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A Carolina Kitten in New York

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learning from my big brofur Ruffy-asking folks to consider- fostering organizations that rescue off the euth lists

August 14th 2012 8:34 am
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Hi everyone!

Ruffy got busy today, so he said 'CK, can you do me a favor?' And I said 'Sure, is it eat something?" And he said 'No, CK, it's more important.

Ruffy wanted me to talk to furs and their folks about something that will earn you much good karma.

It's to partner up with a local rescue and foster for them. You see, many organizations like anjelliclecats in NY and oh, so many in other states, rescue from kill shelters. The smaller rescues, like anjelliclecats, are run by volunteers, and the cats need to be in foster situations.

They pay for the kitties medical. In some cases, they will even help with food and litter.

So what do you do? You give the kitty a place to live, and to eat and sleep.

It need not be big or fancy. It is not permanent, though some become 'foster failures'.

Why foster?
1) It saves a life. When you contact anjellicats and tell them you want to 'pull' it is wonderuos, knowing the cat that would ahve been killed that morning is now getting saved, and will come to you, for you to say 'yes, you are safe. You are here. You will ahve a home. We will do this together'.
2) Your human will feel wonderful. You, as a cat, may be anxious at first, but please don't be. I remember the first time I met my sibs. It was just a little scary, but then they 'knew' I was their little brofur. And even if I had not stayed, they knew what it was like to come in from the cold.
3) In many states, there are few shelters and rescues are overwhelmed. You will be saving a life and what could be better?
4) You may have a playmate, or several! This is the coolest! I still miss Delilah.
5) Your human can also get to meet other cat people! Thats nice! Sometimes humans can volunteer with organizations at street fairs, at Petco's, at other events! It makes them feel good!

Below are some things people have asked and said to us about Fostering:

1)I have a small place, and it's messy. Does it matter?
No-if you have a small space, and love, what does it matter? Cats are small-we don't take up much room.
2) Do I have to seperate the foster from my other cats?
In the beginning, it's suggested, as in introducing any new animal. Some people keep their fosters seperate, some do not. Talk with the rescue you want to connect with.
3)I can't afford food or litter for another cat.
speak with the rescue. They may be able to provide it!!!
4) I'm afraid my resident cats won't take to the foster.
This could happen, but we are the most adaptable animals in the world...and we work out many things. It's usually the humans w ho get worried it won't.
5) What if the foster cat is sick or needs medication?
Talk with the resuce. Many coming from kill shelters get a little cold. I had a little cold when I came in. I got some medicine. And no one else got my cold....most of the time resident cats have better immune systems because they are secure in a home.
6) Will people have to come to my house to see the cat?
Again, speak with the rescue. The cat may get shown at different events. Most of the time the rescues screen people very carefully if you do show the animal. You might meet some really nice cat people-mom did!
7) Isn't their something wrong with cats that get left at shelters?
No. Things happen. Sadly, many poeple don't understand that a cat (or dog, or ferret, whatever) is forever. Sometimes people find cats, and don't know what to do, so bring them to the shelter. Some cats are turned in by people who are moving. Some cats are left there because people become allergic.
You get the idea. We are often blameless, just part of a society that doesn't take 'furever' as meaning Forever.

Will I really make a difference? There are so many.....

Mommy says that when she looks at me, and each of us, she realizes she couldn't save the world...but if each of us did something....

well, what would happen? :)

And by saving just is a start.

Everyone have a wonderful day! I am off to play and have a nap on the cat tree....


Anuder brodur from anodur muder? We might be getting a new- foster.

August 4th 2012 11:11 am
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This week has been up and down here. But the past two days...despite the heat and mommy closing the windows early and putting the cool air on, there may be some excitement!
You see, mommy is on an 'emergency standby' for a rescue. We can't offer much but a cage, but at least there is a cage instead of the kitty winding up being killed.
The past few days there has been a girl who adopted a siamese/maine coone mix from the local kill shelter. She meant well..he was on the to be destroyed list, and she was able to move and get him.

