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Would You Like A Little Chrismas Greeting??

December 5th 2012 9:08 pm
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We are inviting any of you furs who would like a little Christmas greeting from us and our furmily to send us a P-mail with your address. We have s few, but we think we should update the list.

Its just a little photo-collage print...but we thought it would be fun to share them in the mail.

Today was St Nicholas Day!

Meowmy's pawrents used to enjoy that fun day when they lived in Europe...The Netherlands...but when they came to Canada, they dropped it, because it wasn't celebrated on this side of the pond...they would put a carrot in their wooden shoe for the St's horse, and if they had been good, they would get a gift...or some coal if they had not been good...kind of like our Santa Claus...but if you had been really bad you might get carried off in the St's helper's bag...oh-oh! MOL!
There would be a gift exchange, and special songs and treats.
Then when it was Dec 25th, everyone had a nice and quiet holy day, to reflect on what the true meaning of Christmas really is.
Sometimes we hear meowmy thinking out loud that she thinks we would do well here, to return to such a time as those days...

Well...Happy St Nicholas Day...and soon: A Blessed Christmas to all!


Stop Coming, But Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

November 20th 2012 7:36 pm
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Stop coming! You do not need to be here twice a year anymore.
You are well!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Those were the blessed, sought after words that meowmy heard today from her oncologist...Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving indeed!
It has ben a little over five years since she finished her chemo treatments, and all remains well! It is now 6 1/2 years since she was diagnosed, so she is truly ready to lessen her visiting obligations, MOL!
Its just a wee bit scary to be 'set free'...but if she felt anything wasn't right they will see her in a heartbeat, thankfurly.
'Praise the Lord and give thanks, for He is good and His mercy is everlasting!'
Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

Meowmy and pawppy were gone almost all day, so now tomorrow she will be busy doing all those things that peeps do to get ready for the big feast that is Thanksgiving...and we hope to scrounge a tidbit or two...MOL!

Then later in the day our unfurbros should be arriving for the long weekend. Busy!! More laps to keep warm,and more chin scritches, too!
After the big din-din on Thanksgiving, meowmy has to go to work...for four evenings in a row...sigh...well, she doesn't mind too much...she will let the menfolk here clean evfurrything up, MOL! (We hope she didn't include us in that menfolk idea, though we might help with the cleaning of those plates, we are good lickers and washers afterall, MOL!)
And they can serve her a cup of hot tea or yummy cider when she gets home ...
So...if you do not hear any mews from us, well, now you will know why!

We wish all of our furry pals and their furmilies a safe, blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

Purrs & Gobbles!


Squeaking With Stinky Logs

November 17th 2012 8:20 pm
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That's right kitties, Stinky logs!

Meowmy was in the kitchen this morning making breakfast, when she heard a squeaky sound, over and over again...
She nevfur heard that befur, so she had to come and investigate...

Um...Minko was half in/half out of the kitty box...and he was making those squeaky noises.

Pipo as usual had made a stinky log...but...this one was not inside the box, it was lying on the box door, which somehow had come off its hinges...Minko was trying to cover it up, or purrhaps trying to get it back into the box, MOL! Hence the squeaking sounds, Minko's paw pads were squeaking on that hard plastic door...Minko wasn't amewsed when meowmy started to giggle at this latest Newmie tail of poopy junk...a squeaky log, MOL, MOL!!

Neither one of us have explained to meowmy why it was outside the box...but we can tell you all, that it didn't stay out there fur long after meowmy realized just what all the squeaking was about!


Company, Hrumphh!!

November 13th 2012 7:34 pm
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With the excuse of paying a visit on account of meowmy having a birthday, today, her sister came by...now in the past she has taken her little black furball dog-guy with her...so when she came through the door, we went as fast as we could to the other end of our den and HID. She didn't know we were even around, MOL!

Well our dog-guy told us that there was no LBD with her, so we were safe on that count. All we needed to worry abut was the fact that there was a stranger withing the sacred walls of OUR den. Hrumph!

At some point, I, Pipo got brave and decided to find out if purrhaps she came in peace, or with cat nip fur us...well she stuck out her hand, and wanted to scratch my chin...um...no thank you!
She would have to wait until I decided to make contact, MOL!
And I have to admit that eventually I did...cause she did those love blink things...hey, who told a dog-lady to do that?!

