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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

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the bad news....back to the vet today...and the good news: I- am 'Goddessmother to Zeus, a new Kitty here!

July 29th 2012 5:21 am
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Well, Kit-tahs,
First, the bad news. I was very not myself last night. I have attacked Daddy a few times this morning, making angry/pain sounds. I am not myself...this is for sure.
It looks as though I will have to have anal gland surgery scheduled. Sigh.
Mommy and Daddy and I had been hoping to avoid this.
I am sure it won't be today, but I am getting bought over there. I don't want to go but I'm hissing if mommy even touches near my back.
There is nothing for it but to get it over with.

the good news...well, there is good news..I am the new Goddessmother of Big Harry's heavensent new little brother, Zeus. I don't even k now if he has a profile here, yet. But he's remarkably like Harry....and he's simply precious. He was rescued by Big Harry's mommy and Daddy, and Big Harry's human grandmother rescued a bobtailed kitty, too.

And I know that angels were at work here...word around Catster is that Angel Buddie was zipping around, making magick. We know thats what he does, becuase after all, he's an amazing fellow, and comes from a long line of magickal cats.

So, kit-tahs, I would ask for purrs. Mommy and Daddy are worried, I am usually fiesty, but not like this...and I have always loved my daddy. I was standing over him, smacking and yelling, and making growling noises. Mommy woke up and said that I have to be seen today....and so I guess I must.

Keep me in your purrs..

Harry...I could sure do with some heaven sent healing about now...

love to all,
Natalie the Natcat
Tiny face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs
Big Harry's Wallaby twin forever


Daddy's Girl and I love Milk.

July 25th 2012 7:35 am
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Hello Kit-tahs,
Thank you for all your well wishes and purrs. I am feeling much better. I had a lovely meal yesterday and rested. When Mommy got home she had some sponge cake and milk. I went over and put my little paws on her leg and stared at her. She gave me some of the cake...daddy had given it to me the day before I had to go to that Bad Vet place, and I loved it, so Mommy gave me a little as well. Mommy told me that I was a good girl, and then I stared at her and said 'Maaaah!!! Mahhhhh!!!!' loudly and put my paws on her lap. I pulled her cup to me with my little paw, curling it around her wrist, and stuck my head right in it and drank some milk! Mommy was like 'Natalie, did you want some milk?" Well, gee, Mom, what do you think?
Then I lay down beside her on the bed when she read and then she put out the light for us to go to sleep! But when Daddy came in I woke up and kept meowing to him, then curled right up against him in the circle of his arm, because after all, I am daddy's girl!

I am feeling better....but still after that very strange and dangerous thing they tell me is my tail.

Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby Legs
Big Harry's Wallaby Twin forever.


Home and resting...

July 23rd 2012 6:55 pm
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I am home. It was awful. It's over.
I'm going to forget it all and have a meal and a beauty nap.
There are no words for the many purrs you sent me.

I thank you all, and a special thank you to my angels.

Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs
Big Harrys Twin sister forever.


Update: Looks Like I am going to the vet on Monday to get- anal glands flushed out.

July 21st 2012 4:33 pm
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When Mommy went to the vet today with Bella....I did not go as I am eating and drinking and though I have hard poop, I am pooping....well, Rachel, the tech told Mommy what they are going to do.

Apparently, I'm to be 'sedated' and Dr. P is going to clean out my glands and then infuse them with an antibiotic solution. She does not want to have to do surgery yet, and this is to try and 'clean me out'.

Rachel said that the reason they don't want mommy and daddy to 'squeeze' out my glands ( :( ) is that my anal fluid is not like high quality motor oil, but 'really thick, pasty sludge'. She said this is not normal, and it certainly caused me discomfort when they squeezed, and the more squeezing, the more discomfort I have.

She didn't think the poltices would hurt, and thinks at the least, they would do no harm. Mommy asked if it was because of what I was eating....fancy feast and Rachel said that no, that was probably not it, it could be from so many things.

I threw up today quite a bit. It was a warm day and daddy had given me some beef fancy feast.

Tonight, Mommy put a big of ground up flax seed in my food. Mommy said that she remembered they did this for a kitty where she used to work. Mommy is always nervous about doing things like this....but the fiber that Ruffy sometimes takes with the psysillium doesn't seem to do too much for me, and while I eat the pumpkin when mixed in with food, it's not something I'm really liking and it doesn't seem to be making much difference.

I am now curled up beside my daddy and having a nap. As you all know, I love my daddy alot.

I would rather not have this thing done...but we don't know what else to do. I'm still attacking my tail, and Big Vet said it's because I associate the discomfort and pain with that end of me, and the tail is what I can reach.

Could I ask for purrs? Oh, Queen T, Alex, Tigger, and all my angel friends, and my Angel Twin, Big Harry...please purr for me, would you my friends?

