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kingdom kitty

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I was looking hard for some.... (part 1 of my story)

October 25th 2011 10:23 pm
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Cat friendly people. Somehow I lost the family that must have truly loved me, and was wondering the streets on my own, I ate anything I could find or kill and some stuff that was bad for me and hide out if I saw people that seemed "bad". It was october 2008 and then I heard her say "come on out cat or don't, but I am not gonna chase you or beg you" So I poked my head out from under a parked car in the theather parking lot and said Mrreow? and the I heard her "well come here" I still wasn't sure cause I had made contact with some mean humans and she was not talking real nice to me. I finally eased my way over to her and she scratched me and cuddled me and picked me up and put me in her car. I got real friendly after that I head butted her and talked to her and pawpawed her. Then she talked into her little "black box" and then a another lady got in the car with us and she was so sweet and spoke real sweet to me so I head butted her too and purred loud and talked to both of them. They got me some food and water but I was to busy luvin them to eat oh my it was so good to have my own people again. Later the 2nd lady took me home.
I lived on the outside patio cause I was a "foster"


A kitty scratch house!

October 24th 2011 11:09 pm
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Urrrgh my pics did not show up very good and mom could not fix them, check out the new pics of boo and I we got a kitty scratch house! Mom found it, I never seen one before. When she brought it home I got on it and scratched it before she and dad even got the house on it and then I took the catnip bag before they even got it on the scratcher and MOL I crawled in the tiny box it came out of and only my tail was showing, and mom missed her photo opportunity on that one.
This is really cool cause w love boxes and we love the cardboard kitty scratching pads, well this is the best of both of thsoe worlds!!
It is so cool. Look at boos new pics you can see it better there.


guess what it is

October 23rd 2011 10:06 pm
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Hey tonight mom and dad came home from the store and they had a little something for all of us, and I checked it out before mom even got it out of packaging, yep I jumped up on the counter (mom hates that I usually get in trouble but not tonight) and started to work it before she even gave it to us. She just laughed and said "wait little boy" no I went to town on it.
You wanna know what it is? Ok just take a guess you will never guess. Mom never guessed I would be so excited over it, we got some others kinda like it but this one is a little different.
We will put up some pictures of it tomorrow with me checking out.
Come on take a guuess it is really so easy but I bet you will never guess it.


this is my time!

October 22nd 2011 7:50 pm
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That is what I told the Ivey cat and she backed down, moma always says that to us. That we just gotta let here know we are not scared (moma has never had that cat chase her) so tonight I was on the bed with mom and I was luvin on her sock case the smell of feet. leather (from her boots) and mom all mixed to together is kinda like cat nip for me....IDK.
The Ivey cat jumped up on the bed and gave the me the "get out of my sight look" and I gave it right back with a long low growl and big HISS and you know that cat laid down and looked a way!
Ok so the next night she chased me and I screamed and ran. I was once a street kitty but I been a spoiled house kitty for years now I do not like this stuff! But I gotta do what I gotta do, so if I must be a mean tux cat to her just to keep my mom time, then that is what I will do.
I been sleeping with mom the last few nights too, mom said she has missed me so I pawpaed her tummy like I did when I first came to live here and I purred like a kitten really loud and then slept there the whole night. I might be ready to take my place back in my home.
Night catster kitties


who is it!

September 7th 2011 11:17 pm
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That is what I said before I went crazy. It was a POSSUM! yea out there on MY patio. I went running from window to window and room to room then out the door to the enclosure and back inside (I made that pet door a swinging door) Yea ok so, mom knew something was up so she went out there to check it out, and tiny (a big baby cat) said "oh let met at him" yea MOL he tried to go out there. He is kinda a scardy cat....ok well he is braver with the ivey cat then I am now but really what did he think he was gonna do with that possum? To bad mom ran him off before I got a chance to get at him. My tail was really big and fluffy and my breathing was rapid and loud then I HISSED at mom. uhoh, it was a accident.
little boy out.
oh yea I did pop that Ivey cats tail tonight MOL and she hissed at me..."hey I live here you are the new comer" then she loved on mom and mom wants us to all get along. yada yada yada


DO NOT eat the frogs!