Minko only got brave when it was time to get the sleeping arrangemants in order, MOL! Beds and soft pawlaces are his spawsialty! He could not resist...but then...when meowmy and her sister decided that they wanted to retire fur the night, we were lured into pawppy's office, where there is always the extra litter box, food and water...and of all the nerve, we got locked in there! Sheesh! There was not going to be any chance of us sleeping with a peep, even if it was a stranger...and no cozy spots, well, meowmy did bring our kitty bed(s) in there...

In the morning, today, we meowed Happy Birthday to meowmy...and listened to her sniffling, coughing and snorting...she says some one gave her an unwanted gift of a cold...what a bummer!
Well, she is still off her work for another day off, so with rest she should be fine...she hopes!

We helped Auntie and meowmy clean up the bed...by getting on it and putting loads of fur on the mattress, MOL!
Somehow they were not letting us get into the rolled up sleeping bag, my, that would have been super warm, soft and FUN!

And now its all quiet here again, the company is gone, and we are in our normal spots...


Finally!! A Belated Thank you!

November 5th 2012 10:08 am
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Hi kitties!
Finally meowmy was able to get her pics into a slide show...the pics she made of our new bed/mat from River & Simone. This was our prize from winning the contest they had where we had to name all the kitties.
We love this new bed and cuddle up on it a lot!
Thanks so much River and Simone for sending this neato prize to us!
There were also some great nip toys included. Pipo found those the best!
Well, so did Minko, but he moved so fast that all of the pics of him with the nip toys are just a blur...MOL!

Here is a link to the slide show...it would not work to post it directly into our diary...sigh...
Slide show for our new bed, the prize from River & Simone's quiz-game.

Have fun!

Once again, thanks River & Simone!(Sorry we took so long...)


Disastrous Imprints...

October 29th 2012 6:01 pm
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Pawppy is furry angry tonight...
And so is Meowmy, actually. And upset.

Early this morning the swarm of workers returned here to be busy like beavers all day long...patio, 2 sidewalks and the driveway were on the agenda.(Two other sidewalks, two sets of stairs and a lot of prep work already having been done.)
We seem to be getting used to all this, and Pipo goes to the window to watch, MOL!

They spent hours of labor and hard work here over the past week or so, had just left after completing the final pour and smoothing out of the driveway. It looked wonderful. Dog-guy had to stay on a leash, because the gates were open, and the concrete was still soft and wet.

Pawppy got into his car and was getting it out of the yard and onto the outside part of our yard that isn't fenced, because it is county property...his car had been in the yard since his surgery...and he hopes to be able to use it in due time, but since all the heavy trucks are gone for now, and we are going to get a lot of rain, he wanted it out of the yard again...whatevfur!

Anyways, meowmy had dog-guy on the leash, doing what he needed to do, and pawppy was getting out of his car...suddenly there was Bandit, the neighbor's dog. OMC! ACK:(
He saw them and wanted to come and visit...furry BAD timing.

He was supposed to be under the scrutiny of his furmily and on leash, the neighbors knew what we were doing to our driveway...Bandit ran right over that pristine and fresh concrete, leaving a whole trail of paw imprints, UGH!

Pawppy about had a heart attack, he was so upset.

The concrete dudes were summoned back, but they said since there was a coating on the surface, they could not do anything at this time, it has to wait until it hardens, then they have to cut out those areas and redo them...OMC, it wasn't even an hour old...
They suggested that pictures be made of the damage and that it be submitted to our insurance...yikes!
So Pawppy went out and got some pics...

Then later the peeps from next door came and apologized, well, that may be nice, and the right thing to do, but it doesn't fix the issue...sigh...

Our pawrents had worked so diligently to keep OUR dog-guy off of it, if this wasn't so bad it might actually be funny:(

Well, we were upset, too....last night, our big kitties, The Detroit Tigers, lost the World Series...they never even got to feel the joy of winning one game...sigh...sniff...
Congrats to those Giants...we know their fans are furry happy indeed.

We are also worried about so many of our furry furends in Catsterlnd, (and Dogsterland), as they are being negatively affected by this monstrosity of a storm called Sandy. What a tame name fur such a bad witchy storm.
We are getting a lot of strong winds, and rain and maybe some snow later. Our auntie and some furends in Ontario are getting buckets and buckets of rain. Way too much.

Stay warm and dry and SAFE, evfurryone!



October 20th 2012 6:11 pm
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We are so happy!
We are a DDP!
Kitty prances,
And happy dances,
As we catabrate,
This fun-time date!

