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October 20th 2012 6:11 pm
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We are so happy!
We are a DDP!
Kitty prances,
And happy dances,
As we catabrate,
This fun-time date!

Pawppy & Meowmy went to the grocery store together, today. It was pawppy's first time doing something like that since befur his surgery. He felt good, and said it was like being let out of his cage...MOL!

We heard that meowmy was sorely tempted, when she read the local 'ad' from our rescue agency here...there were 2 brofur kitties, called Zig and Zag...they were both flamepoint meezers...meowmy was so tempted, she had to resist the urge to go and see them...OMC, we don't think we want any new furblings in here right now...MOL! We want meowmy & Pawppy to ourselves...well, that was a couple of days ago, so hopefurly some other loving furmily has discovered them! They sure were handsome dudes according to meowmy...

OK, that's 3 things we can yippee about, and yet another is that meowmy is all better from her past illness, and has gone back to her work.

Now we are all done with our yippees fur the day. Thanks so much fur all the comments, p-mails and prezzies. We will try to answer you all...sometime! MOL!


They All Said Wow!!

October 14th 2012 5:00 pm
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Yup, they sure did, and they also all said Praise the Lord!
Meowmy said we had to do guard duty this morning, and she helped pawppy get into the van, and off they went to church!
Pawppy walked into the sanctuary with his cane, and evfurryone turned to look...and smile at him & meowmy...
After the service he was 'mobbed'...meowmy giggled and said peeps you better not get too close, cause he has a weapon! MOL!

Then as is likely natural, a lot of peeps began to share their own similar health stories of woe...OMC!
Soon, pawppy & meowmy came back home. We sure were glad to see them, because it had been storming off and on since they left, and still is...thunderstorms and buckets of rain all day long! UGH! A while ago we would have been rejoicing at that amount of rain...sheesh, peeps are nevfur happy, MOL!

The peeps here are happy too, because the Tigers, those big orange cats from Detroit, have a 2 game lead in the current series...go Tigers!!

Well, that's all folks!

Just in case some of you are wondering, picture making meowmy tried to set up a new confuser with plugins, and she hasn't been having anything able to work...which was a major reason to get this new machine...ACK!
Pawppy the techie here, thinks it is something in the kimi site, not our confuser...sigh...well, its a good thing there still isn't a lot of time to make them, because of all the taxi service for pawppy...


The Sun Was Out & The Headache Stayed In The Closet

October 11th 2012 10:44 pm
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Meowmy took Pawppy to PT, today. Other than he is stiff, he seems to be doing furry well.Usually PT starts at 3 times a week, but they thought he would do fine with twice...that makes it easier fur meowmy to 'regulate'!

It was a bright sunny day, not too warm, and still furry windy, but much nicer with no rain.

Meowmy took her medicine early in the morning, and then realized that she hadn't needed it until the afternoon...progress!
She feels rather washed out, and fuzz-headed as she puts it, but the major headache hasn't come out of the closet today at all...yeah!

Those orange burds known as Orioles won their game tonight, so purrhaps the Tigers may be playing against them later, since they won their series tonight! Hooray! Go Tigers! Go Detroit Tigers!

We had fun keeping meowmy down on the bed during that game...at least she felt good enough to enjoy it!
Then we also had fun zooming over her, she was a bump we could jump over...or whjen that was done, Minko made bread on her, and Pipo just lay down close by...


Cabin Fever!

October 10th 2012 7:06 pm
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It was a grey, dreary, cold, windy drizzly day, here, today...just the right combination for feeling yucky and getting cabin fever!

Meowmy went to her MD today...sure enough, the EB Monster bit her again...sigh...so she got to tell the work place that she had a note for yet another week off, of course they were not too happy about that, but She didn't think they wanted her to be there as ill as she is...so we too will have her to snuggle with! Yeah!

Pawppy said he needed to go and try going into a restaurant...but we really think he wanted some time out of the house, he seems to be suffering from real cabin fever! MOL!
So we watched him get ready,and Minko tried to help by playing with the cane handle's loop...and Pipo was trying to put furs on the pants he wanted to wear.

Well soon enough they were gone!
And meowmy said they got to use the placard with a wheelchair on it, though pawppy doesn't even have one of those! Meowmy calls that placard the privileged parking ticket! MOL!

Eventually they came back, and we of course were ready to claim his lap back as ours...

Meowmy feels not too bad, if she keeps loaded up on the meds to control the fever...she alternates acetaminophen with ibuprofen...she also has special headache meds but they make her feel furry strange...


Pawppy Is Home - Meowmy Is Sick

October 9th 2012 11:00 am
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Pawppy is HOME!
He came home yesterday afternoon.
Doing so well, that they said he could even use the stairs to go to bed! Wow! And of course he did. But Meowmy told him that he needed to choose his clothes before going to bed, so she could take them downstairs with herself, so he would only need to negotiate those steps once a day...

Us furs swarmed him! Meowmy made sure he was sitting down before she let us get near him...
We gave him some of my patented kitty rubs and kneads, right on his lap! OMC, We were SO excited!
Later when pawppy was resting on the pull out couch, we kept him there, by lying on him, all spread out, we purred and kneaded and then we even got to hear him snore..MOL!
Today he won't let us on his lap, he said he needed to do some catching up on his own laptop...
So that chapter of hospital junk is now closed.

He starts outpatient therapy on the 11th.

