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Novi's Nudgings

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August 12th 2011 2:41 pm
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I may have a home!! If transport can be arranged, I will become Ingen's little brother! I think i'd like having a big sister!!


My last week here

September 6th 2011 3:57 pm
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Well daddy says this is my last week here. I'm going to miss my daddy, my sibs, mom, even Blizzard. This was where I learned everything I know. I'll miss it here. But I'll have a new mommy, and a new sisfur !! I will be leaving Saturday. I'll post one more b4 I go, and I will still be on Catster!!!
Mew Mew


A note from daddy

September 10th 2011 7:48 am
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Dearest Novi: Daddy's going to miss you terribly. But you know that. You are such a sweet little guy, with your longing eyes, and little mew. This house won't be the same with out you here. Snow, Spot, Forrest , Sweetie, and Momma Panda all wish you the best. Even Blizz kinda misses you, as do Tigger, Squeaker, Gypsy and unkie Kringle.
You be good for your new mommy, and your new big sis, Ingen.

And remember, Novi, daddy will always love you!

Novi is on his way to Michigan, now. Miss Jen picked him up this morning, so this will be my last entry for Npvi, as I am transferring his page to them.
thanks from Novi's daddy, John


My new home.

September 10th 2011 6:53 pm
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I gots to my new home late today. I's ina crate ALL day. I's a good boy-I peed ina lil litter box the lady maked fur me.
At furs' I cried an cried-"where's mama Panda? where's Kringle an my brofurs an sisfur. WHERE AM I GOING?" I's skeered. I got tired an sleeped fur a while. When I waked up, I ask "the lady" Where we goin'? She talk to me an then I goes to sleep 'gain.
It was a furry long ride.

Fin'ly I was ina house. My new sisfur Ingen & I nosied while I's still in my crate. The lady took me into a room an opened the crate door--I'S FREE!!! I can run & jump, & play & clim' & scratches. Is so nice to be free.

I has a cat tree with a lil room ona bottom, an' I clim's to the top an look out a winnow. I has toys to play wif. I been runnin, & playin since I got here.

Ingen comed ina room fur a lil while but I's skeered of her. I puff up really big an walk side ways. She seem furriendly but I doesn' knows her, yet. She 'cided to jus' watch me playin wif da lady.

So far I on'y seed this one room-is BIG, but I think there's more. Ingen goes out a door an I sees more but hasn't gots to 'splore it.

OMC there's a big white thing too--is NOT Blizzard. The lady say isa DOG! I nefur meeted a dog b'fore. I's really skeered of a dog. I on'y seed him cuz the lady put up a gate by a door so's I could see out (down the hallway), an' THERE HE WAS! I could clim' that gate easy, but 'cided not to, cuz of a dog. I think I will wait a while.

TO DAD & mama Panda & furmily: Right now I's ina winnow r'laxin fur a lil while. Is a nice place, I jus' gotsta get used to alla this new stuffs. The lady seem nice an' Ingen seem nice. I not sure 'bout the dog, but the lady say we can gets used to each other, SLOWLY. I miss efurbody but I's doin okay.


The lady was gettin kinda worried cuz I haven' eated since daddy's house. She dinnit wan' mama & daddy to fink she's bein bad to me. I'S EATIN! I am a GOOD BOY!

**from The lady**
I was getting worried because he hadn't eaten since yesterday. He is now eating and I am sooooo relieved. I guess there was just too much excitement and no interest in eating.


Day 2

September 11th 2011 2:42 pm
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Sush 'xcitements. I am bein a good boy. I meeted Ingen & the dog. Is all been good. I really likes the lady. Purrty soon I might start callin her Jen, like my big sisfur does.

I can wan'er round the whole house now. I on'y has to be in "lock down" when the lady is gone. Mos'ly I stays wif the lady. I goes where she goes. I gots soooo many toys to play wif ana lady plays wif me lotsa times.

The lady taked a nap an I gots to sleep wif her. I jus' snuggle right nex' to her.

I has to say lil Bear is okay, fur a dog. He don' bothers me er nussin. I's still lil unsure of him but he haven' done nussin to me. I still not sure 'bout Ingen. She jus' leaf me 'lone now. I hope I dinnit hurts her feelins when I puff up & hiss at her. Is all jus' so new an diff'ren an I misses my furmily. I hope she gonna like me 'gain.

I's real busy here. SO MUSH TO DO!!! I GOTTA GO PLAY NOW!!


I's confoosed

September 13th 2011 10:35 pm
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I been in my new home fur few days now. I gets to run & play all ofur da house. I has a big sisfur, Ingen, ana DOG, lil Bear (but to me he's BIG).

Well, today the lady was frowin lil Bear's ball ina house. Lil Bear LUFF playin ball. Well I watch fur a while den I chases a ball. When I gets to it I swats at it an lil Bear come get da ball an the lady frow it 'gain. I played fur long time wif lil Bear an his ball. Later, I's followin lil Bear aroun'. He seem to likes me. He dinnit gets mad when I's playin ball--he efun waited til I's done swattin at it b'fore he comed an getted it.

I's playin wif the lady ona bed. We's playin wif my string toy. Lil Bear's ona bed wif the lady an he jus' watches me playin. I's still lil nerfus 'round lil Bear but he been furry good wif me.

I try play wif Ingen but she jus' cry an run 'way. I run to her. I try to nuzzle wif her. I efun do noseys but she don' plays wif me. I really, REALLY wanna play wif her.

Now, dis why I's confoosed--I's playin wif a doggy ana kitty don' wan'sa play wif me. Is furry confoosin fur a lil kitten.



