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Novi's Nudgings

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in Lock-up

January 17th 2012 3:52 pm
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Mama was goin frew her clothes an 'cidin what to keep an what to get donate. I's he'pin, cuz I LUFF he'pin. She go ina closet. I go ina closet. She go ina nuvver closet. I go ina nuvver closet. She open a drawer. I go ina drawer. See, I's he'pin. Anyfur, mama goed ina livin' room. She seed lil Bear & Ingen nappin but no ME. Mama thinkin I's s'eepin in Ingen's room. Af'er a while, she goed back ina bedroom an she hear me cryin. "Novi, where are you?" she sayed. I jus' cry an cry. Mama open alla closets an no Novi. Fin'ly she open a drawer an I pop out.

Mama feel bad fur me. She dinnit knows I's trap ina drawer. I telled her I's okay. I jus' glad I's free.

**NOTE from mama**

I'm so glad I found him. My sinuses are congested and my ears are blocked. I can hardly hear anything. I could just barely hear Novi, but I couldn't tell where the "meow" was coming from, that's why I was opening all the closets and drawers.


SNOW!! not my brofur, Snow

January 15th 2012 10:51 am
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OMC! Me & mama & lil Bear was out ona balcony an I seed 'is white co'd stuff comin frum a sky. I's a lil skeered at furs'. I nefur seed this b'fore. Mama telled me is SNOW. I's confoosed cuz is not Snow. He my brofur 'at live wif Tink. This SNOW is co'd an wet an white an comin from a sky.

Mama 'splained, Daddy name Snow fur a SNOW ou'side. She say Snow was all white an lil an sof' so daddy name him af'er SNOW. OH, I UNNERSTAN' now. So a co'd, white stuffs is SNOW but not Snow.

Anyfur, I gotsa touch it. Some of it efun falled on my head. I jus' shakes it off. SNOW is not skeery, jus' co'd.


Mama's home

January 8th 2012 8:35 pm
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Mama goed 'way fur long time (8 days). I dinnit unnerstan' what goin on. She gotted out a big box kinda thing an putted all her clothes in it. I look at it an clime in it. Ingen telled me it mean mama goin 'way. I ask "where mama goin?" Ingen don' knows. I ask "is we goin too?" Ingen sayed I HOPE NOT!

Nex' day mama ana box was gone. Me, Ingen & lil Bear stayed ina 'partment wif Lisa. Efur day I wunner where mama go. I ask Lisa alla times "where mama? Is mama comin back?" but Lisa don' unnerstand kitten speaks. I waited & waited. I clime on Lisa like I does on mama but it don' works so good. I likes to lay on mama chest an curl up unner her chin. Well, Lisa don' hasa big shelf like mama. I keeped fallin off.

Mama gots home yest'day. I's so happy to see her. I keeps sittin on mama lap so she don' goes 'way 'gain. I really missed my mama. I's s'eepin on mama lap & Ingen comed ofur an layed on mama lap too. Mama was so s'prised an' happy.

Mama sayed I gotted big while she's gone. No more baby harness fur me. I getsa wear a big boy harness now cuz I's sush a big boy. Me & lil Bear been runnin & playin all day. I efun smacky paws him but is jus' fur fun.

Lisa & mama says I's gettin a attitude. I hissed at mama one time an I smacky paw Lisa when she spray me (so's I stop scratchin a couch). Mama don' takes my stuff. She scruff me a lil bit an I calm down.

I's still a goo' boy mos'ly. I jus' gots more growin & learnin to do.


I not a DOGGY!

December 18th 2011 12:30 am
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Lisa say I's a doggy,not a kitty. See, mama take lil Bear ou'side alla times. His leash hang ona hook right by a door. I WAN'SA GO OU'SIDE WIF MAMA TOO!! Mama leafed wif lil Bear, 'gain an I was not happy. I smacky paw the hook an meow, meow, then did it 'gain. Lisa sayed "aw come here, Novi" an she pat her leg, so I goes ofur to her an meow, meow. Then I goed back to a hook an smacky paw it.

I dinnit gets to go ou'side so I waited fur mama & lil Bear by a door. Soon as mama open a door, I sneaked out. I dinnit goes far, an mama catched me. Hmmmmm, maybe one day mama take me ou'side wif my harness an leash.


Tuff day

December 15th 2011 12:42 am
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I haved kinda a bad day today. Furs' is my uncle Tigger birsday but he goed to a Rainbow Bridge (November 18) an my daddy missin him, LOTS. I don' like my daddy bein sad but I can' do nuthin fur him.

Mama step on me really hard. I hissed an cried. Mama cried an 'pologized. I know is a axiden' an I's not mad wif mama but it hurt. Then lil Bear an I's playin but he furgetted I's jus' a kitten. He gots kinda ruff wif me an I cried. Mama maked him stop playin but now I has no fun. Later, I was clim'in frum a table to mama's chair an I felled. I was so 'barrassed. I jump up an runned 'way.

I hope tomorrow is better.


