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A mysterious mystery

May 21st 2014 10:41 pm
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For my mum anyway.

On Tuesday she came home and she said, "Oh" and then "And how did they do that?"

She looked at us. Normally I love telling my mum stuff but sometimes it's more fun to watch her puzzled.

For our broken window is all fixed. She said the glazier was meant to phone her at work and she would come dashing back and let him in but there had been no phone call. Did the glazier knock on doors until he found the neighbours with keys? Did he drive up even though he knew mum wouldn't be here and Paul spotted the van? Was it paid for? The money mum put aside was still sitting in an envelope on the side.

We know of course and we are happy that we can once again sit on that window sill and watch people going by. Mum was out Tuesday night and last night but tonight she is going to try and get some answers - and pay somebody!


Josie the naughty tortie

May 20th 2014 10:36 pm
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There is a view shared by many in the feline community that when the sun gets out of bed in the morning so do the cats and so should the mums. Josie holds this view.

Dark-time a cat should be curled up in his or her own bed or nestled with their people but as soon as the light comes in the window it's time for action.

That's quite early at the moment.

This morning Josie was doing everything to get mum awake and joining in the fun - she mewed at her, she rubbed her head under mum's arm (I gather that's ticklish) and she bounced up and down mum's bed.

There's no denying it - when they took out Josie's teeth they seem to have found her naughty tortie switch and turned it on. In the last few months she's been much more vocal about what she wants. Mum sighs and says Josie used to be so good and Josie just laughs.

I did not manage to get a bird yesterday but it's a lovely sunny morning (I have some sympathy for Josie's enthusiasm to get started on the day) so I reckon I'll get one today.


Nearly got another bird

May 19th 2014 10:35 pm
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There I was, still and stealthy, poised to pounce when my mum got so excited at the prospect she ran past me waving her arms in the air and calling to the birdie.

Who flew away.

I have explained to my mum so many times this is not how you hunt but she forgets. No wonder she's never caught any herself.

And Josie wants to tell about her new game from the weekend. It's called Turning the Mattress. Cat sits on the mattress and the mum tilts it up while the cat clings on and sees just how steep they can take it. Which is fun in itself. Then the mum tries to put the mattress back again only the other way up calling "Move out of the way, this is heavy" and the cat chooses where is most in the way so they can watch the mum wrestle with the mattress.

We do love our games! It's raining this morning but I want to have another go at catching a bird so am going to risk soggy fur.


I am fabulous. Officially!

May 18th 2014 10:41 pm
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On Saturday I caught another bird which I was pretty pleased about. Mum made all those noises again and said I am a bad cat but I'm not. Then suddenly there I was, in my basket.

"We're off to the vet," said my mum. "But I feel very well, in perfect health, I need no vet," I complained. All the way.

When we got there mum put my basket next to that of a very splendid big black cat called Charlie so we could talk. Charlie is fifteen and still hasn't worked out how to open a basket from the inside so there may not be one which is bad news. Mum opened the little flap on my basket so Charlie's mum could pet me and that was nice. There was also a young ginger cat that was too nervous to talk much and a small dog that my mum petted - right in front of me. Traitor!

It was our turn fairly quickly. And the vet pronounced me fabulous! I knew that of course but it's always nice to get that official confirmation. My teeth are strong, my heart is beating as it should, I have gained a little weight since last year but am still in superb shape (all that bird chasing paid off!!) so all good. I had my shots and hopefully that's me all done with vets for another year.

The rest of the weekend was sunny and lovely and I was outdoors for nearly all of it. I didn't catch any more birds but I did enjoy the fact that now every time I come in mum rushes to greet me to see what I might have brought her. When I came in on Sunday evening I sat and looked at mum and could barely keep my eyes open which made mum laugh.

I think I'll take today a bit more quietly and catch up on my sleep.


Proof summer is here

May 15th 2014 10:30 pm
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Mum came home and Josie and I just wanted to go out in the sunshine. Mum opened the big doors and it was brilliant and - best of all - I caught a birdie. It wasn't as much fun as when I brought the alive one in last year but mum still made some pretty excited noises and Josie was skipping about all impressed.

I left it for them to enjoy and went to see if I could get another one. Sadly I could not but mum must have really liked the last one as there's no sign of it now.

Has anyone else been watching Tara the Wonder Cat on Youtube? Definitely worth watching if you haven't as this brave feline takes on a mean dog to save the little boy in her family. "Would you attack a dog to rescue me?" asked my mum (inevitably!)

I had a think. "How likely is this to happen?" I asked.

"Not very," replied my mum.

In which case - "Of course. I would be right there." Or maybe send Josie.

