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We have warm

February 25th 2015 10:24 pm
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At last!

Josie and I celebrated by going outside. Well, we had to really as my mum celebrated with her Happy Dance.

She says no cats have ever been harmed while she dances but it is alarming to watch.

It was so delicious to wake up this morning and all be warm.

My mum is a creature of routine and Josie's best part of the routine lately has been when my mum gets dressed. She throws the dressing gown she's been wearing on to the bed and Josie immediately settles down on it - warm, soft, smelling of mum, it's a great place to sleep if you like that kind of thing. This always follows getting washed so from the minute my mum picks up her toothbrush Josie follows her around so as not to miss the moment.

I wonder if she'll need to do that now we have toasty radiators again.


Nearly there..

February 24th 2015 10:46 pm
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The man did come last night with the new fan in his hand for our boiler. There was some clanking and then a beautiful sound I haven't heard in ages, that floomph as the boiler came back to life.

"That sounds good," said my mum cheerfully.

I jumped down from the back of the armchair and went over to my bed. I couldn't wait to feel that gentle warmth toasting my tummy. But then..clunk, clunk, clunk

"That doesn't sound so good," said my mum, distinctly less cheerfully.

"I can't get it to stay lit," said the man. We need another new part. But he assured my mum he will be back with it today. I really hope he does.


Waking my mum with purrs

February 23rd 2015 10:53 pm
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Turns out my mum was right and despite a call to say he has the part we need we still didn't see the boiler man last night. It's OK when my mum is home and awake as we have heaters on but it gets pretty cold at night.

I woke up this morning with a definite chill in my fur. I thought my mum would be sad to be so cold. Now how to cheer her up? Hm. She says one of her favourite sounds in the world is my purr. That should do it.

I trotted over to where she was sleeping and cranked up my best rumble. She definitely woke up but she was doing that thing where she teases me and pretends she hasn't. I purred louder and gave her face a firm whacky paw. She needs to learn some manners.

"Toby," she muttered, I think in delight. "It's 5am."

"You're welcome. Time for plenty of purrs and snuggles before you start your day."

She wasn't as grateful as you might expect and I had to settle for some rather perfunctory headrubs before nestling down on her to sleep.

Apparently heating-fixy man said he will come today. We'll see!


What's missing?

February 22nd 2015 10:31 pm
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My mum was brushing me on Saturday evening. I love being brushed. I feel all warmedly and loved and my coat gets sleek and gorgeous and I was rumble-purrs with contentment.

"Something's missing," said my mum.

Me? Check. My mum? Check. Tummy? Full, check. Nope. Nothing missing.

"Where's Josie?"

"I don't know - keep brushing," I replied. Josie normally likes to hover, mostly on the blanket on the back of the sofa.

"It's cold and wet out there. I hope she's in," said my mum, anxiously.

Of course she would be in. Josie hates the cold.

"I'll just check," said my mum, abandoning me.

Josie was, as I had suspected, curled up in her own bed, under mum's bed. She was absolutely fine. It is still cold. A man did finally come to look at the boiler. He took a part out, said we need a new one and mum says hopefully that will come this week. Well, he said today but my mum doesn't have the faith in him she used to!


Still cold

February 19th 2015 10:48 pm
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Yesterday my mum came home from work early. Yey! Then she cleared out the cupboard where the boiler lives and we waited for the man to come and make us warm again. And we waited. And we waited.

"I'll cook my supper," said my mum, "when it's inconvenient he'll be here."

But supper was cooked, served and eaten and no man came.

Bed time came. "He's not coming, is he?" said my mum sadly. "I need cheering up, come and cuddle me, Cats."

Sometimes she gets us confused with dogs. Cuddles when we're ready and not one minute before. 5.30am in my case.

Maybe he'll come tonight. I really miss toasting my belly by the radiator and Josie misses her warm pipe.


We're still cold

February 18th 2015 10:37 pm
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Mum came home from work yesterday and went in the cupboard. She did some things and said, "Cross your fingers, Cats".

I looked at my paws. "Shall we just purr instead?"

"Anything," she replied. More noises and clunking but no warm. Then she was on her phone saying things like, "I don't see that button" and "Was that long enough?" and more clunking but still no warm.

We have a heater that is noisy but I am getting used to it. I even went behind it to see where the heat comes from. I still don't know as there isn't anything behind it.

Josie is glued to mum's lap whenever she can get it. I am keeping warm by exercising. Turns out I haven't grown out of climbing curtains after all. I love being me!


Josie is tired this morning

February 17th 2015 10:26 pm
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Mum was tired last night so we settled down and watched Aladdin which is about a handsome tiger called Rajah. Oh - mum says there were some people too. That's right. Rajah has a special friend called Jasmine. I don't remember much more.

Josie does. In fact she re-enacted the whole film last night while mum and I were trying to sleep. From getting my mum to lift up the duvet so she could be Aladdin going in the cave to all the rushing and whirling of being the Genie and pouncing on the bad guys, Josie was having a marvellous time. She reckons she'll need all day to sleep it off.

Mum looked at her darkly. No sleeping in the day for my mum. She'll have to choose something less exciting for Josie to watch this evening.


I'm here!

February 16th 2015 10:45 pm
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I had something very important to tell my mum yesterday morning. I found her looking out of the sitting room window, talking to Josie.

"Look at Toby, the mighty hunter," she was saying. "He missed. Good!" Which was rather mean but hang on a mo - how could they be looking at me?

I called her and she looked down.

"Crikey! You got in fast," she said. Then looked out again.

"That's not you. There's another black cat."

That's what I needed to tell her. We all stared at the black cat and he stared back before taking in the size of my well fluffed up tail and he retreated. Can you believe that cheeky cat was hunting in my favourite patch of the garden? He better not come back is all I can say.


Extreme measures

February 15th 2015 10:31 pm
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My mum missed Josie on her lap so has taken extreme measures to get her back. On Saturday there was the normal floomph to let us know the radiators would be warming up but warm up they did not. My mum went to vestigate, much muttering and pressing of buttons but no, the boiler doesn't work.

"We'll have to get the man who goes in the cupboard, complains about how inaccessible it all is and fixes it," I told my mum.

"We'll have to see," said my mum. For now we do have heaters but I don't like them as they are noisy. And Josie said she was cold so she nestled up on mum's lap. I think that was mum's ploy all along!

They settled down to watch a programme called, "Super Cute Furry Animals."

"Ahem!" She has me and Josie, why does she want to watch more other animals?

There were lots of different animals but they saved cats to last as they knew that's what everyone really wanted to see. Apparently we are masters of psychological manipulation. Just one of our many fine qualities.


Serves mum right

February 12th 2015 10:37 pm
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It's bad enough that my mum works all day but she often goes out in the evening too and we are neglected cats.

Last night she came home from work and said, "Yey! I'm not going anywhere tonight. I cannot wait to settle down on that sofa, Josie on my lap, all cosy."

I could see Josie thinking we would see about that.

My mum settled herself down. Josie wandered up and mum patted her legs encouragingly. Josie ignored her and went to sleep on the back of the sofa.

"Come here Poppet," pleaded my mum.

I saw a gleam in Josie's eyes as she went down, stood on mum's lap and then went back to where she had been.

Mum can't just ignore us and expect us to cosy up to us when it suits her.

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