I'm tellin!!!!

December 11th 2011 7:42 pm
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Is NOT FAIR!!! 2 big peeples 'gainst lil me. Our roommate, Lisa ho'ded me, an mama Jen cut my nails, ALL OF 'EM! I was good but what I s'posed to do?

I learn a new trick. Mama Jen ben' ofur to get sumpin an I jump on her back. Then mama Jen walk 'roun wif me--is GREAT FUN!! Mama laff at me but today she kinda yell. Tha's why I gotted my nails cut. I guess I's diggin my claws in her back. I dinnit mean to hurt mama J. Is a axident.

Mama putted my harness on me 'gain. I's clim'in ona balcony an she been tellin me DON'T but....Anyfur mama have to a'just it as big as it gets cuz I's grown so mush. Purty soon my harness gonna be too small fur me. Mama say when is too small, I getsa big boy harness ana collar.

Oh, we gotsa lil room an can has fire in it. I nefur seed this lil room b'fore. One time mama open a doors an I goes ina room. Mama make me come out an she puts wood ina room an put it on fire, then she close a doors but I can see a fire. I luff to watch a fire.


Mama Jen is mean.

December 8th 2011 6:58 pm
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DADDY! I wansa go back an live wif you an mama Panda. Mama Jen was mean to me. I works my lil paws to the bone he'pin wif a clothes an makin a beds an you know what she do? She got me all wet! She telled my "Novi, you stink". I doesn' stink-jus cuz I don' cleans unner my tail as good as Ingen. I'sa kitten. I gots stuff to do. I's busy.

Mama Jen, clean unner my tail b'fore--I dinnit likes 'at either. This time she gived me a whole baff. I struggle & squirm but I's jus'a kitten. I was skeered at furst but I kin'a gots used to it an it wasn' so bad. Then af'er, mama Jen wrap me ina big towel an I's warm & all snuggled up 'gains' her.

Nefur min', Daddy, I think I gonna stays here. I LUFF mama Jen an lil Bear is my bes' doggy furriend. Ingen is good too--sumtime she efun wressles wif me now. I was jus' mad cuz I don' like gettin a baff, but I's okay now.



November 18th 2011 9:36 pm
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Hey efurbody,

Mama Jen say I's gettin bigger & bigger alla times. I outgrowed my kitty harness. I can jump really far.

Me & Ingen is gettin 'long better. Sumtimes she efun cuddles wif me. I still like to chew on her neck & her leg to make her scream.

Me & lil Bear is buddies, 'cept he goed 'way one time. When he comed back home, he don' smells like lil Bear. He try to play wif me, like we a'ways plays, but I dinnit reco'nize him. I hiss an arch my back--"GO 'WAY, I DON'T KNOW YOU!" He hided unner a table an I was stalkin him. Af'er a while (an af'er he goed potty), I knowed is MY furriend, lil Bear.

Mama Jen gots mousies fur me to play wif. I LUFF A MOUSIES!!! Ingen don' plays wif 'em, so dey's all mine!

Oh, I learned a new word an I HATES IT!!! My new word is "DON'T". When mama say DON'T, I hasta stop doin what I wanna do. Like when we's ona balcony an I's thinkin 'bout climbin up Mama say "DON'T". If I climbs I goes ina 'pawtment, if I don' climbs I getsta stay ou'side.

**NOTE from mama Jen**

I tried saying NO, but it didn't work. I think it caused confusion because his name is NOvi. We were on the balcony and he was preparing to climb, again, and I was thinking "Don't even think about it." The beginning of "DON'T" in Novi-speak. :o)



October 27th 2011 12:08 pm
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Mama Jen taked me to a vet 'gain. Today I's gettin fixed. (I dinnit know I's broke). Anyfur, I am okay. I was on'y there fur few hours. I's home. I eated & poop a'ready an now I's bovverin Ingen 'gain. Mama gots lil Bear 'tached to her wif his leash so he don' chases me.

Mama haved lil Bear's crate all ready fur me. Gotsa sof' blankie ana lil litter box in it. Is a nice place to gets better, but I's a'ready better. I don' needs to sleep an gets better. (**Novi was "freaking out" in the cage and I was afraid he would hurt himself worse than if I let him out. He really hates being apart from everybody. I just have to keep a close eye on him.**)


Cat Tree

October 23rd 2011 10:25 am
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I, well me & Ingen, gotsa new cat tree. We haved a lil one b'fore but we leafed it when we moofed. Now we gotsa new bigger one. I LUFF IT!!

I he'ped Jen when she's puttin it all togevver. I show her what piece was nex' by sittin on it. Then when is in place I make sure Jen gots it good an tight by jumpin & clim'in on it. I'sa good lil he'per.

Jen putted it ina bedroom ina corner. I dinnit likes it there. Now, she moof efurthin 'round so is ina winnow. I luff clim'in on it an lookin out a winnow. Ingen like look out a winnow too. The tree have a rope I can chew on. Is a really nice cat tree.

Time to take a nap.

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