come running everytime Mom picks up the fishing pole toy cuz it has a bell that I can hear. Tat thing really drives me bonkers! Well I'm off for another cat nap....


ahhh the good life...

April 1st 2012 9:51 am
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Yesterday it was like 91 degrees outside! Mom had to go to a wedding shower, I don't kno y she would need to shower at a wedding especiallty since I can't lick the water off her legs there but o well. Mom was NOT happy it was so hot outside already and when she got home she made it cold in the house so I slept in the garage until it was bedtime. I don't understand y she likes it so cold. I'm a TX cat, born and raised but Mom is from MN so she says it's too hot here... Even tho she's lived here most of her life like 25 yrs. She came home smelling like 2 different dogs! TRAITOR!! So I had to rub my scent all over her to fix things right again! That was hard work, especially since it was sduring my normal nap time! Ever since Grandma retired Tux thinks if Mom talks or puts her legs on the ground that means Mom needs to pet him, he's also been following her around like a puppy...??? He used to b Grandma's boy and now he's cheating on her every chance he gets! He is driving my Mom nuts! I don't understand that phrase cuz Mom doesn't go eat nuts every time Tux bothers her. He's silly cuz he also likes to chase his tail when no one is looking!!


where does the time go?

April 9th 2012 3:36 pm
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Happy belated Easter everyone! Thanks to everyone from me and my fur family for all the great easter gifts!! The other day Mom came home with purple in her fur!! I almost didn't kno it was her since her fur ppl cut off all her fur and now it's got purple! Mom was only mad cuz they cut 5inches off her fur when she only said they could cut 2 inches. I don't kno y she cuts her fur anyways...I woulda been mad if they put the purple in my awesome orange fur. But she wanted it that way!! Can u believe it?! So on Caturday Mom and Grandma discovered baby squirrels in our yard and one had gotten next door where that dog Bella lives so Bella's Dad brought the squirrel back to our yard cuz the nest is in our tree. Mom says it's a huge thing. So yesterday Grandma was watering the plants and almost stepped on a baby squirrel that was licking water off the grass. She came in and told Mom to google what to do with a baby squirrel. I don't kno what google is but they say it a lot. So Mom got her old rat transporting cage out and had some left over soft bedding stuff and they brought that baby squirrel right into our house! She called a squirrel lady and that baby squirrel got to spend the nite in our geust room!! I'm never allowed in there so I tried to sneak in and got busted! The humans don't let us in there anymore cuz Middy pees all the time and we used to have our own litterbox room but the others (not me and my wife Twink of course) would pee on the tile floor ALL THE TIME! Now there r only litterboxes in the garage and someone doesn't like sharing all 5 so the pee on the garage floor! The humans r not happy! So Mom came home from the squirrel lady's house smelling like lotsa squirrels and a dog and 2 other cats, she cheated on us!! I let her kno by sniffing her leg for like 5 minutes!! Hahaha I always have to let her kno when I don't approve of the dog smells. One time after Mom came back from the shelter Middy was so mad cuz she smelled like so many animals that he peed in her shoes when she wasn't looking! I found it hilarious! I have been very busy sleeping and hiding in the garage from Mom's bff and her family (with a 4 yr old girl) while they do wedding stuff so I haven't had any extra time to dictate my notes to Mom. She hasn't been home as much and I miss her so much when she's gone! If she comes home real late I sometimes think she isn't coming home at all and I make a big issue of it for Grandma and now that I'm married so does my wife. We get worried ya kno...

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