Now we have another problem...all this stress has wreaked havoc on Meowmy's body, and the EB Monster she had in June, has returned with a vengeance, UGH!
Her head feels so awful, She can hardly function. Her teeth chatter every evening, that seems to be the time when her temp elevates. She can smash down the headache by alternating motrin and tylenol, but how long can a peep do that?
She tried to get into the doctor today, but they can't see her till tomorrow, since she thinks she knows what her trouble is, she doesn't think she needs to go to an urgent care, just to get a note to get off of work this weekend...won't they love her!? Its almost funny, except her head says, 'no it isn't'...

We hope you had an enjoyable time with the Thanksgiving gatherings, if you are Canadian furs.

Well, my catretary needs to rest her weary head again...and stew about all the chores not getting done, MOL!

Pawppy says hello! (He is almost not using his pain meds, wow!)

When meowmy feels better, maybe she can start making more comments, but as fur pictures, she still won't have a lot of time, because Pawppy is not allowed to drive and she has to be his taxi, etc...

We are glad that we can snoopervise all his progress fur ourselves now!


Steps, Strides and Smiles!

October 6th 2012 3:09 pm
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Yes, and grimaces too, like when the PT gal challenged pawppy to do some things he could do, but OMC, it was hard...
Pawppy did a lot of walking using a quad cane, graduating from constant use of the walker. He walked all the way around the whole building with that device. Then he grinned and said it would be great to use as a weapon(!) when we try to get under his feet...what?!!
He got into the bathtub, not to have a wash, but to try & see how that would go when he gets home.
He practiced some more stairs and did some strange exercises on a squishy sponge...to work on balance he was told...and to make some other muscles and tendons get stronger, too.

He had a big grin on his face when the PT said how awesome he was! We, of course, agree!
Then he got to finally sit down and get time to himself...to watch the football game: Go Blue!!


Hard Work

October 5th 2012 8:06 pm
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Pawppy is doing a lot of hard work...he walked up and down the corridors, did a lot of different exercises, and even got to work at using some stairs.

He might come home even before the scheduled Oct 10th date!
Yeah, Pawppy! Go, Pawppy!

Go Tigers, too!

Those red birds won a spot, and now we want to watch & see if the orange birds might have a chance...those baseball games are hard work, too! Its a tie right now...ooh, tense! Suspense!



October 4th 2012 8:39 pm
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Pawppy has a new home...temporarily, BOL!

He was discharged from the hospital and transferred to the rehab hospital for a few days.

He is getting stronger evfurry day...and more bored, too.

We can't wait for him to come home.

When Meowmy gets home we can smell pawppy on the laundry she brings in, but then we wonder where the man is that usually is inside those clothes...sigh...we shall go into zooming mode when he comes back! Oh, and we will be able to join him in his bed...hooray!


Productive Day - Update Fur October Third

October 3rd 2012 8:33 pm
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Here is the update on Pawppy for today:

Meowmy has been spending long hours at the hospital with Pawppy.
Today he was so much better already.
Making treks with the walker to the hallway, to the chair and to the potty...the place where he, Meowmy and the nurses all rejoiced in his production...MOL! (Those were his own words, we are not kidding!!)

Well, he agreed to go to the rehab hospital for a week or so to be more independently mobile and stronger. So tomorrow the plan is to be 're-homed' there.
Meowmy was glad with this, because she felt so scared to have him home so early, needing all that help. No one else here to help, it is daunting...he will have about 3 hours of therapy each day, and then upon discharge from there he will go to out patient PT 2 - 3 times a week for several weeks.
Meowmy will of course be his chauffeur or is it chaufesse?
She sure will be looking forward to the emergence of an 'new' Pawppy...thank the Lord that his level of pain is not that bad by now, and that he even told peeps that he can tell that the damaged hip is not there anymore to cause that kind of discomfort.

Patience will be learned by this, and more of the same for Meowmy!

We have noticed that that camera box is a lot less visible lately...so we don't think any new pics will be forthcoming...that does not make us sad at all, MOL!!

Well, Meowmy has to get ready fur another busy day tomorrow...nighty-night!


Update #3 Twentyfour Hours Post-Op

October 2nd 2012 2:33 pm
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Well, today is 24 hours post-op and counting.
The PT peeps came in early this morning and tried to get Pawppy up...well he sat up, that went OK, he stood up, about 30 seconds and his BP dropped under the floor; he went back in the bed.
Good thing those were strong men, and they had a transfer belt around him.
So, then a few hours later they were back. More of the same, and this time pawppy took about 5 - 6 steps with the walker into a chair.
He went in that recliner chair to an exercise class with others who also had joint replacements yesterday. Meowmy was there to learn what she has to do.

Later back in his room pawppy said he felt like he had just finished a full day's hard labor. He couldn't believe that yesterday he walked into the hospital unaided and now he can hardly even move his legs let alone walk...OMD The road is stretching out long befur him...uphill all the way. Good thing he is motivated.
Meowmy giggled a bit, and called him a wee weak kitten, she couldn't help it, but pawppy did have to agree, MOL!
Meowmy is trying to find out if there is anyone who can come to our den to see what still needs to be 'fixed' so he can come home...otherwise he may need to be at the rehab hospital for a week or so, till he is more mobile.

Meowmy moved a lot of fur-niture...and found half a ton of furry kittens under that stuff, MOL! Now we are having a ton of fun rediscovering the new layout! Once we came out of hiding from that naughty fur stealing machine...


Thanks for all the gifts, and comments and support.
Those balloons were a fun thing! Our page is going to float away, MOL!!

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