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Precious's Prairie Prattle

Fall on the Ponderosa

September 28th 2012 5:14 pm
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OMC....September is almost over! Where Have I been hiding,
you ask???????? I missed my own birthday! How did that happen?
Pirate Day came and went, I was totally out of the loop! Jeez,
what is goin' on??????? As you can see I started working on this
in September and Today is October 2nd., by accident I
didn't miss Balloon Day. Enjoy the balloon popping at your house.
A favorite activity of mine....Then go out,enjoy the sunshine
and take a roll in the leaves. We have Tons of leaves falling now!

Now back to where I was in my verison of where I've been....
Well,I've been on the back burner,ever since Gpa and Gma planted
the vegetable garden....I still don't see the attraction for
them! Made lots more work around here and less lap time for me!
Besides, it's not like the garden was growing tasty shrimp
or grill chicken breast for me! EWH! They were growing vegetables!
An allergy to vegetables! They are yucky! Not passing this kitties

I did wander out there and play in the dirt a few times. I wanted
to see what Gma was doing that she spent so much time over there.
I found butterflies and insects to chase. Except for that, I was
pretty bored with all the hoeing,watering,picking and such.

Despite the drought,the dirty dozen of garden pests,fungus and
such..... The garden still produce enough to fill, 1 freezer
with frozen vegetables. The pickin',cleanin',blanchin',freezin'
and cannin' took way too much time! Now the root vegetables are
all harvested. Apples were brought to the house this past week.

If salsa,pasta sauce,relish cannin' weren't enough. She's been
makin' applesauce. Plannin' on dryin' apples,more sauce and some
freezin' apples for bakin'. Made apple bars today...They smelled
good as they baked. But they aren't shrimpies, so I'll pass!

I hate the garden! I have to stay in the sunroom when she is
working with food. I throw myself down in front of the stove or
kitchen sink. I DO NOT MOVE! I expect everyone to step around
me! GMA SAID, it is a train wreck waiting to happen! Both of
us will end up being scalded and burnt if she drops the canner!
So I lay in the sunshine on the loveseat and pout,while she
processes all this food!

Now as to the missed birthday:well, you know they had to make up
my birthday,since I wandered into their place a few years ago. The
Vet is only guessing at my age. I'm not tellin'!I prefer not
to celebrate birthdays..... I want to just stay 1 year ahead of
that crazy doxie, Mazy that I live with. This way, I'll always be
the oldest and I should be the BOSS!
However, I haven't convinced her, I am the Boss!!!!!!!!!

Everyday, that Gpa holds me in the rocking chair at night is
a party day for me!I don't play with toys so they need not buy
me any....More stuffies for Mazy,I guess? I just like lots of
massages,plenty to eat,assorted proteins from the table...but,
hold the veggies! Nice clean litter boxes,fluffy pillows,blankets
on chairs and my kitty treats....It's a Good life and I'm well
cared for and a little spoiled!What kitty isn't??? Just to keep
them on their toes, I change my likes of protein,almost daily!
I've been on a chicken breast thingy lately.
Last night they had fresh northern pike fillets and they caught the fish themselves.
I wasn't crazy about it! Mazy gobbled hers right up! I ate 2 bites
and strolled off,saying it wasn't my Alaskan Salmon!!!Gpa
said, she wasn't into our fish! Gma said, she's a CAT!
She changes her mind as often as you do! She's a fuss butt just like you!
I went in and laid in Gpa's rocker while the debated the pros and cons of kitty verses puppy.....
Remember he is Catman and she is the Puppygal......

Thank goodness Gma only has 1 crazy mini-doxie! Gpa is feeding
about 40 feral cats!He's says, there are not that many! Gma says,
oh yes there are! We used to go for their supplies every 2 wks.
Now we go almost every week!Gma even cooks beef for them. Says,
we'd better get both our deer licenses filled this year. We need
1 for their sausage,the steak for Mazy and me! The rest to freeze
and cook for the outside cats....
They are not as wild as Gma would like them to be!
They start sitting on the patio in the afternoon
waiting for the evening feeding.They continue to dig up
Gma's yard and flowerbeds. One of them took me, while I was
out and scratched my head and bit my ear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had another abscess but Gma found it.
It was treated right away...I didn't have to go to the Vet!

Right now, Gma is defrosting a roaster of soup bone beef meat for them.
She will roast it in the oven,trim it all up...
cut it, into bite size pieces. She did this a couple days ago...
She doing it again,SSSSSSSSSSoooo......................
They can wait until Friday to go for new kitty foods.
Friday is Gpa's birthday,so he can have seafood supper in the
capitol city.Grand daughter has a basketball game on Thursday,
they have to attend. Her season is almost over. Grandson's
basketball will start in November.

Gma and Gpa fished Saturday and Sunday with the grandson. They
had 12 pike to clean. They had a picnic lunch at the lake too.
Gma ran to granddaughter's basketball game. Should be storming
because Gpa/Gma played All Weekend and this Never happens! Gma
said, they are wearing themselves out,working 7 days a week.
They have to reduce their stress and play more....I'm signing
up for Gpa to take a Nap after lunch! So you know where I would
be,don't ya????????

Still have pasta sauce and more applesauce to make. Cleaning fish
left Gma's hands too sore to handle the canner and such. Will have
to wait a couple days for the ritis boys to settle down.....
She is waiting for the wind to blow more leaves out of the trees
before the raking starts. She has some help hired, to ease her load.
Gpa has the fence down around the garden,dug the soil up and
sprayed for pests. He working on corrals. Too dry to haul bales
right now. Big risk of fire! Still no rain.....He has hundreds
and hundreds of bales to stack,load and haul. His old machinery
can only bring in 16-18 per load. Today we picked up cottonwood
branches for a couple hours. I supervised Gma and Mazy was
busy yapping at kitties that were teasing her! It was in the 70's.
Tomorrow it turns cold for the rest of the week...Uck!

I hope this finds all my kitty pals doing great! Thank you for
the birthday wishes, the pirate flags and all the balloons...
How very sweet of you all to remember this old gal.
Sandpaper licks and many purrs,Precious
BTW-Mazy said, Howdy kitty pals!


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