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The life of a service animal

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To Zeusie

February 2nd 2013 2:16 am
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I lay here tonight - hurting and having a hard time falling asleep. I look next to me and there you are! Curled up at my side, my faithful loyal companion.

Daddy jokes and says you are too much like dog. I can open my door (if you are not in here) and call you and you will stop WHATEVER you are doing and run in here. Normally tho you do follow me around the house

I know you are a special kitty. I know you know I don't feel well. You help me with my seizures. I love you Zeusie boy! You are the best kitty I've owned! Yes, I love my other babies. I miss those who have passed - but you.... You are super special.

How are you so smart! I have never seen a cat so smart before.

I just wanted to type how much I love you Zeusie-boy! Snuggles and Kisses to my boy


Mommy and I

January 31st 2013 5:20 pm
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were thinking today - when we get a bigger place we are going to talk about opening a Black Cat Rescue. Yes just for black cats b/c of how often black kitties are killed just because they are black! It is stupid!

(yes we will have other kitties - but mainly black and black/white)

People hurt animals for no reason! Mommy read a story today about a dog that got put in a shelter b/c the owner thought he was GAY! just b/c the darn male dog humped another male dog. There is a facebook page trying to save him! I hope he gets saved


SARA and my registration

January 24th 2013 7:04 pm
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in a couple weeks my mommy is gonna register me with SARA. Then I will be an official service animal. After a few weeks, when my paperwork comes in, if mommy goes back in the hospital, I will be allowed in and the hospital can't say ANYTHING! - She has also found me a vest on Esty she will be buying me so I can wear that when necessary.

Mommy is my precious and I need to take care of her. I'm gonna have to go to the vet soon - not to happy about that. Need my shots and I need my side checked. If you touch a certain spot, I don't like it so Mommy wants to make sure I'm ok. She said I'm young so if I am sick she wants to make sure I'm ok!

Mommy has not felt good these past couple days but she sees the tummy/liver doctor on Wednesday. Hopefully things are not getting worse!


MEOW Mommy is home!

January 15th 2013 5:39 pm
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Turns out Mommy is very sick and will stay sick for life! Besides her having seizures, and multifocal motor neuropathy, she has now been diagnosed with primary biliary cirrhosis stage 1. Basically her immune system is attacking her liver. (it's not b/c she drinks - mommy doesn't like to drink much)

My poor mommy

she posted on facebook and someone said "get rid of your black cat, they are bad luck!" stupid people


A note from the male human (as I am called)

January 10th 2013 1:49 pm
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Liz has been in this hospital since January 6th. She had a seizure and fell on the the floor. (Zeus was acting weird all day that day -but both of us figured it was because I was not feeling well. She should have gone to lay down) James (the 9 year old) called 911 as I was on the phone with them. She got discharged closed to midnight but had another seizure seizure in the waiting room and got admitted. They called me and I came home.

The night of her birthday her temp rose from normal to 103.8 and she vomited everywhere (and she was shivering badly) She had the rapid response team in her room as there was no reason for the temp spike Her temp went down in a few hours and has stayed down. Yet she has been unable to stomach food since. According to the GI docs today they are testing her for billiarycirrhosis - They are doing a liver biopsy (soon), and possibly an endoscopy and colonsocpy - she is not looking forward to these She cries for Zeus in her sleep. Zeus is miserable without her. I'm glad she's here esp if there is an issue with her liver. If she is going to have to be here much longer I am going to see what is going to see what it'll take to have Zeus in the room with her. Esp when she gets to her regular room (she's in a temp room right now)

If you wish to speak with her or send her anything she is a Celebration Health in Celebration Florida Loves n Purrs


Evil Adorable Black Kitty in my arms

January 3rd 2013 12:45 am
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whoa Zeus! - well Catster world, Zeus says hi! and left a message only cats can read


Wow, I get picked a lot for daily diary pick

December 28th 2012 10:30 pm
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I feel so special! Well, I guess being a service kitty has it's benefits! I love my human - she gave me turkey on Christmas - WITH GRAVY - granted the other animals got turkey too but I think I am the only one who got it with gravy. Mommy spoils me. She got me a feather toy for Christmas. It drives me CRAZY

But, I like the plastic thing from the litter container is better - but whatever makes mommy laugh is all worth it. If she laughs - she is not in pain.
One thing that does make mommy mad (tho I love doing it) is when she is playing with a thing called a 3DS is I love jumping on her chest when she is playing a game called Mario Kart 7. hehehe I make her lose the race cause she can't see thu me!

I'm such a stinker aren't I! But she loves me no matter what I do

OH do you know what else mommy gave me! She made a crab dip and I got some! YUMMY YUMMY - she called it Mr Krabs Dip - for the little human. I don't care what it is called. it was good! I want more - Well mommy needs me

Meow Meow!


No more cuddling with my blanket

December 20th 2012 12:01 pm
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Mommy is on her way home!! Daddy and James are on their way to pick me up and gonna bring me home!!!! I can't wait for your tons and tons of kisses and loveies!!!!!!!

I've missed you boy


You and my blanket

December 19th 2012 5:28 pm
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I miss you Zeusie Boy! When Daddy brought my blanket home (hospital made daddy take it home) you ATTACKED IT, snuggled it, rubbed it and he said he has never heard you purr so loud before! I'm scared to come home! LOL Ya miss me that much. He says you only get off the blanket to go potty and to eat/drink - and sometimes to visit Daddy in the living room.

Miss you my boy!


hey Zeusie Boy

December 16th 2012 8:51 pm
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I miss you!! I have not seen you since Friday morning! Daddy says you've been a little pain in the butt. I'm sorry your buddy Hades died without me there. He went to help welcome the soles from CT.

Take care of my boys til I get home - and STAY OUT OF THE LIQUEUR CABINET - i am not sure why you hide in there all the time

I heard your purr when I talked to you on the phone tonight - I promise I'll get you papered soon - so when I'm in here for a while you can join me!

It's almost midnight Zeusie, I'm getting sleepy. Hopefully I'll be done tomorrow!! and come home

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