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Tu Two's Princess Diaries

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My Day in my new Home

September 20th 2010 10:36 pm
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I am so blessed to have a wonderpurr angel sisfur QT Angel in Pink, she helped me & Mom meet each other yesterday. Mom felt she wasn't ready to get a kitty, but Angel Tallulah knew Mom needed help so she showed Mom me on TV yes that is right I am a TV star for pet adoptions...Mom knew immediately that Tallulah sent me to be on TV and sent Mom to the TV to see me...

and the rest is now history...we fell in love with each other after Mom asked Tallulah to help her pick one of us...there were 4 of us in the cage, my brofur and sisfurs...and she picked me...

As you know I am named after my Angel sisfur Tallulah to honor her cause she loved Mom and Mom loved her so much, it has been hard on Mom and Dad thought of the name to honor I have big paws to live up to or what...well I will have my work cut out for me...I will just have to do my best and just be me...Tu Two

I am just about 2 months old, I just had my surgery to be spayed so I am suppose to take it easy, with me being so small I have to stay in a big kitty cage in the dining room so I can see everyone and what is going on...Mom didn't want to put me in a room all alone.

I have lots of toys, a warm bed with a pretty purple fuzzy blanket to sleep on, a tent to hide in....Mom is working on switching my food to the holistic food my sisfur and brofur eat...and I got some can Wellness chicken can food last night and today...I sure love getting a little can food yummy...

I have a loud motor and it is always going purr purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...I am a happy girl and I now have a loving family and forever home...

Thank you all for giving me a warm welcome and asking me to be your friend. I am a happy kitty.

Tiny kitty kisses

Tu Two



September 22nd 2010 5:56 pm
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Tu Two here I have been in my forever home 4 days now and I am loving it.

I want to let you know that Tallulah my angel in pink sisfur and guardian told me all about catster and her wonderful and special friends. I have lots of her friends asking me to be their friends and you know I am so honored that you want to friends with me, I just hope I live up to my pink angel spirit, love and kindness...I will try very hard to not let her down.

Well as you know my sisfur has been sending white butterflies to Mom and there is no better way to honor my sisfur than having my very first background with white here is to you my sweet angel sisfur...We love you we sure do...and Mom will always love you and you are in her heart....

As I said I am loving my new home I will do another diary to let you know how much fun I am having and what I have been doing, but today we wanted to let you all know about my background to honor my sisfur as tomorrow it will be one month since she went to heaven...

Gotta go I have to eat and then give myself a bath...

Love and kitten kisses

Tu Two



October 2nd 2010 8:24 pm
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Oh my Mom calls me the crazy and wild kitty. I love being out and getting to explore everything, Mom says she needs eyes in the back of her head...I think that would be funny to see...I am into everything.

I even play with my doggie sisfur and brofur, but Mom has to watch them they can play too ruff with me, I am still too small to be able to protect myself. One of our friends told me I need to scratch their noses if they get too ruff, but I am too small of do anything to them...

I try to play with Zeke he is still trying to figure me out, not sure what to think of small I guess...we did play once, but then I pounced on Zeke and he went flying off he wasn't having anything to do with me...Mom says give it time Tu Two he will learn to play with you..right now you are too small, me small not so maybe in size but not in mind I think I am just as big as they all are.

I love playing in my red cube I have learned I can make it go around the room what fun I have making it roll...Mom puts my small toys inside and I play and play. I love the laser light I am learning to watch where it goes, sometimes I lose it, but then I find it...oh what fun I am having playing and exploring...I am so wild and crazy...

I love sitting on Moms lap when I need to rest and fall asleep. I have discovered the computer and I watch the cursor go all over the page, I try to catch it, but Mom tells me NO NO Tu Two...I have even stepped on the keyboard, Mom doesn't like that at all...I just want to have fun Mom I love watching the cursor move...oh and Mom has told me to look at my friends and families pages oh they are so pretty and I have seen all of my new friends pictures, me sure loves you all..

Oh and when I want to be fed I go crazy in my cage, Moms says be patient I don't even know what that means, I pace and climb my cage wanting out because I smell my food and want to eat, when I am done eating I want out, I mean I WANT OUT NOW MOM. I just love being out and getting to be CRAZY AND WILD!!!!



