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Some of My Favorite Cats

October 29th 2007 11:15 am
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I have been tagged a number of tims for this new meme. I choose 10 friends and say something about each of them. It was not easy to pick just ten so I mainly used cats I had gotten the meme from and some other good friends. To those I tagged, if you want to play, then please pick 10 friends and do the same. But if you don't wnat to play or have already done this meme, that's cool too. If you do play then send 10 friends a pmail or rosette to let them know you said something about them. Friends that I tagged:

Firegirl- beautiful, a little wild and my girl forever I hope
Tigmut'hep- very cool and smart, loves his food
Socks- so much fun and a lot like me
Isis- Tigs' pretty new sister and a nice friend
Milagrito- intelligent, interesting and handsome
Kitty Kazoo- funny, pretty and a favorite of ours
Kayleigh- another pretty girl and a very sweet friend
Bobbi Boi- new to Catster and me but seems to be very cute and nice
Oly- a very special kitty, creative and helpful
Maytag- a wild man but more calm now, cute as can be



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