Well, she has a small dog, and a small apartment and the dog and cat aren't getting on.

Mom and some other cat and dawg pawrents are trying to work things out for her...but she's become very upset and worried and today she told the rescue she can't take any more. Mommy called her and told her that she could step in and help. After all, this kitty sounds 'placeable'. Mommy told me that means he will come to stay but not for long. His goat is to find a home that will be 'furever' but we will be the 'foster to furever' home. We will be allowed to love on him and be his friend. We can't get attatched because he has to go to a home that doesn't have so little room and so many cats.

Mommy was asked by a friend why she does this. She said because if she doesn't, who will? She wishes more folks would become foster to furever homes. She knows that there are peoples who have more room than us. But she knows everyone is different.

And I am looking forward to having a friend! That will be so much fun! You see-he's only a year and 2 months old! But he's BIG! He looks sort of like...well..kinda like...well if he comes, we'll put his picture up for you to see! He looks like a siamese thats big with a big raccoon tail!

It will be so much fun!

i'll have a playmate!


big pawprints to my hero Big Harry

June 30th 2012 7:56 am
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Dear Big Harry,
You know this week was my birthday?
You know Momma Panda 'dopted me on Catster?
I is so sorry you went to the Bridge yesterday. It give me the sads. I don't like the sads.
But Ruffy washed my ear. Held me down when he did it. Said 'you still not too big for me to do 'dis. You mind your manners. You a young mancat now.'
And he said 'Young mancat, no such thing as 'die'. that what they color stuff with. We just pass up and out of our bodies, but humans get uncertain cause they can't see it. We can. We KNOW.'

And I think about this. And I go 'mmmmmmm. K. Then you got to come back, Big Harry. Cause I misses you. And you didn't get no cake.

I saved you some.

And your brofurs. I hear you got a new little one. I hear he got a girl name.

Why? Is it like a 'boy named sue?

He cute...we seed his picture.

We know you will look out for him...and for me. Big Harry, could you please be my special angel?

I love you Big Harry.

luv and purrs
CK Angel Ryder Knowles


My birthday is coming up this month....I will be a year old.

June 9th 2012 6:25 pm
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Dah dah dah dah!
I will be a year old this month. It's hard to believe that I will be that old!
I don't feel it! I sure don't look it though mom and dad both said I have gotten big.
I am amazing. I play alot. I have brofurs. Momm thinks we're alot like the Tomcats bunch-life with the boys! :)
I still remember when I was found. I still like crackers! I love to play with my brothers and 'devil' my sisters. Mom and Dad get mad when I jump Bella and Natalie. Prinny can take it!

I'm doing well, all things considered. I'm healthy, happy, neutered and I have a glossy coat. I love watching birds and stuff from the window. I like playing and sleeping on the cat tree.

It's hard to believe I was once a kitten scrounging around under cats in South Carolina.

I remember, I think, that Mommy believes I have a 'guardian angel' who sent me.

I believe it.

Daddy says that he sure can't figure out how my name is CK Angel. He thinks it should be something

Isn't it funny that all around the same time there were several of us handsome tuxies who came to join our families?

I'm glad I know all you guys...

Please....don't anyone go off and leave me. I'm still learning stuff, you know?



Happy birthday Timmy Mint and Tommy Mint! On your cat- achieve-mint!!!!!

May 3rd 2012 7:43 am
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Short on prezzies, but wanted to say kudos to you and your dad on your birhtdays! You guys are my idols! I'm learning to be cool-and tomcatlike from you!
I wonder what you're doing for your birthdays...are you playing? Getting special treats? Playing some more?

Whatever it is, I'd like to come over and join in!