Tu Two


I Discovered the CaT Tree

October 4th 2010 9:21 pm
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Mom has been showing me this new thing to climb on and to hide in from the doggies. Tonight I surprised Mom and run over to the cat tree and went right up the post and into the hidie place...this was Tallulah's place, no one was allowed to touch her when she was was hard for Mom to let me learn to go on Tallulah's cat tree, but Mom says she approves, Tallulah wants me to play on the cat tree and have fun...

I was running all over the tree in and out of the holes, then Mia the stinky doggy that is small enough to come inside got on the chair and in she came wanting to play with me...Mom says no Mia get out let Tu Two play in there and get used to being up there...then the other stinky doggy Milo wanted in on the action so he was standing one of the landings and barking at me...boy he has a high pitched bark...they were being bad so Mom put them in the cages so I could continue to discover the cat tree and learn to do things on it and inside it...Mom says Tallulah loved her tree and was always in it and on I have to continue the tradition of us Tu's controlling the cat tree...well I am learning the ropes of this cat tree and I know my sisfur Tallulah is watching over me and helping me be safe in my new discovered cat tree.

Mom took pictures she will get them on my page hopefully tomorrow...having fun discovering the cat tree and many other fun things in my new forever home...Tallulah thank you for letting me play in this fun toy....

Tu Two


Mommy took me to Vet today to get my shot

October 5th 2010 5:39 pm
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This Morning I was wisked off to a little carrier with my fuzzy blanket and off to the Vet...they just love me there and all the Vet Techs want to hug me and give me kisses...

What I didn't know is I was there to get a shot...ohhh did the hurt, but I was so good!!!!

Mom has to take me with her to her clients house to walk 2 Westies this morning on the way to our house...she didn't want to have to back track, so into the doggies house I went, when I saw them I went to the back of my cage to hide...they didn't know I was there...

Mom told me Tu Two Mommy has to go walk Charlie and Dixie right now and i will be back to take you home...I was afraid being left there in a house I didn't know, but I knew Mommy would not leave me there for long and she told me we were going home soon...

She came back with the doggies and after making sure they had water and a treat she got me and we left..I was so happy to be in the car and going home.

I am now in my cage and I don't feel like myself, but I want my food, Mom told me that I have to be careful tonight and not play with the doggies and run all over. Yeah right, do you think I am going to listen if I feel better I will be out and be wild and crazy...thank goodness I will not be going to the Vet anytime soon and sure hope I don't have to go back to the doggies house.

Tu Two



October 6th 2010 7:54 pm
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I am feeling better, Mom gave me some natural medicine called Vaccine Relief and it sure helped...I slept a lot yesterday but now I am wild and crazy again. I am running all over the family room, I even got on the table Mom gets me and tells me NO NO Tu Two you do not get on the table...then I run up the cat tree and the doggies are trying to get me, they can't get inside because Mom tells Mia no and Milo is too fat to jump up on the back of the chair...

I was being crazy earlier and I climbed up Mom and I scratched her near her eye, she says it isn't bad, but she wasn't happy with me...

Oh I am having so much fun, so much to get into and so many things to climb on, in and around. I think I will love living here and love my Mom lots...and my fur family too, they are so fun to play with.

Well I gotta run, I have to be wild and crazy before I have to go to bed...that's me wild and crazy but sweet!

Tu Two


My First Honor on Catster

October 7th 2010 9:51 pm
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MOL and OMC!!!Can you believe this wild and Crazy little kitty is Diary of the Day and I have only been here for a short time...WOW I think my ANGEL SISFUR QT had something to do with this because she is watching out for me...

I have been jumping and running all over the place from being so happy and overjoyed because HQ thinks I should be honored...thank you HQ for choosing me today.

Mommy gave me kisses and showed me the home page, of course all I wanted to do it get down and be crazy...

Now that I have gotten the crazies out of me for a few minutes I wanted to dictate to Mom so she can tell all of my new friends thank you for making me feel so welcomed and loved here on catster, for sending me gifts and pretty pictures...WOW I feel so special...I think my ANGEL QT is watching over me and helping me be special! what do you think...I am trying to make her so proud of me.




