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June 5, 2012

June 5th 2012 10:26 am
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BooBear...she's a sweet and special little cupcake! She's more like a dog than a cat and so happy all the time. She talks to me (only me!) and I wish I knew what she was saying, it sure sounds interesting! MOL
She's dear to my heart, reminds me in little ways of my precious Lil Bear, who always had a conversation only for me.

She loves going on the yacht with us, but I'm sure she would prefer we left her brofur behind on shore! DoodleBug is always buggin' her!


December 6 2011

December 6th 2011 6:11 am
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Meowmy sez I'm doing good! Purrrzzzz! I takes my medicine that keeps me calm every day 'n I try to make sure to use the litterbox, evenz ifs I'm vertical peeing. I only hadz onez accident since October. But now I jealous of DoodleBug, tho mewomy tries really hard to let me know how special I am!


October 7, 2011

October 7th 2011 11:35 am
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Ok so here's what mewomy is doing:
Crating me for 8 weeks
Feliway Plug ins
Feliway spray
calming collar
amitriptyline (1/4 pill 1x day)
LOTS of playtime LOTS of love and attention
Lots of play tiem with Doodle!

Meowmy sez thingz semms to be working whatever she meanzes by that. But she's been says GOOD GIRL whenz I goes in the litterbox, even if I'm spraying in the litterbox. Meowmy just doezn't wants me to spray any place elses. I'm still confusedz cuz I think spraying and peeing are the samez thingz. As longs as meowmy is happy.

Hopefully she will lets me out soons, all day longs! Rights now I canz only be out when meowmy gets homzes from work until she goeses to bed. As longs as I go in the litterbox. But everyone herez seemz nicer to me lately...all calm and stuffz. (???) Maybez its thoze funny things inthe wall adn all that stuffsus mewomy sprayses all over the house!

P.S. I LOVES playing with DOODLE, he's my bestest budz right now! I canz chew on himsez and he still playzes with me!



Owweey! The Vet Visit (9-8-11) September 9, 2011

September 9th 2011 7:30 am
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Owweey to em and to meowmy's wallet! She took me to the vet cuz I'm spraying. Vet poked adn prodded and THEN took me away from mewomy to EXTRACT a urine sampel and THEN i suffered thorugh the indignity of having my anal glands checked TOO!!! I was not happy about any of it.
Dr. Trevelloni foudn a little bit of blood and protein in my urine but she said that's probably because they extracted it. She's sending it out for further testing so meowmy can rule out a medical problem causing my spraying. But doc put me on clavamox to be sure. Meowmy will findo ut ina few says if it's anythign medicla. She hopes it is and it can be taken care of to stop the spraying. Otherwise meowmy will have her hands full tyring to break a sprayer in the house. She cannot seem to pinpoint any stressors but realizes that I am probably marking where Meiuxy marked over the years. Though almost all the carpet has been taken out there is still some in the bakc room, which I promptly sprayed this morning!
Meowmy is also using the calming collar, Feliway spray and plug ins, but I still sprayed there. Meowmy cleaned all teh other areas with hot water adn vinegar after using enzymatic stuff but missed the back room. Guess What??? I FOUND it! So meowmy will be cleaning again tonight.


Spraying the house OH MY!!! 9-7-11

September 7th 2011 1:30 pm
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BooBear is sprayignthe house and I suspect she ahs been doing this since I got her. SHe was spayed 8 weeks ago but before was crated for a proper introduction. WHat I thought was another cat peeing at the side of her crate was probably Boo spraying. Now she has run of the shouse she is spraying EVERYWHERE adn I PRAY this stops! I caught ehr int he act the other day. I've been using Feliway all aroudn the house (before I realised it was her) and I have a vet appoitnemnt tomorrow. Please, please, any suggestions in nipping this inthe bud. I've dealt with a purebred Bengal who intermittenly sprays (yes, he was fixed at 5 mos) and has done so for 14 years and I cannot have 2 ot hem doing it. She is not remarking most of his areas but ones of her own and I've cleaned them thoroughly (we have hardwood floors now so most of his markings are gone-even repainted the house.)ALL my cats are fixed by the time they are 5 months old.
ANy suggestions are welcome adn need some reassurance this can be stopped.

BooBear's Meowmy


Oh Brother! 9-1-11

September 1st 2011 12:10 pm
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I dunno...DoodleBug is OK. He tries to act all tough and he's kiek a poptart on my butt! He just won't lay off wehnever I try to play nice with him. He comes back for more no amtte rhow many times I try to suffopcate him by sitting on his head. Is he really that stupid? Or just that crazy???
Anyhow, meowmy won't let me relaly tear into him like I'd like to. She scolds me if I get too rough, but GEEZ!! His teeth and claws are like needles and he really digs them in, especially when he gets a running start!
In retalliation I licked the hair off one of his ears...MOL!


August 17.2011

August 17th 2011 12:00 pm
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Ok, so there's this new furball here named (ugh!) DoodleBug. ANd to say the least I LOATHE him. First off, he's a boy, then there's this issue of taking up meowmy's time, plus he's SO uncoordinated. I just can't stand it!

He jsut doesn't get it, I hiss and swat and growl and hiss and he keeps coming back for more! He wants to play and I want hi outta my hair! ANd outta my world.

Meowmy says I'm still the most special one, but I am beginning to think she says that to each and every one of us here...when the others aren't around.

I dunno...right now I hope he leaves.


Sunday 7-31-11

August 1st 2011 10:32 am
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I believe Lil Bear has provided proof that she is OK that BooBear has come to live with me, that I rescued her. I'm pretty sure she approved that another Siamese kitten would help my heart a little, knowing BooBear doesn't even resemble Lil Bear.
HOWEVER...when BooBear jumped up on the couch behind me Sunday evening (and I wasn't paying attention to which kitty it was...) I got the chills when I heard a little trill...the very same trill Lil Bear used to save just for me, only this was BooBear!!! Though BooBear doesn't resemble Lil Bear in looks (lynx-point vs. seal-point) she certainly is just as quiet as Lil Bear was and that trill...well I am POSITIVE it was Lil Bear through BooBear. I have grown to deeply love BooBear almost as much as my precious Lil Bear.
I still miss Lil Bear every single day, some days much more that others and I think the pain and sorrow will always be with me. BooBear has put that secret little smile back into my heart and we have bonded more than I thought we would or that I thought I could allow. Now there is the fear, the fear of losing BooBear too...


July 7-11 Lucky Day!

July 7th 2011 5:09 am
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Mrreoowww! I'm back and meowmy is takign good care of me! I'm sore but glad to be home and mewomy sez I'll be feelin' fine in no time!
Thanks to all who rooted me on to heal and get better.

Meowmy sez now we can settle back and deal with the day at a time. Honestly, they don't seem to bother me much but mewomy wants to be sure I get whatever medical attention I need to be 100%!!!



Update 7-6-11

July 6th 2011 5:13 am
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Well BooBear made it thru surgery ok, but we are still having ear issues. She came to me with ear mites and then that turned to a fungal ear infection, evenwith treatment. She's been to the vet 3 times in the 4 weeks I've had her, with meds and daily ear cleaning. Under anesthesia yesterday they cleaned her ears again but found a wax plug really deep and the vet didn't want to be too aggressive in getting it because she is so small and possibly damage to her ear drum. Sooooo she will go on treciderm again and 2x daily ear cleaning by me and be rechecked in a month. At that time she will be bigger and the vet can get the othoscope further in and see if there is a polyp behind the wax plug which will require surgery. We are keeping our fingers crossed. She so good and has never even scratched her ears or shaking her head to show discomfort. Will be picking her up today.

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