With purrs....
CK Angel Ryder Knowles


Where is the Invisible Cat? His weird harness is here? How- can I put it on, Mommy-it smells like another cat was in it?- What if

April 3rd 2012 9:32 am
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Hi Everyone! It's me, CK!
Well, yesterday Mommy took out this 'velope. It's a big Velope. It has sometihng in it. She takes out the Thing.
She puts the Thing down.
I come over and Sniff it. Mommy says 'CK, Aunt Jenny and Ingen and Novi sent you this." And I say "Ok!' with my big amazed eyes and go over and sniff it.
She says 'It's a Harness, CK. It's Novi's Harness he outgrew."
Now, I am sniffing it, and it


I am looking at the Thing. I back away. I tap it with a paw. It doesn't move, except when I make it move. But there is something about it that says THERE IS ANOTHER CAT HERE!
I paw at it again.
Then I stick my head in the 'Velope. My head is small. (Daddy says like my brain). I put my head in and sniff good. There is a funny smell like anther cat is in there, but I am not seeing the cat. There is a faint smell of another cat, but that cat migt have got outta the 'Velope. The other could still be here.
I walk around and sniff. I do not Smell the Other cat.
Mommy is making laughing noises. She says 'CK, Novi is in Washington, not here. It is just his harness for you to wear."
But I am looking for Novi. I don't know what a Novi is, but must be a big cat. Must be. But the Cat is in the Harness or the 'Velope. But I DON'T SEE HIM!!!!
And I am puzzled. I bat the envelope. I bat the Harness. I am not letting Mommy get it on me. I can't! BECAUSE THERE IS ANOTHER CAT IN IT-AND THAT MUST BE IT!!! HE'S INVISIBLE!
I leap up in the air and run into the cat tree hole.

I will wait. He will come out.

Smokie looks at me oddly. He gets up and goes over the the 'Velope. He sniffs it. Then he opens his mouth so he can smell it better.

He then gets up and jumps back in his chair and lookst at Mommy. Then he closes his eyes. He doesn't care.

I'm going to wait right here and they'll see when that Cat Shows Himself.

Til then, I'm not moving.


Where is Delilah? Why did she leave? Will she come back?

February 22nd 2012 9:14 am
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On Friday night some people came....two ladies! They said I was handsome and admired me. But they petted 'Lila and talked with mommy. And then Lila got put into her little soft carrying bag and the ladies took her out.
I watched her go.
I thought she would be back.
She isn't.
I don't know where she went. Sometimes I go into the bedroom and call to her. I say 'rrrrrt?' 'Rrrrrrt?' and she still doesn't come back.
I can still sniff her.
But she isn't there.
I jump on Natalie, but she fights and doesn't play.
Then I get upset and go and sit on the window ledge.

Yesterday Ruffy came in with me. He wouldn't play, but did sit next to me and purred and purred.

Mommy bought me two new catnip mice, and has played with me more. She told me that 'Lila isn't here, that she got 'dopted' and that I was 'dopted' and came here-and the ladies 'dopted' 'Lila and now she is living in another house with the two ladies. She said they will make Lila happy. But I am not happy. I miss having her to play with. She liked me.

I went to play with the BUB yesterday and she smacked me. She plays rough. She never lets me win.

Lila didn't play so rough. She and me we boxed and wrassled, but she liked me and let me win. She sometimes played with me with toys, and then we would play smacky paws through the little spaces in the carriers.

I miss Lila.

Mommy told me that she will get another foster kitty in soon for me to play with. But I miss my friend.

Why? Why did she have to go?


(CK's Mom, Debbie)
I feel so badly for CK. He comes into the bedroom and trills, calling for Delilah, who was adopted last Friday evening. We miss her, but have had one report so far that she's 'taken over' and her new family are loving her as they all learn about one another.

This was what we wanted, but we are worried about 'our little man' who has an apartment full of cats to entertain him but seems not to be able to be consoled. We feel so badly-he wants to engage Natalie, who can't stand him and who rejects him and fights with him, mistaking his play for fighting.

