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Daisy in Bloom

What a Whirl-wind of a Week

February 23rd 2012 7:49 pm
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Wow! What a week it has been. Mom made my page on Sunday and it was so exciting. I got comments. I got presents. I made 80 friends and got corralled. I thought I was a kitten? I thought horses go in corrals? MOM! Mom? What's going on?

But anyway, it was a really great week here on Catster and I want to thank you for making me feel right at home with everyone.

I'm also making myself at home pretty well, at home. There are still some things I am not so sure about. What the heck is that room with all the water? Mom says a tub, a shower, a sink and a toilet. I say, count me out! And a hair dryer? Come on Mom, use your tongue like the rest of us...that thing is too noisy!

I don't like the doorbell, yet. I'm not so sure about tv or the radio? Where does the sound come from?

I've been behaving pretty well, although I am a "chewer"! None of the others were ever like me. Everything goes in my mouth. Mom is crazy with picking things up, taking things off me, and re-kitten-proofing the house, AGAIN!

Gotta go....more to my name and what the treat bag rattle means!

Love to all,



Won't Somebody Please Play With Me?

March 31st 2012 7:54 pm
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Hey! I'm still a kitten. I need my playtime. I need to wrestle. I need to chase. Where are all my playmates?

Mom says they can't come out to play because they have colds. "Cold whats?" I asked her. She said they have colds, like sniffing-sneezing colds. Oh, I've heard them sneeze. Mom said they need their rest. So I have been good. I have been patient. Mom has played extra with me and even Rusty played with me yesterday. I think he was a little lonely too! I can't wait till they are feeling better. I'll be ready for them.


NO! Not a stranger in the house!

April 18th 2012 8:01 pm
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Skylar told me that Aunt Anita is coming to stay with us this weekend. No! I am scared of strangers! He has told me that I know who she is. That she was here before. That she thinks I am adorable and remind her of her cat Patches that went to the Bridge.

But, but, I don't know her.

What is she tries to pick me up?

What is she forgets to feed me?

Will she play with me? Will I play with her?

I don't know about this......

I know I won't be mean to her. I don't have a mean bone in my body. But I don't know? I'm nervous about this!

Mom's note: We don't know how Daisy will be with Aunt Anita. If she will hide from her or adjust quickly. We worried before about Ivan and Percy and then Roni and Maedia, but they have done just fine. They actually bonded rather quickly. It's only for the weekend, so either way, we think she will be okay. We always have crunchy food and water out 24/7 so even if she won't come out when Anita is around, she can still eat at night.
We'll let you know how she does.


My turn to tell a story

July 12th 2012 7:50 pm
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Mom said I can have a turn telling a story. It is about Skylar's buddy, the opossum. Last night we were all crowding in the one kitchen window in the house. We have three windows in the kitchen, but we all wanted to be in the same one. We were taking turns nicely. Mom wondered what was going on outside.....

Then she went out to put out the garbage and the recycles. She found her answer..... Mr Possum (Oscar Possum), was in our recycle bin for cat food cans. We have two bins. One for glass and plastics and one for aluminum cat food cans and soda cans that can be recycled for money. He was in the bin with the cat food cans! They are cleaned out good and kept in a garbage bag in the bin, but he must have smelled something.

I told Mom that we should feed him and she said "no" . I pouted and talked back and she explained that there is enough food in our yard and the rest of the neighborhood for him. We have a garden, a compost pile, bird feeders, bugs and other varmints too. They are omnivores, she explained that they will eat meat and plants and garbage too!

Tonight, as soon as it got dark, I waited my turn for the window. I won't say that I waited patiently, some smacky paw was involved, but I got my turn and......................................................

he wasn't there. Oh well, maybe later!


More than one way to WHAT?

November 26th 2012 8:05 pm
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Mom went for supper tonight at the Italian place a block over from our house. They had the tv on and it was tuned in to CNN. They were talking to this Senator (I think) from Utah about taxes and stuff and they asked him a question and his response was "Well, there is more than one way to skin a cat". Mom actually made an audible gasp! ( Good thing she was late and they weren't very crowded) It just kind of shocked her to hear someone actually say it. Do you mean that this educated man could not find a more appropriate phrase?
How about "there are other possibilities" "it may require us to think outside the box" or "who moved my cheese?". Come on, anything but skinning cats!


Full of Surprises

March 16th 2013 8:19 pm
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Hi! Guess what? Lately I have been full of surprises. I am not the most social kitty. I answer to my name and love to chatter if you talk to me and also like to play with Mom with the wand toys, but I usually don't like to be petted. But do you know what I did on Friday? Mom came home and fell asleep in the recliner for a little nap. She felt someone laying on her and she thought it was Skylar. Without opening her eyes, she reached down and was petting me. Then she realized, it wasn't him. She opened her eyes and there I was, curled up on her leg, content as anything. I even let her pet me again tonight in the kitchen. I have been here over a year and this was the first time I napped with her!


It's My Gotcha Day!

January 15th 2014 11:05 am
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What a surprise. It is my Gotcha Day! Two years ago today, I came to stay here as a regular family member. I had been a shy outside cat. The took me and got me fixed and then let me go back outside because it seemed that is where I wanted to be.....but then the bitter cold winter weather came. One night, they came and grabbed me and brought me in the mud room. Then I was in the kitchen. Then I was meeting my other furry family members. Wow, that was two years agao.

I am still very shy. I hide when the doorbell rings. I love to play. I love my brothers and sisters. I like to snooze on the kitchen chairs. I love milk jug rings and little plastic springs. I especially like to play. My best playmates are Skittles, Ivan and Percy. Rusty still makes me nervous, although he has never done anything to hurt me.

Thanks for being my friend and helping me celebrate my Gotcha Day!

Love, Daisy


Another Gotcha Day has rolled around

January 15th 2015 6:13 pm
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Yep...another Gotcha Day is here. Mom almost forgot about it...actually she did.....Bad Mommy, bas, bad! We celebrated my Gotcha Day with a Fancy Feast Appetizer and extra playtime. I still love to play. Even though I am 3, I still love to play as much as I did when I was a kitten. My new favorite thing is a grocery bag...and also tackling Skylar. I get up on my hind legs and punce on top of him. He puts up with my silly antics like a good older brother and never gets mad at me. He even plays with me sometimes.

I am thankful that they brought me inside. I know I have a much better life in here. I sit in the winndow alot and chatter at the birds. I miss chasing them outide, but I don't miss the snow, the rain and the cold temperatures. I love to be warm. I am still shy around the humans. But sometimes I do let them pet me, and when I am feeling extrememly benevolent, I will go and sit on their laps on the recliner. But, it is on my terms, not theirs. I also love to chat with Mommy. She asks me questions and I will talk up a storm with her. I tell her all about my day and what when on in the backyard and who got in trouble in the house.

Remind me to tell you about who learned to open the cupboard under the sink...and who chewed open the treatbag so that we could all partake of the goodies. Oh, but wait...Mom might be reading this....I'll give you a was one of my sisters.

Thanks for the presents and treats for my Gotcha Day! You helped to make this day all the more special.


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