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Friday Update

July 27th 2007 10:40 am
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It's been strange the last 18 hours or so. Last night I took a turn for the worse and got very sick again! I was back hiding in the closet, more bad diarrhea, not eating and very depressed. My mom thinks the shot wore off as the vet said 48 hours and the pain returned in my tail and that made the rest of me feel bad too. My mom put me in a spare bedroom for the night so I would stay calm and so she would know if I ate anything. She did not sleep well at all due to worrying. Then she got up this morning and opened my door and I leaped out. I ate very well overnight, had bright happy eyes and was on the move. :) She said it was like a miracle. She never expected to see me looking so good. I even tried to climb the bookcase and ran when I heard my mom coming to check out the noise I was making. So maybe this time I really am on the mend. I do still have a crook in my tail but otherwise feel pretty good. I do not have to go to the vet at this time as the less stress for me and Louis, the better right now. But I may have to go see about this tail before long. So please purr for me for today yet to be sure I stay fine through the night tonight. I really think that must be why I had such an improvement since last night- all the healing purrs you sent. You are all amazing. :) I can't thank you enough.



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