Princess does play with him, but she's a very self engaged kitty, and is as happy by herself as with him. They do play, but Delilah was the perfect cat, who really seemed to love CK...

Does anyone have any suggestions? We hope to take in another foster, and hope that he will learn that cats coming and going is an ok thing...but meanwhile, I feel so sorry. If we had the space, resources, we would have relocated to a larger place and kept Delilah, but we're glad that she's found people who really and truly love her.

But my poor little man!


Playing with my Foster Sis, and They realize I am- Misunderstood!

February 9th 2012 7:52 am
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Well, I am always so happy in the morning and at night when Mom and Dad come home! You know why?
Because after dinner or breakfast, I go to the bedroom door and let me in. I get to go in and play with Delilah for awhile.
Our favorite game is I sit in her cage (dad's taking it down, she doesn't use it any more) and she sits on top and we play 'smacky-grabby paws'. Or we play tag. It should be noted that the people sitting there on the bed or at the desk yell loudly if you run across them suddently when doing this!
I also like to stalk her, and sometimes jump on her. She doesn't like this so much, and sometimes will jump up and away from me.
Sometimes we just sit and look out the window together.
Mommy said she's glad we're getting along, and said it makes her feel sad when Lila gets adopted because I'll miss her. Mommy sighed and said that she wishes we could keep Lila, but she knows that it wouldn't be fair to any of us.
I don't worry about it. She's here now and we have such fun. Sometimes we run right in front of Natalie, or I'll sit near Natalie and she'll hiss and growl. I don't know why.
Daddy said this morning he came out and I was laying on the couch beside Bella. He said that I had reached out and was touching her with my paw, on her side. She was sleeping. Daddy said he wondered if when I jumped on her and annoyed her if I was trying to just engage her in play, and maybe I saw her as a 'cat mom figure'. I drool on my human mommy though, and cry for her to pick me up once in awhile....not too often, but especially early in the morning or at night. I like to just sit in her lap and have her tuck my head against her and have her scritch my ears and neck and kiss my head. Mommy said I'm very long now, and don't fit completley in her lap. But I still feel little at these times.
Well, I'm off for a nap, being I got to wait to play, and Princess is napping on the tree. Maybe I'll jump on her before I nap and see if I can get her spot up there!

Later everyone,
Your Dreamboat in Training-
CK Angel


Wow-I'm a Dream-boat In Training!

February 2nd 2012 7:32 am
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I am a Dream boat in Training! I am a Dreamboat in Training!!!!!

Now-should I tell people my Initials stand for Calvin Klein? What do you think?

I mean, this is pretty neat, eh? I got alot of good company, right?!

Now...I'm off to bite Smokieboos ear and wrestle Ruffy and let them know!

PS-I got to play with our foster, Lila, this morning! She plays like a girl!!!


Going and my chicken foot!

February 1st 2012 8:21 am
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Last night Daddy bought home some chicken feet. Not the chickens....just the feet. Mommy gave me one. I was the only fur who wanted one. The rest just sniffed or ignored it. Ruffy came over, sniffed, and then looked at mommy like 'where is the rest of it?"
But I grabbed my Chicken foot...I tossed it up, I toyed with it, I licked it, I carried it around in my mouth. I crouched over it and growled. Mommy asked Daddy 'whats he doing?" and Daddy said 'Is that him making that noise?' and Mommy said 'He's Growling!' They had never heard my growl before. Daddy said 'He thinks it's prey....he's defending his prey'.

Well, I batted the chicken foot around. I tossed it up and caught it. Then I chewed it. I gnawed on it for awhile...a good while.
Then I got tired, left it on the carpet, and went up to the top of the cat tree and went to sleep.
Mommy gave me another one this morning to 'keep me busy' but I wasn't much interested in it. I played with it and gnawed it for a bit, then was bored with it.

Mommy says there are more in the fridge, but I'd rather have the rest of the chicken, like Ruffy.

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