But all us cats are looking pretty good today thanks to Tara.


Foolish Josie

May 14th 2014 10:34 pm
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Yesterday was a lovely sunny evening and mum was home so I was out, out and about, having adventures and seeing what I could find. Josie stayed in, close to my mum, enjoying the occasional headrub.

The problem with that is come bedtime I was ready to curl up and re-live my adventuring in my dreams. Josie was ready to party. Mum was sitting up in bed trying to read her book and Josie was bounding all up and around over everywhere, on the bed, under the bed, behind the armchair then...piteous meow.

"I'm lost."

"Josie?" called my mum.


Mum sighed, put down her book and went and opened the wardrobe door where Josie had burrowed herself in a pile of boots and forgotten her way out. "Why are my cats so crazy?" I gave her a cold stare. Josie is undeniably odd but I'm not.

Josie had somehow forgotten backwards mode and seemed relieved to be back in the light and eventually we all settled down. Today is another lovely sunny one so I'm off out again. I love summertime!!


Give me attention now!!

May 13th 2014 10:41 pm
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I love Tuesdays as mum doesn't have any classes and we get to hang out together, especially a night like last night when it rained and thundered and was a perfect evening to sit next to my mum and have my tummy rubbed.

Trouble was - her heart wasn't in it. I was getting strokes but half her attention was on the TV. I wanted her undivided attention, the 100% focus us cats deserve. I walked across her lap, flipping my tail so she had to look at me. That sort of worked but then inspiration struck.

As I turned round for a second pass across her lap I "accidentally" stepped on the TV remote and turned the TV off. My mum's face was a picture - it took her a moment to realise just what had happened to her show.

It did work - she laughed and gave me all sorts of snuggles until I was ready to sleep (although she did sneakily switch it back on but I pretended not to notice.)

Sometimes my awesome cleverness amazes even me!!


Mum's water

May 12th 2014 10:42 pm
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Last week mum made the mistake of putting fresh water in her own glass but not ours but happily she had learnt her lesson and last night - fresh, tasty water for her and fresh tasty water for us.

Josie went and took a good, long drink from our glass.

"Is yours the same?" she then asked, sniffing mum's glass.

"It's exactly the same," said my mum firmly.

Josie tried to take a sip to compare. She pushed her head in the glass as far as it would go.

"I can't reach the water," she complained.

"That's deliberate," said mum, nudging our glass towards Josie. "They are identical. Here's yours, all convenient."

"I jsut want to test it," said Josie. In dipped the paw. She licked some. "Hm, not sure." Back went the paw. Another lick.

Mum looked at her in dismay. "Good cats don't dip their paws in other people's water. There's still time to send you back."

But I think all was forgiven. When I woke up this morning Josie and mum were sound asleep nestled under the duvet together all warm and snug. I can't relax under the duvet, I worry mum will roll on me but Josie likes to be that toasty-warm.


Burrito cat

May 11th 2014 10:34 pm
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Every Spring there comes a day when my mum says, "Spring is here!" and we have our bed moved. In the winter it sits right by a radiator so we can stay warm but once the radiators are off for the season our bed moves across to the window so we can sunbathe.

Our bed swaps with an armchair so mum threw everything off the floor onto the sofa so it would be out of the way and that is where Josie found our tunnel.

I can't remember seeing that cat quite so pleased with an arrangement - the cosiness of the sofa combined with the security of being in a tunnel. In she went and there she stayed. Mum muttered about the tunnel belonging on the floor but she let Josie be and Josie peeked out from her wrapping with a disctinctly smug look on her face.

The only problem is that the tunnel is lined with crinkle; it's funny when you're playing in it but every time Josie rolled over it sounded like someone unwrapping a chocolate bar.

It might be warmer but it was very wet still and I had to complain to my mum about that but she didn't stop the rain.


Mum kicked me

May 8th 2014 10:38 pm
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She is so mean. She said I ran in the doorway very fast as she was walking out and I ran into her foot but why would I do a crazy thing like that? I am a cat and we don't make mistakes!

I did not like to be kicked so I ran off before mum could do it again. She came after me saying, "I am so sorry" repeatedly and even tried to lure me with treats but no way was I giving that right foot another chance.

As soon as I could I slipped past her and outside. Time to find a new mum; maybe move in with one of my Catster friends where people don't kick their poor defenceless cats.

Off I set on my big adventure. Or at least I would have only it started raining so I ran home again. Mum was safely sitting down and she did seem genuinely contrite. Hm. Maybe this time I would forgive her. To be fair I can't remember her doing that before and she can't help being so clumsy so we are friends again.

I said she better not do it again and she said she felt so guilty she was pretty sure she won't.

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