July 27th 2011 11:43 pm
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I had so much fun chasing that frog then I ate it then I threw it up. (sorry that was gross but I did) So dad told mom he had to clean up after me all day ( it was not that bad!) Mom ask if he was sure I was ok and dad said "yea I cleaned up the frog after he threw it up!" gross! but he had to let mom know I do not need to see the vet and she still worried until she saw me in cat. Dad told mom "for a Tux little boy is not real bright" really? did he need to say that? I know he still loves me cause he held me close to his heart and told me so.
I am all better now and ate good tonight thanks for listening!
BTW does any other kitty eat frogs? Do you know if there is something we can take to make our tummies feel better after we do that?
kingdom kitty out



July 15th 2011 10:27 pm
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Yep that is what I screamed at the stooooopid cat that strolled onto my patio like he/she owned it. Sorry mom said it is not a stooooid kitty, but let me tell you I did not like it. Sorry to you to River cause I know you are good to welcome the stray kitties there at your house, I just cannot seem to do it. Ok so after I screamed at that kitty, mom ran downstairs to check on ...get this IVEY, never mind little boy. Well Ivey is still safe in the safe room, and I took care of the kitty on the patio...yea your welcome. I woke dad up to and he came downstairs to see what happened, I told him "I got this" and you know what he told mom? "hey honey lock that door so they cannot get outside till tomorrow" yea so who knows what that cat did out there while I was locked inside. See daddy knows if I cannot get outside where the kitty is I do not stress so bad. Rescue remedy is great as long as I cannot see the stoo... oh um err the cat outside my patio door. Ivey is still safe here and I kinda like her (I only saw her inside her cage) but she GROWLED at me (?) I was being nice too...go figure.
kingdom kitty out.



June 30th 2011 11:16 pm
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Ok so see the other night when mom played with the kitties, I watched and then I grabbed, da bird! and it has a little string on it so I chewed it in half IDK I was just playing but mom noiticed it was also short not just chew apart and she could not find the missing peice, well tonight I found it and mom is hoping that is all of it and so am I! See I was in the box a little to long tonight and then RAN out and went flying through the house stopping to lick he are where I poop, you know under my tail. Finally I dropped "something" from under my tail and I jumped back from it and ran some more, then dropped another little "something" Mom picked up the first "something" and put itin a little sealed baggie IDK???
Mom here:
I found out 2 nights ago he likes to eat string, I am just hoping he has pooped it all out tonight, I could see it wheeeww! in the poopiee, he dropped. He is playing and eating well.


we never thought and thank you all

June 22nd 2011 8:20 pm
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We never thought we would ever see our family on the home page and now almost all of us cept for alley have been DOTD at some point! How very cool is that?
Thank you all my friends and HQ for making my day so wonderful, mom loves to open her email and see caster has chosen one of us or one of our dear friends as a DDP then she has to "focus" on work when really she wants to read and respond to all the comments photos, prizzies, and catmails we get all day. We just finished reading all my prizzie comments and mom posted my new pics. from work, I insisted she get them all up early.
When we first joined here we saw all the pretty kitties being honored and we didn't know anyone, we strolled around and read stories, made a few friends and talked in the forums. Some kitties had really pretty dressed up pics, and we never though we would have pretty pics like that, now look at us.....we have come a long way and we are so furry grateful to all of our friends. Mom still is kinda "slow" with our pages but with the help of our friends it doesn't show so much.
Thank you all hope you all know how good it feels for us to be part of the kitty community.
love "yall"
kingdom kitty out.


is that what spoiled is ?

June 21st 2011 10:09 pm
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Tonight when mom got home, moe ran to the french doors and ask mom to open the door. We love to go out there ever day the balcony overlooks the courtyard and the squirrels and birds play out there. Anyway so mom told moe "no moe it's to late" so I saundered over to the door and ask her to open it, she said the same thing. Well I thought she couldn't understand what I wanted so I s-t-e-r-t-e-c-h-e-d real tall and touched the door knob and looked up at her she still didn't get it, so then I grabbed the cord that hold the drapes closed and begin to pull the drapes open with my teeth. Yea so mom said ok little boy but just for a few minutes. and the she opened the door, and told moe go ahead just for a few minutes. Moe was just lookin at her like "are you kiddin me?"
So I wondered if that is what dad means when he tells mom she spoils me. MOL

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