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A happy, sunny weekend

July 27th 2014 10:36 pm
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It stayed all hot and sunny and I loved it. Although when I am snoozing and have my tummy toasting in the sunshine that is not an invitation for my mum to kiss my tummy as she seems to imagine.

I helped my mum in the garden - although one thing she did was weird. She crinkled egg shell and put it with the chilli plant. I'm pretty sure that's not how you grow eggs and so I told her.

"It's to discourage slugs. Dee told me to do it," she said.

"She was pulling your leg." A slug that cheerfully munches through a chilli pepper is hardly going to mind the odd bit of egg shell.

"I thought it worth a go. I don't want to use slug pellets in case a bird eats the slug and a cat eats the bird and gets poisoned."

"Eat a bird!? Opportunity would be a fine thing. Off you dash with them whenever I bring one near the flat."

"Kindly don't"

Actually I haven't been that succesful lately so I pretended it was out of consideration for my mum. It is cheating when the birds fly.


Mum should have knowed where I was

July 24th 2014 10:37 pm
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When my mum comes in the front door she calls out a cheery "Hello" so we know it's her and that's what she did yesterday. She is always extra cheery when she comes home from work.

Then I heard her say, "Hello Josie" as Josie went to greet her. Then a pause, then "Where's Toby?"

She looked in the sitting room but I wasn't there. She looked in the bedroom but I wasn't there. She looked in the kitchen but I didn't seem to be there either.

"Where is the boy?" I heard her mutter.

She must have knowed where I was, It was so obvious. I could hear cogs whirring and then, finally, "Oh!" and she found me.

Hot, sunny day - I wanted to be out, hunting. I didn't want to waste one single second inside, I was by our magic door, poised for mum to open it. She pulled the curtain back and saw me.

"Hello little one," she smiled.

"The door!" I reminded her. She opened it and I was gone in a flash.

"And good to see you too," I heard her say as I left.

I didn't really listen, oh sweet freedom!


Cats are great. Really.

July 23rd 2014 10:38 pm
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Yesterday mum was all grumpy on account of Josie waking her up and being too hot. Time for drastic action to make her smile again. It was hard but I did it - one bird, freshly caught, dropped at her feet.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Toby!!" she exclaimed. In delight I assume. She certainly vanished with it quick smart.

"Why do I have cats?" she asked. There are, of course, many excellent reasons she gets to have cats but I didn't like the way this was going. All day I pondered my plan. How to make sure she knows she loves us.

Bingo. I had it.

In the evening I waited until she was eating her supper and I went out and got in a fight. Big cat roars. Josie said it sort of worked. Mum put her tray on the floor and went running out.

"Where is he?" she asked, looking all round for the source of the yowls. She grabbed a chair and peered over the fence and looked down at Smudge.

"Is that you threatening my boy?" she asked but Smudge said firmly that no, it wasn't, so mum ran with her chair to the other fence and peered over. "Where is he?"

If she couldn't see me being all brave and heroic this wasn't really such a good plan. I leapt up on the fence so she would see my bushy fur and know I had been imperessive. She was gratifyingly pleased to see me and we went in.

The whole 'Cats are great and you love living with them' theme was then somewhat undermined by the fact Josie had seen the tray on the floor and was tucking in to mum's supper.

We need to work together on these things!!


Josie was naughty again

July 22nd 2014 10:43 pm
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Mum couldn't sleep last night. She rolled this way and that way, she squidged the pillows, she sighed, she put on pillow spray and cooling body spray and her fan, she muttered.

It was most inconsiderate, very hard for us cats to sleep through. Eventually, very eventually, there was sweet blissful silence.

"Is she asleep?" I called across to Josie from my chair.

Josie peered at mum's face. "Yes" she called back. Then there was a snigger. "Wasn't she funny?" Josie does a very good mum imitation. She rolled about on the mattress and she pawed at the pillows and she sighed and I laughed but then....

"What do you think you're doing?" came the voice.

Josie was so carried away with her own fun she didn't think her repsonse through but carried on thrashing her tail around and padding into the pillows. "I'm being you," she said.

"Do you know how long it took me to get to sleep?" asked my mum. Which was a foolish question as we knew exactly how long she had been keeping us awake for. Then mum sighed again, "You used to be so well-behaved." there was further argument about the desirability of a lively tortie amusing herself beside a tired human bean but exhaustion won the day and mum falled asleep, Josie curled up on mum's back and all was back to normal.

It's good entertainment for me when Josie unleashes her inner naughty tortie. Mum says it's sort of good that Josie must finally believe (after seven years) that this is her furever home however she behaves and partly bad as she did used to be so quiet and easy to live with. I say it's all good - except when Josie attacks me.


Quality cats deserve Quality food

July 21st 2014 10:38 pm
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Yesterday I was pootling about when I saw my mum with a large bag in one hand and my bowl in another. I immediately started demanding whatever was in the bag.

Mum laughed at me - "You don't even know what it is."

But I had a good feeling about it. A very good feeling.

I was right, natch!

