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da tabbies of trout towne are so much fun we love them

January 19th 2012 10:16 pm
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The tabbies know how to make us smile all the time. Here is the pawmail I got for my birthday:

sendin best fishes, mice creem dishes N happy birthday wishes LB:)!!!! hope ewe haza pawsum awesum fun filled day, eat lots oh cake, hope ya get lots oh treets N toys N purrhaps a mew cat tree with a fullee stocked kitshun attached. !!!! Enjoy N heerz ta a bazillion mor. Happy day with love N hugs frum all oh us in trout towne !! XO
MOm read my pawmail to dad on the way to church on Sunday and he said "that sounds so creative like a guy writing but they make reference to their mom" weel duh dad of course some of the tabbies are dudes and some are girls, and they are all good writers. Then read what they did for me the day after my birthday:
LB...we hope yur birthday was still pawsum awesum and we just lurned de mewving vehickle with de tunie ship mint was dee layed but will be ina bout 5 minits....go open de door buddy :)

The tunie was so pawsome thanks for making my birthday fun.


My Birthday! My pawsome catster friends.

January 16th 2012 7:54 pm
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HI my dear friends, thanks so much for celebrating my birthday with me. I got lots of pics, pawmaills, cards, comments and pretty prizzzies on my page.
You know mom was not home to help me celebrate and she is struggling with some sadness, she went to bury Moma Ivey this week end. Us kitties are all doing well and even though mom is sad, we are all kinda glad there re only five of us again. I know mom is feeling better every day.
We really enjoyed hearing for some many of our friends to today, you all made me feel so important on my day! Moma is going to send out my thanks tonight.


IT's all about me.

January 14th 2012 8:53 pm
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Starting right now it is all about me for atleast the next 24 hours. I must have been the most beautiful kitten ever because I am the best looking tux kitty mom has ever had the pleasure of meeting. Like most kitties we know, my real birthday date is unknown by mom and of course I cannot remember what date it was. Did I get born in a home or on the streets? Did I have other siblings or was I an only kitten? Where there little people in my life before or only grown up people? Was my furmom or furdad also a tux kitty? Where did my gentle lovin nature come from, my furmom or furdad? NO one here really knows and even though it would be nice to know, we do not really care. What we know is I was born and I was a cat that someone loved before mom rescued me and it must have been a great and sad loss to my other family because I am such a great find to my now family. My mom found me asking for help in October of 08 and the Dr told her I was "about" 10 mths old so she made January 15th my birthday. The shoe string and booboo kitty are my favorite playthings, bird watching is a fun past time, dad holds me craddled in his arms like a lil human and I like it. On the bed with mom is my favorite place to sleep, hand fed kitty kat treats are better than the ones dropped on the floor. Nose rubbing is not my thing, head bonks are. Belly rubs are ok but when I say stop, then stop! My nails are mine and I will care for them, please do not remove them. Happy Birthday to me! I am really a very happy kitty


I am doing my part too

January 13th 2012 10:48 pm
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Yea what Moe said is true we want her to feel better. I am not into that Nose touching stuff too much but I am doing my part. I love to pawpaw and head bonk and I give some mancat head bonks. Dad said "he head bonks hard" well it is kinda like a big ole kitty cat hug.
so tonight I hear mom tell grandma on the phone that there was no cat with her and that Ivey would have been right on her feet except for when she came up to touch her nose.
So I made my way onto the bed to pawpaw her an give her some kitty luvin and then I slept right here on the pillow next to her head. I am always right there with her when she goes to sleep too and I paw her arm, back, neck, anywhere I think she needs a kitty massage I use my Little boy paws to help her feel better. She always needs kitty luvin.


Daily Double!