A nervous Natalie the Natcat


back to the vet on Monday if not rear end is- not good

July 20th 2012 8:59 pm
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I was petulant last night and this morning. Mommy has been applying warm compresses to my backside to help out my anal glands. Well, today she noticed that I'm a little constipated....and that my anal glands looked a little red.
Mom is concered. She thought she saw a yellow discharge and called the vet right away. The vet said that she believes she'll have to 'flush out' the glands. She said I have to be put under for it, and that it would be done on Monday. However...if I appear to be in pain or very very uncomfortable or not eating (and I am eating!) then to bring me in tomorrow with Bella.
Mommy has been giving me 'better' food. Tonight she even tried the rehydrated Stella and Chewies. I nibbled. I also was given some Merricks thanksgiving dinner.

Daddy forgot to get me special food the other day and gave me fancy feast! I was so happy! I love fancy feast.

I'm a bit scared of all this...I don't want them to squeeze me out again!



July 15th 2012 2:41 pm
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Still not doing so well. Mommy called a store that specializes in feline natural nutrition and they told mommy several foods that would be good for me, so far she's tried one and mixed it with a bit of pumpkin and I won't eat it.
I've been testy. Want attention and then get cross.

the pain meds they gave me that mom gave me this morning made me drool for 15 minutes.

Mommy is not happy with things.

She's going to try another food for me in a little bit.


To boldy go where no one has gone before-except Dr. P last- week.

July 14th 2012 4:06 pm
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I got hauled back THERE again.
They took me in the back room.
They squeezed my butt.
The vet tech-not Rachel, another one, came out and told Mommy that she has to feed me something different, that Fancy Feast isn't 'great' food, and she doesn't suggest it. Mommy said she's been mixing it with fiber. She's said I eat the food, but don't like the sweet potato added, and she was going to try the pumpkin, but so far can't find it, so may have to cook some fresh pumpkin or squash and add it. The vet tech suggested I get better food.

Mommy felt bad. She felt that she wasn't doing the right thing by me. She was upset because she loves me very much, has tried me on better 'quality' foods that weren't too expensive and I didn't like them.

So mommy will ask anyone here who knows of a good food that mght help this from happening again. She said it was as t hough the vet tech blamed her for my anal glands being backed up.

Mommy doesn't like when this vet tech and little vet are on. She said neither really make her feel happy.

I got some fiber in my food and I'm not much eating it. Mommy said she's pgoing to put that harness on me and get me to walking around, even if she has to make me. The vet tech told her 'well, she needs more exercise' and Mommy was like 'well, trying to get a cat to do what a cat doesnt' want to do is like herding cats and this lady just stared at her.

Mommy was getting upset, and Daddy interceded. He's good at that, he can smooth people out but he said in his nice charming southern way that ours is a multi cat home with lots of loved and pampered cats that that they have done everything the can do so far for all of us.

I know mommy feels sometimes she just can't do enough-Smokie is next to have to go to the vet, and she's concerned as he's lost some weight.

But this tech said if I'm back there next week I'm going to be looking at possible SURGERY!

Please everyone-----I don't want to have surgery! Can anyone suggest things for Mommy to do?

Big Harry-listen Kangaroo, I am pulling in any favors...Queen T....Tigger,




Ouchies are back

July 12th 2012 7:46 am
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Well, Mommy touched my bottom this mroning and I wasa very very testy...after my tail. Mommy suspects it's my anal glands again. Mommy will put a warm compress on me this evening when she gets home.

I will probably have to go back to the vet. Mommy thinks she knows how to empty my glands but she needs to be shown's been a long time. And it hurts to be squeezed there, so this isn't something she can do alone, and I fought Rachel the tech.

Mommy read on a feline health website that warm compresses can help. I hope so, but I don't tihnk I'll like having something applied there...I nearly bit Mommy this morning, but missed.

I gave her a bite to let her know I wasn't feeling well earlier, and she told DAddy I was yelling at them again.

Mommy said that she read that it comes from cats being inactive and lazy...and she thinks that I'm going to have to get more exercise. She has been adding fiber to my diet...

She's going to probably get some more pumpkin today..I've had that in my food as well as the stuff Ruffy got that has psyllium in in with some stuff that makes you want to eat it.


Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby legs


uh oh...tail of trouble...

July 9th 2012 5:47 pm
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Pawrents are calling the vet. I went after my tail again this morning. :(.


OUCH! THAT HURT! Why are you squeezing that?

July 7th 2012 3:26 pm
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I'm resting now. It has been a trying day. I saw 'Big Vet'. She looked at me, listened to mommy's worries about me, and began to poke around at my back end. About this time Rachel, the tech I had til now liked, wrapped me in a thick towel.
All of a sudden Big Vet is pinching my back parts...Hard! And it hurt! I was screaming and yelling and then...bam...

She told Mommy and Daddy my anal glands were very impacted. This may account for the very dangerous tail.

Daddy almost cried. I was screaming and making noises he'd never heard me make before, but then, if someone was squeezing him there he'd scream too!

Big Vet said to watch me. She's not 100 per cent sure this will cure me of tail attacking, but it may account for it...I may have been trying to let people know I was all stuck and hurting.

So I am feeling better, resting. I'm still yelling at Daddy though! I mean, ouch!

Natalie the Natcat, Tiny Face, Tiny Paws, Wallaby Legs

Big Harrys Wallaby Twin forever.

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