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You did WHAT?

July 25th 2013 8:47 am
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Mom went to the gym Tuesday from 4 - 6 for strength training & cardio - which I understand. But then around 5:00 she suited up and got in the swimming pool for another workout - WHAT??????????? Why would anyone willingly get into a water filled pit? She took her towel with Taylor Swift's cat photos all over it.

She rode her bike there too and walked most of the way home pushing the bike next to her as her legs were aching after all the activity. She put her feet up and moved as little as possible.

Her new kitty themed Taylor Swift Keds arrived yesterday much to our delight. She hasn't got new shoes in a while so this was a treat to get 2 new pairs. She got the pink ones with cats on them as seen here on Catster and a nay pair with paw prints on them. She's wearing the pink ones today to start getting used to them.

She also got a discount yesterday when picking up her prescription refills so she bought a corded & cordless phone set. She's gonna have to make sure she can buzz in guests when the doors are locked. Before all she had was a normal streamline phone w/o caller ID so she had to buy separate caller ID and answering systems, so having it all together is a space saver. The cordless handset is plugged in in the bedroom on the shelves near her bed.

It's looking like a rainy day for us so we'll be home all day. She's gonna go down for a game of Wheel of Fortune this afternoon, maybe stay for bingo too. Saturday she's going to another concert but this one is closer to home and she may just come home after its over.

My current tower will be moved into the bedroom (window corner with my sun seat) this evening because my new playground should be coming sometime tomorrow!




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