December 29th 2011 10:00 pm
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It was a daily double at our house today wow what a surprise for mom when she read emails from catster that callie and I were both DDP! Callie is still singing the double your pleasure (from the doublement commercial) Thanks for making our day so special and for our prizzies and comment, cards, email and our Photos, wow didn't Tundra, WeBeesSiamese, and Big Harry do such a great job on our photos? Mom is sending out personal thanks from Callie and I tonight.
It was such an honor to share the diary honors today with Riley, Cleo, and our new friend Dalton. Hey if you haven't been by to congratulate him I hope you will make it by he is kinda new and such a fine looking loveable kitten.


where did that turkey go

December 24th 2011 10:30 pm
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All morning the house smelled oh so good it was the smell of turkey cooking in the oven, then when it was done dad took it out and oooh be still my watering tongue he set aside a teeny itty bitty peace for me to taste and when it cooled of he let me eat it oooh it was soooo very good. I wanted more but not he wrapped it up in that shiny foil paper and placed it inside a traveling food bag WHAT! They left with the turkey and when they returned they did not have the turkey but they smelled like all kinds of food and turkey and also like other kitties ! Mom talked about her sisters house and her kitties and that she left what was left of the turkey there oh nono! She was sorry but she forgot to bring me some back, oh what does that mean to me? So she says she is eating again tomorrow and she will bring me some then and if she does I will be ooh soo forgiving and loving. I really liked that turkey.
Merry Christmas kitties jump in bed and cover your head santa paws is headed your wait with lots of fun toys and some love and good cheer. Hope you left him some nippy.


calming collar is this normal?

December 22nd 2011 10:50 pm
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Ok so mom got me this calming collar from petco it is the same kind that Ivey has been wearing she got it for me so I can calm down and it should help with my behavior issues (I have started marking the drapes with my urine again) it has been over two days and nights since I did any marking. Mom put the collar on Tuesday night and took it off Wednesday morning and it is back on tonight while she watches me. I was so totally freaked out the first night not calm at all, crawling on my belly and sitting hunched like a kitty that does not feel well, so mom took it off that morning. Tonight she put it back on and I just kinda zonked out like I really am stoned, well is that normal for a calming collar or did I just react to it odd? I still got it on tonight and will most likely have to wear it till morning and then we will see how I am doing. I know other kitties have used the collars is this normal? Ivey did not react like this she just acted the same only a tiny bit less agressive.


Merry Christmas and thanks

December 21st 2011 11:07 pm
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I hope every catster kitty has a very Merry Christmas and get lots of extra love, treats and goodies.
We look forward to our pawsents!
Several of our friends has stopped by with prizzies on our pages and we are so grateful, thank you, we got our allowance on the 22nd so we can make our Christmas deliveries on friday, mom said we can each give till our allowance runs out MOL this is our first Christmas as catster plus members with zealies to give out it will be fun for us.
My said her Christmas wish list to her family members included "stuff for the kitties" oh what fun wonder what we will get?

we are sending out many purrs for the homeless kitties mom has a a heart for them and wants to do so much more to help them but we do not have any more room here I am totally pressed for my mom, time as it is now.We are hoping MR Z is safe and on his way home even right now.


my first catster video!

December 3rd 2011 12:37 am
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Oh dear diary! I got a video it is my first one here ! nothing to exciting just bird watch with Moe kitty. We both love bird watching.
I hope it shows up mom put it up really late ( early in the a.m) and did not know it could take hours! ok almost 1 hr to post it.


no no NO!

November 29th 2011 8:18 pm
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Little Boy NO! that is what mom said as I ran real fast out the patio door when she opened it. Oh it was kinda fun for me but mom members MR D, Linus, and Z, oh she did not want me lost. So she opened and closed the garage door real fast to let the noise scare me but I know her tricks. SO I hide and she thought Oh NO he slipped out under the garage door!, hehhaa so she ran out with her heart pounding into the night to look for me then she came back through the gate and I was sploreing the patio sniffing things and stuff. She said LITTLE BOY! and I ran and scaled the fence and was headed over the patio, so she ran out the gate again and reached over the fence before I new it and then "scuffed me!" yea and I let her pick me up and hug me nad she murmered into my fur, Little Boy no honey you are an indoor only kitty I love you so much, baby it is not safe out side for you don't you member how it was? Yada, yada, yada, she thinks I cannot handle it so she is leaving a note for dad to "watch out" for little boy when he opens the door. Mom does hope I am not trying to leave cause of moma ivey cat, I still run from her but sometime I crouch down like I am going to chase her Like I do boo but I loose my nerve when she comes by...

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