Mum poured out the little biscuits and they were delicious. Josie heard me crunching and came trotting out for her share. Mum put some in Josie's bowl and she liked them as much as I did. So much so I had to go and finish hers off. Mum sighed and commented that I haven't stolen Josie's food in ages but this was so tasty it wasn't really stealing.

Happily it is a big bag so there's enough for both of us. Mum said not to get used to it though. It's an expensive one she wouldn't buy. Turns out Marie's cats had rejected it and she had asked mum if we might like to try it. I refuse to believe any cat spurned these biscuits by choice. I expect they wanted to give us a present.

Nothing is too good for me and Josie!!


Still hot and sleepy

July 20th 2014 10:45 pm
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This is just how hot I was.

I came in on Saturday and found Josie curled up on my bed. Normally I just give her a look and she runs off. I looked at her and she sighed, too sleepy to move. I mewed but she just lay there and you know, I decided I couldn't even be bothered to fight. I just lay down beside the bed instead.

Mum said, "Why can't you always be so nice?"

I am always so nice. Keeping Josie in her place and being boss cat keeps everything running smoothly in the household and that is nice.

Mum is getting bitten. I suggested she have evil smelling stuff on the back of her neck like Josie and I do. Mum always says that's to stop us getting bitten. Mum says it isn't fleas but mozzies that are biting her but I reckon she just doesn't want the bad smelling stuff.

When it's not too hot it's been stormy. I've even been getting used to the sky being rumbly as it's happened so much. I don't mind getting wet as the grass seeds stick extra well to wet fur. Mum let the hoover eat my last lot so I've needed to rebuild my collection.


My deep sleep

July 17th 2014 10:25 pm
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It was so hot again yesterday I couldn't wait for mum to come home and let me out. I decided the best place to wait would be the window sill so I would see her the very second she walked up the path and not waste a moment of outdoors time.

So I waited and I waited and I waited and I falled asleep.

Next thing I knew my mum was stroking me and telling me the back door was open. How did I miss that happening? I didn't even hear her come in let alone open doors. I skedaddled as fast as my paws would take me to the blessed fresh air.

"Hello to you too," said my mum, somewhat sarcastically. Well, she wasn't the one shut in all day.

The sky is grumbling this morning and there's rain and flashes of light. Of course I am not afraid of that at all but I'm staying in to make sure Josie and mum don't get too scared. The strangest thing about the rain is how hungry it's made us. Neither of us have had much appetite lately but we had double breakfast this morning.


Josie and mum fell out

July 16th 2014 10:52 pm
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Mum still insists on us all sleeping indoors at night even though it's so hot. So I curl up on my chair and dream of being a lion, prowling the African plains.

Josie and mum meanwhile have a problem. Josie wants to snuggle with mum. It never gets too hot for that cat. Mum is much less keen on the whole warm, furry, purry hot-water bottle right now. She kept prodding Josie - "You're too hot," she grumbled, "Go somewhere else" so when mum sat up to prevent the snuggling thing Josie did - mum's pillow.

Josie does love a pillow, all soft and luxurious. She settled herself down with a contented purr. They should make people-beds out of what they make the pillows with as they are very soft and squidgy but it's only people heads that fit on a pillow and mum's head was now looking quite grumpy with Josie.

"As if it wasn't hard enough to sleep right now," she muttered, "Where does my head go?"

Josie extended a paw to indicate that mum could have a corner that she had thoughtfully spared. So mum did and it seemed to work out Ok for them.


Feeling hot, hot hot!

July 15th 2014 10:52 pm
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OK - not as hot as some of my friends get but it's hot for us. So hot it melted Catster yesterday and we couldn't get on it.

It wasn't a day to stay indoors and while mum was at work I found I could make the door work so I was able to chase frogs and enjoy what breeze there was and have a marvellous day in the garden.

Josie says mum came home and was all "Where's my boy?" and looking for me but Josie was pretty sure I would be back when I was hungry - and I was.

When it's hot at night my mum can't sleep so she got her special sleepy time music with the lady who tells her to breath and to go to sleep. (I know!! Cats would never need such a thing, we remember to breath and sleep all by ourselves but my mum apparently needs reminding.)

Anyway it worked and soon my mum was sleeping happily...until the voice pounded out "Meditation Two" and woke us all up. They haven't thought that one through.

Then my mum was all grumpy this morning because her milk had gone off and she had lumpy tea. I'm glad we drink water.


Black Cats Rock!!

July 13th 2014 10:34 pm
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On Saturday mum went away and came back very much like one who had been petting other cats. She explained that she had been to meet Alfie.

Alfie is a handsome black cat like me but like Josie he was homeless for a while. Lucky for him he has found a furever home with one of my mum's friends which is called Marie. Marie already has a large tabby cat, Ricky, but after a while Ricky has accepted his new house-mate.

So there is a larger, older, established cat and a new, smaller, younger, black cat.

"Who's boss cat?" I asked. "I bet it's small black cat. Go on, it is small black cat isn't it?"

And it is indeed the small black cat who is in charge. Go Small Black Cats everywhere!! We Rock!!!

(Josie was just stomped off to her bed. She's just jealous! Mum's trying to say she loves us equally and there isn't a boss cat here but we all know that's not true.)

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