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What itz like beinz in charge.

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IZE HAZ A BERFDEY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 20th 2012 2:26 pm
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Ize is nows ofishically 5 yeerssss ole mrowl mrowl purrpurr. Momma gaveses meese speskal treets toos. I wuz reedening Jake's diree ovvvers hiz shuldert and izz agreez dat weeze ish da lukesh bunches ofs kitties evers. Izz wud nevsers gooses baks toos da streetses agin. dere ares tings outz dere dat kaaaan hurtz a kittie even ifs heeses az smurt az weeses ish. az dere ish peeples dat lyik toos hurts uses. momma keepses uses ins n keeepses uses saafes. sheses a gr8 momma
luv yaz


It wuz a gr8 dey!

February 28th 2012 5:25 pm
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Muggz gots inz trubbl. Muggz gots inz trubbl. I had toos gloat. hesis always pikin on meese. Dis timez he wuz on momma's not happy list. MREOW!


Itz box day.

February 23rd 2012 4:26 pm
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Today iz da day thats alls our litter boxes get changeded Momma scrubbzes them out and completely changeses da litter. I wood hatez to hz to doos thats job but momma doos it an laffses whens sheses dodin itz. Sheses really mustes luves usses cuz dats a messy job. An Maozer always trieses to get to the kleen box furst. IZE DIDZ ITZ DIS TIME!!!!! Dat donts sund likeses muches butz weese iz a vewy cum-pet-ituv bunch. Even whos getz da box furst iz impawtant. Todays ize wins!!!!!!!!!!! YEA ! "


My arrival

February 23rd 2012 8:57 am
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Wow momma said ases soons ases sheses hadz da times sheses would put me on catster. I am sooos prouds to bees heres. Ize herds soos much bout dis thats ize cudent wate. Mrowls ands headbutts to alls. I wases very yung when momma called to meese and Ize decidedes to lets her piks meese up. Sheses seemed likes a nice lady sooses I tooks a chance on hers.
I had beens walkin onze the street for a while. lotes of hoomans puts foods out for the kitties. the older kitties tolds me it wood get cold and thens it wood be harder to finds good foods. I askeded what cold was. they saids that was whens the lie wases onn ins the sky but it wasnt nice like now. thats i would haves to find a place to sleeps that was in a box or someplace that mite keeps me warm. I was very young and didn't haves any family so thises didn't sound goods to me at all. I liked bein free but cold sounded bad. I figured thats Ize betters find a family who wood take me ins. S I started trying to be nice to hoomans but lotses of dem chased me. One crazy lady chased me with a water hose. Got meese all wets.
I was going to give up this idea when i remembered the place where dalady said I wasn't one of herses cats. i saw that she hads uder catses for me to be wit. And sheses always putses foods out for the homelesses cats.
Well i saw hers and the man going down the steps and I had washed my face an straiteneds my whiskers so I wood make a good impression. I didn't wants dey shud think Ize wusz a dirty cat. sheses wuz callings me doings the psspss thingand ize came rite to hers. she picked me up and ize didnt fite wit her. Next thing ize knoe ize wuz ins a box wit bars and getting into what sheses wuz calling a car. I thought ize wuz doomeded. They took meese to the stabby vet guy. he stck a NEEDLE ins meese. I am too pulite to say where he put that Qtip thing. He looked ins my eyeses and earses. He told momma i wuz about 7 months( ize cud haf tole her dat) and I only had a few fleas and noding else wuz rong wit me. I shud have tried my teeth on him but I wuz bein pulite. ize wanted thems to take me home. And dey did! I wuz un "quantine" till I got the snip and clip thing. That isz just rude. How do dey knoe Ize wuznt planning onz uzin thoz things. I came home the same day. I wuz soooo furzy. Momma just let me sleep.
More to come later.

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