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Black Cats Matter

Cat lady neighbor pt 2

December 1st 2012 10:49 am
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The memorial service is tonight so mom is trying to arrange a ride there & back so she won't have to walk out in the cold as it's getting dark. It's at the church practically across the road from her aunt's house so she can walk there when it's done to get the ride home.

Mom and her exchanged many cat stories when they bumped into each other around the building. Her cat saved her life when a fire destroyed her house earlier this year. She lost like everything but her and her cat were alive. She patted the lady on the cheek and that woke her up in time to get out. We think that kitty is a hero and we're happy to hear one of the family is looking after the cat in her absence.

Tomorrow mom and I are going to dress up and try to take some holiday photos but today mom just wants to go and say good bye to a cat lady friend.




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