Pawppy & Meowmy went to the grocery store together, today. It was pawppy's first time doing something like that since befur his surgery. He felt good, and said it was like being let out of his cage...MOL!

We heard that meowmy was sorely tempted, when she read the local 'ad' from our rescue agency here...there were 2 brofur kitties, called Zig and Zag...they were both flamepoint meezers...meowmy was so tempted, she had to resist the urge to go and see them...OMC, we don't think we want any new furblings in here right now...MOL! We want meowmy & Pawppy to ourselves...well, that was a couple of days ago, so hopefurly some other loving furmily has discovered them! They sure were handsome dudes according to meowmy...

OK, that's 3 things we can yippee about, and yet another is that meowmy is all better from her past illness, and has gone back to her work.

Now we are all done with our yippees fur the day. Thanks so much fur all the comments, p-mails and prezzies. We will try to answer you all...sometime! MOL!


They All Said Wow!!

October 14th 2012 5:00 pm
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Yup, they sure did, and they also all said Praise the Lord!
Meowmy said we had to do guard duty this morning, and she helped pawppy get into the van, and off they went to church!
Pawppy walked into the sanctuary with his cane, and evfurryone turned to look...and smile at him & meowmy...
After the service he was 'mobbed'...meowmy giggled and said peeps you better not get too close, cause he has a weapon! MOL!

Then as is likely natural, a lot of peeps began to share their own similar health stories of woe...OMC!
Soon, pawppy & meowmy came back home. We sure were glad to see them, because it had been storming off and on since they left, and still is...thunderstorms and buckets of rain all day long! UGH! A while ago we would have been rejoicing at that amount of rain...sheesh, peeps are nevfur happy, MOL!

The peeps here are happy too, because the Tigers, those big orange cats from Detroit, have a 2 game lead in the current series...go Tigers!!

Well, that's all folks!

Just in case some of you are wondering, picture making meowmy tried to set up a new confuser with plugins, and she hasn't been having anything able to work...which was a major reason to get this new machine...ACK!
Pawppy the techie here, thinks it is something in the kimi site, not our confuser...sigh...well, its a good thing there still isn't a lot of time to make them, because of all the taxi service for pawppy...


The Sun Was Out & The Headache Stayed In The Closet

October 11th 2012 10:44 pm
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Meowmy took Pawppy to PT, today. Other than he is stiff, he seems to be doing furry well.Usually PT starts at 3 times a week, but they thought he would do fine with twice...that makes it easier fur meowmy to 'regulate'!

It was a bright sunny day, not too warm, and still furry windy, but much nicer with no rain.

Meowmy took her medicine early in the morning, and then realized that she hadn't needed it until the afternoon...progress!
She feels rather washed out, and fuzz-headed as she puts it, but the major headache hasn't come out of the closet today at all...yeah!

Those orange burds known as Orioles won their game tonight, so purrhaps the Tigers may be playing against them later, since they won their series tonight! Hooray! Go Tigers! Go Detroit Tigers!

We had fun keeping meowmy down on the bed during that game...at least she felt good enough to enjoy it!
Then we also had fun zooming over her, she was a bump we could jump over...or whjen that was done, Minko made bread on her, and Pipo just lay down close by...


Cabin Fever!

October 10th 2012 7:06 pm
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It was a grey, dreary, cold, windy drizzly day, here, today...just the right combination for feeling yucky and getting cabin fever!

Meowmy went to her MD today...sure enough, the EB Monster bit her again...sigh...so she got to tell the work place that she had a note for yet another week off, of course they were not too happy about that, but She didn't think they wanted her to be there as ill as she is...so we too will have her to snuggle with! Yeah!

Pawppy said he needed to go and try going into a restaurant...but we really think he wanted some time out of the house, he seems to be suffering from real cabin fever! MOL!
So we watched him get ready,and Minko tried to help by playing with the cane handle's loop...and Pipo was trying to put furs on the pants he wanted to wear.

Well soon enough they were gone!
And meowmy said they got to use the placard with a wheelchair on it, though pawppy doesn't even have one of those! Meowmy calls that placard the privileged parking ticket! MOL!

Eventually they came back, and we of course were ready to claim his lap back as ours...

Meowmy feels not too bad, if she keeps loaded up on the meds to control the fever...she alternates acetaminophen with ibuprofen...she also has special headache meds but they make her feel furry strange...

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