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Phoebe oh Phoebe

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Hi im at school

November 8th 2012 7:12 am
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Hi its Phoebe and im at school i am in the computer lab!!! i go to venice heights elementary school!!!!!!!! That stupid dog ollie is still a stupid dog!! i hate him sooo much!! He scares me!bye!! its real short my teacher told me i have to go soo bye!


That stupid dogggggg!!!!!

November 4th 2012 7:18 am
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Well this is meeee Phoebe and i have had a rough life sense this dog named Ollie has came to live at our house. He gets most of the attention i think my (OWN) mom Annie likes him more than me. Like Ollie is only 1 and im 9 so i think i should be the boss of him but he thinks he is the boss of ME !!! And he thinks this is his house and this is acually my house because i have lived there way much longer than he. He hasnt lived here for even a year and i have lived here sense i was a baby newborn kitten because my real mom the cat mom gave birth to me in a duckboat and i was meowing for like FOREVERRR!!! And finally they found me. Soooo that takes care of the wrap for today bye!!


Hey Guess What?

February 17th 2012 4:07 pm
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....Hey guess what there is this new thing i love to play with it is called undercover mouse and it is when this cover hides this little mouse rear end or a birds rear end and it turnes around in a circle it is so fun i will post a pic of me playen with it and this new laser thiney mabober uuhh yeah that is all i had to say well bye i guess!


Well Phoebe is still here

February 17th 2012 3:57 pm
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....Hi it's Phoebe and if you are furends with me and you have an account for catster then get your butt with freckles on it witch i do come on my catster page and read this diary right now and thank you kind cat furends for posting DIARY PICK OF THE DAY!! or DPOF!! i will have to thank you so much and well if you have alrety read my other diarys then you have read that i was WAS bad but now i am not i love to obey people because life for me is soo smooth now and tomorow i have school but i tell you i hate school i hate learning and they say i you get an education but not for me i say it's all about torcher for me because every stinken day i ether have to go to the office or ow all of my recess or even have detenchon and my mom doesn't care and this kid in my class her name is Gertie,Gert,Gertude she NEVER comes to school she never came to school 1 single time this year of 2011-2012 that is what i call having to have detenchon not just playing around but when i bet you 1,000 $$$$ that when Gert comes to school all that she gets is:(Ow sweet heart you don't do that ok?) that is all i bet you what she doeswelli have to go now see ya later syl!!peace chow! oo cat chow now sounds good well bye!


Noooooooo Phoebe!!!!!!!!!

December 4th 2011 7:07 am
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....I got in trouble already at 9:57am in the morning by eating breakfast so early so i got out my food and ate it while my mom was doing the laundry and my mom came up from the laundry room and said PHOEBE WHY DID YOU EAT YOUR BREAKFAST ALL READY!!!!!!????????
and i said i was hungry mom said you are soooo grounded soo never eat your breakfast so early with out your mom knowing. bye


poor Phoebe

December 3rd 2011 12:17 pm
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....meow welcome all cats this is my diary remember????????i have been real bad santa is still watching i think i will get coal oh nooooooooooooooooooooooo i don't want to get coal for christmas than i better straiten my self up. i need to clean my room well see ya next time bye...


Hurray For Phoebe!!!!!!

December 3rd 2011 11:27 am
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....Yessss i got my first half of a day without getting in trouble i am so happy remember when i said i am mad because i got a spanken well that is over with so i will be real careful now that i don't get in trouble ever again so i will tell you if i got in trouble or if i was being good so Santa will be sooooo darn proud of me!!!! do you think ????????? well today my mom was putting food away and i climbed in the fridgerator and i got yelled at by doing that and alot of other things i can't explain to you :)so i am sooo happy on the next chapter i will tell you what is going on kk bye!!!!!!!


Worse Than ever!!!!!!!!!

December 3rd 2011 9:36 am
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....I just got in thouble i got 2 spankens i am so so so so mad.So all you feline cats kittens out there reading this right now never get in trouble PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for me because just think the world would be easier,fun for us and all the people who are reading this right now be nise to cats aspecily kittens okay so all of you cats even humans the world will be easier ok cats aren't the only ones who are bad in the world santa is watching you .


Being bad

December 3rd 2011 9:29 am
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....I have no fear i am used to getting in trouble.Once I got grounded for 1 year because i did something i wasn't saposed to do .Here cats who get in trouble by your parents are some very sneaky tricks to get away from people 1.go under a christmas tree in the winter 2.go down to the basement and find a real good place to hide 3.if you have claws scratch or bite your parent 4.hiss ,meow, growl to scare people.Thats what i do!!!!!

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