September 15th 2011 8:41 am
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I jus' seed my mama a DDP today. YAY FUR MAMA, PANDA!!! She a really good mama. I so purroud of her.

Luff you mama,



is jus' me, writin 'bout my day

September 17th 2011 7:21 am
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Hi Efurbody,

I been havin lotsa fun an 'justin to alla new stuffs. I's still lil confoosed cuz a doggy play wif me but not by big sisfur. Today a doggy was nosin me an knockin me down. I wasn' skeered. He don' hurts me er nuffin. I guess is jus a way doggies play.

The lady go ou'side wif Ingen ana doggy. Sumtime the lady take me ou'side but I can' plays. The lady, she ho'd me. One time, she's ho'din me an tryin to get a doggy come inside. He was barkin an I heared more doggies barkin. I gots skeered an scratch the lady. "LET ME INA HOUSE!" The lady feeled bad cuz I gots skeered.

I gots my nails cut an I's furry good. The lady ho'ded me an 'nuvver lady cutted 'em. I's watchin but dinnit gets upset.

I wantsa play wif Ingen so bad, but she jus' leaf alla times. I swat at her frew a curtain an' she gets mad an leafs. I jump on her an she scream at me an leaf. I run ofur to her an she run 'way. If I's quiet she come ofur an sniffy me. If I's not runnin, jumpin an bein crazy kitty, she stay nearby. We can r'lax ona big bed or by a basement stairs. We's not togevver but we's close by eash uvver. Maybe sumday we can plays togevver.

Oh the lady wan' me to ask efurone. She fink I's teefin. I's not a bitey kitty but I's gnawin on stuffs (like the lady's arms, legs & toes). The lady SCREAM an I stops chewin on her but she wanna make me feel better. Anyfur knows how to he'ps me feel better?


E-mail I sended my mama Panda.

September 18th 2011 9:42 am
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I writes my mama Panda & daddy John a'mos' efurday to tells 'em 'bout my day. I writed dis furs' fur mama but dinnit wanna furgets it so I puts it in my di'ry too.

Oh mama it was AWFUR! Furs' the lady put me ina lil carrier an Ingen ina big carrier. We goed ina truck an to a place. They's doggies an kitties wif dier peeples, waitin in line. Then the lady put my carrier ona table an open a door. Well, I walks right out an dey GRAB ME! "WHAT? WHY FUR YOU GRAB ME?" I's screamin.

This man look in my ears an say dey's dirty. He clean 'em an puts stuff in 'em. I DON' LIKES THIS! Then he make me cry-he taked my blood. Then I gots shot 2 times.

Af'er alla that-I's happy to go back in my carrier. Then is Ingen's turn. She on'y gots shot 2 times an hada drink sum yucky stuffs.

I hada take 2 tests--I passed FLV & FIV is NEGATIVE!!

Ofurall the man say I's healfy but I has to get my ears clean 'gain so's alla dirt (ear mites) goes 'way.

Is a tuff day a'ready. Not efun lunsh times an I's soooo s'eepy.


Names & updates

September 19th 2011 6:48 am
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Ok, I been here a long time now (1 week :o) an I 'cided I has to call the lady sumpin 'sides the lady. She a good lady an I likes to snuggles wif her an she play wif me an take care of me. I ask lil Bear what he call the lady. He say "that's MY mama". Hmmmm, I gotsa mama-mama Panda. I gotsa daddy too, an she not a daddy.
So, I ask Ingen. Ingen say she call her Jen. "Why you calls her Jen?" Ingen 'splained when she's finded ona porch anuvver kitty live here. Her name Baby an Baby 'dopted Ingen so she haved a mama. She 'cided to call the lady, Jen (is her name so is okay). I 'cided I's gonna call the lady, Jen too jus' like my big sisfur.

Thinkin 'bout names. I's wunnerin how I gots my name. Is not like my brofurs & sisfur at daddy house. Daddy say the lady, Jen name me. I ask Jen "Why you name me, Novi?" Jen telled me a story 'bout Michigan (is where I live right now). There's a area ona o'd map marked No.VI. When the peeples name that place is called NOVI. Jen a'ways likes that story. So, since I's mama Panda's nummer 6 baby, I's name Novi. I gotsa name ana story.

Me & Ingen plays a lil bit-we plays wif "da Bird". Is a really fun toy an we don' hasta be right on top of eash uvver to plays. I gets it an Ingen gets it. Sumtimes we bumps when we's boff tryin to get it. Ingen don' gets mad er leaf (she really gets into "da Bird), so is fun. We don' snuggles but she r'laxin more 'round me. I try not to skeer her by jumpin on her.

Now, me & lil Bear we's furriends. We plays togevver. We plays lil red dot. He nudge me wif his nose. We sniffies. I efun plays wif his ball. Jen roll a ball an I wraps myself 'round it an swat it a coupla times. Lil Bear wait till I's done playin wif da ball. When I's done he get it, take it to Jen an we does it all ofur 'gain. Lil Bear really LUFF playin wif da ball. We does dis fur long times.

I telled efurbody I gots shot yes'day. I's s'eepin ona chair an lil Bear comed ofur an nudge me wif his nose. He sniffy me. I telled him, "I's okay, jus' gots shot an wanna s'eep." Lil Bear 'member gettin shot. He unnerstan. He don' bovvers me-jus' checkin on me.

My brofur Snow, goed to his new home wif Tink . He don' gotsa doggy brofur like me, so I really hope he an Tink gets 'long good.

Now daddy on'y gotsta fin' homes fur Sweetie, Spot & Forest G. I hope alla my siblings gets great homes like me & Snow.

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