October 18th 2010 4:09 pm
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My beautiful sisfur and guardian angel Tallulah will always be in our hearts, she is loved and remembered by so many....

We know she is sending us and some of our special friends butterflies from heaven. When you are out and about look for butterflies they are Tallulah sending you hugs and love from heaven, she is watching over all of us.

Tallulah was and is a special kitty that brought me and Mom together and we know she sends us butterflies all the time, every time Mom sees a butterflies she gets a happy smile on her face and tears in her eyes she knows Tallulah is there with her and she is always in our hearts...

So now I have Butterflies from heaven falling on my page, every time you visit my page remember my sweet sisfur Tallulah angel in pink and remember to tell someone about kitty breast cancer we hope we will educate pet parents, our biggest wish is to be able to save a kitties life and not have to go through what our Tallulah went through...





October 23rd 2010 5:42 pm
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WOW MOL I got a gift in the mail today all the way from England my special friend Alfie and his family sent to me...

You won't believe it it came 2 months since my angel sisfur went to the bridge, but most important it is pink and it is to help breast cancer in England...Alfie's Mom saw it and it reminded her of Tallulah....WOW I just love it, I have been having fun playing in it, now when I play in it Mom will think of Alfie, his family and our Tallulah...

On the package it has a drawing of an angel- it says that a portion of the many is donated to breast cancer campaign...the angel is the breast cancer campaign's ambassador. she helps remind all women how to be breast aware and know what is normal for them...

Mom says that our Tallulah and her friends Ava, Queen Mu and others that died or have breast cancer are all ambassadors for kittie breast cancer awareness we just want to help others and we hope we will help kitties and their parents be aware and informed..

Today Alfie and his family helped Mom be a little happy with their gift..they got our gift Tallulah's picture her story and the kitty breast cancer ribbon...

Our message for kitty breast cancer awareness is now all over the world, it is in Canada, England and soon will be in Australia, of course all over the US...can you believe it...

Well I gotta go have some more fun in my pretty pink tunnel, Mom took pictures of me and now she has to get them on my page....

Mom I am glad I was able to help you smile a little today on such a sad day for you. Remember I love you, I am so happy my angel sisfur brought us together and know I will help you get through your sadness and bring a smile everyday to you..


Love ya

Tu Two


Growing and having fun

November 1st 2010 5:07 pm
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Well my friends I am getting bigger and I am having fun!!!

I am learning to explore the house or should I say the areas I am able to go in. I can't go in the front because of mean Kandi, I got out there the other day and boy did I have run fast back into the kitchen so she wouldn't swat me, she almost got me, thank goodness Mom was right there...she is a swatter.

I have learned to climb up and down Tallulah's cat tree, I have so much fun running up and down in and out...I stand up looking up the wall, why I don't know I just do..

I love playing with Zeke, he makes so much noise when we play Dad thought I was hurting him, but believe me I wasn't. I play with Mia and Milo too, they are learning to be careful, but Mom tells them no no not both of you at the same time, one is at the front and the other is at the back end ganging up on me...not no bad dogs!!!!

Boy wait till I get a little bigger, they both better watch out cause here come Tu Two!!!!

I am climbing on everything and getting into things, the worse is I go behind the big TV I step on things and I turn the TV off, Dad gets mad and tells me no no Tu Two get out of there. I have to go back into my cage when I do that, cause Dad doesn't want me back there I have to learn.

I climb on Moms things too and I try to help her with her business while she is working, she lets me help and sometimes I fall asleep...

I love my new pink breast cancer tunnel my sweet friend Alfie from England sent to me, it reminded them of our does us too. I run in and out of it and hide from the doggies.

Today Mom came home and had a little bag of new cat toys for me, she gave me a big mousie oh what fun I had with it, I was able to do my back paws on it I played and played til I got tired while Mom was gone. I also got 2 ballies with bells in them, I love playing with them in my cage. Mom has to keep watch over my toys doggies eat my no doggies....

well I gotta go I have things to discover and climb up on..till next time I am having fun and growing...

Tu Two

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