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Spooky, Scary Storms

November 19th 2013 9:33 pm
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Today is late on Tuesday...
Sunday was 2 days ago...and what a day that was:(
It started out rather mild in temperature fur this time of the year...but gradually things declined.
The wind picked up, and thick ominous clouds were scudding all over the dark sky. Every once in a while there would be a downpour...and that wind just got stronger and stronger.
The weatherman said there was a tornado watch...OMC.
Meowmy had to go to her work...nothing cancels the goings on in a nursing home.
Pawppy stayed home with us, he felt it was a risky thing to go to evening church service, because the high winds might make driving hazardous, and he wanted to be here to take us all in the cellar if need be...meowmy had shown him where the carriers were, and dog-guy's leash.

Then after darkness had nearly set in, the wind began to howl and buffet the whole are with a vengeance. And the rain...OMC, it was coming in horizontal sheets.

At meowmy's work place all the blinds had been closed for a safety measure in case the wind would blow in the windows. And residents who could be up were taken in their wheelchairs to the main living room...all the while the TV was blaring about the severe thunderstorm warning...thankfurly not a tornado in our locale.

Then meowmy heard that the winds had raged about at 70mph in our town, and even worse in other parts of our state. Wow! That is the speed limit on our interstates!

Meowmy took a moment to call pawppy from her work...usually not ever allowed...and was furry relieved that he and us furs were all fine, we still had our den, and we did NOT have to go in the cellar, Phew!

So on her way home meowmy noticed a lot of thick darkness...strange on a night with a full moon...it was still furry cloudy...so...she knew that there were a lot of power outages.

So she carefurly drove through this darkness, hoping to not meet any deer or any other road hazards...angels were guarding and guiding her home..and she arrived here safely, not too much later than normal on her work evenings.

And lo and behold our little village had POWER! What a blessing!
The power had not gone off here at all!

In the morning lots of schools and businesses had to be closed due to either no power, trees/power lines over roads, damage to buildings and so on.
Today some still have no power, and some may not get it until Friday! Yikes! Its cold out, too:(
Even a area SPCA was without power...so volunteers were bringing lots of blankets and other supplies to that place. They have their power back on tonight, hooray!

Meowmy saw that there were lots of branches strewn over our property, and a few large limbs, but no trees had completely blown over, and we have a lot in the back of our yard. We lost a piece of our siding, but meowmy was able to reinsert it in place.
There was a lot of roofing material in our yard, too...from the neighbors house. So that was returned to its rightful owner, though goodness knows if they can replace it all without professional help.
Today meowmy noticed that the back sunroom/porch has some water damage...oh-oh...a leaky spot in the flat roof, that isn't good. So we too will need a fixer man! MOL!
We are not grumbling though...we are all safe and together, and warm and cozy.
There were some tornadoes in other parts of our state...
And a severe one in Illinois:(

We are blessed to be unscathed.

Today was bright and sunny, though cold and still breezy.
Minko decided to nap in a big packing box, MOL!
Pipo was sunbathing...and dog-guy was...well doing doggy junk!



YooHoo! We are Back At Last!

November 13th 2013 10:05 pm
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Yoo Hoo!
Meowmy has comeback from her vacation!

But today as she unpacked and got all things back in order here...she still wouldn't let us do much on the confuser...sigh...and she and pawppy left us all alone again! Hiss! (They went to have a fancy meal...)
Well we better not hiss too much...it is meowmy's birthday!

Happy Birthday Meowmy!
She says she is now 14 years, MOL! She says that sounds better when she adds the numbers together...well, that means that doing so will have her at 6 next year, MOL!!! Hey meowmy did they ask to see your ID when you had wine with your meal tonight?

We have had snow, sleet and a lot of heavy duty winds here over the past few days. Well today was cold, but at least the sun was making nice sunpuddles fur us.

We are all fine, pawppy did a good job helping us on our staycation.

Tomorrow she has to be back at her job...the whole weekend, too. So while she is here, she won't be here, how befuddled that sounds, MOL!
We helped meowmy unpack, that was fun...she nearly put us in the closet, since we were in her bags!

We hope we didn't miss too many spawsial days, we do know that we missed several DDP's and DOTD's...sigh...well though our picture making factory was inaccessible we could still mew our greetings! Modern technology sure is great! MIAOW!

Now meowmy says she has to get busy in high gear to get things ready in the den fur Thanksgiving and Christmas, right around the corner!

Gobble-Gobble ~ Ho-Ho-Ho!

Hmmm if that means pictures then we have to vamoose!



Its Fixed...Sort Of

November 2nd 2013 10:25 am
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Well, meowmy finally figured out how to get the log-in working on the kimi site...its a problem because of the fact that we are using a Mac, and we have a windows version overiding it as a second confuser inside the furst one...its too techie fur meowmy to pawpurrly explain it...
Anyways, through a roundabout long proccess she can now make pictures again...but sometimes the thing is unstable and crashes...and then she has to reboot it and on and on...so while we are making them, the supply of them will be a lot less, fur which we appawolgize. They also are rather time consuming to make, which interferes with meowmy's chores, not to mention her job.

Well, on Monday meowmy will be getting ready to go away fur the rest of that week...
She is starting to sound a bit like our dog-guy, though..she has the beginnings of a visit with that bronchitis bug...UGH:(
Why this waits until just befur a vacation, is beyond her! Sheesh.

Oh, Thanks to to all of you kitties and your furmiles who sent us all those dancing-rattling skellies! Our pages are so noisy with them all, MOL!

Now we have to see about getting things ready fur Thanksgiving time.

Hooray...we get an extra hour of snuggle time tonight! Wait, that means we have to also wait an extra hour to get our noms...sigh...




October 28th 2013 11:10 pm
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Sheesh, today meowmy was trying to make a picture on her Kimi site...and the whole thing seemed to be disfunctional. Yikes! It was a day with lots of birthdays, gotcha days and some other honors. She had just finished one picture fur a pup(!) when it 'crashed'.
At least she had finished the COTW picture fur Paisan last night...MOL! She was furry late getting to her nest!

So: Our appawlogies fur sending only messages with stock pictures in them...hopefully the site will work better tomorrow. She had to go to work and was able to get the login to work, at about 1 am, Eastern time, but that is rather too late to start making pictures...

Well like we mewed, tomorrow is another day.
Next week, there will not be many pictures either, if any, because meowmy is going out of town fur a wee vacation to visit her aunt who will be 94. We will stay here at home with pawppy and that noisy dog-guy...he isn't allowed there...
After that meowmy will have her own birthday to celebrate, and then it will be getting closer to Thanksgiving time. Meowmy took more vacation time then, too...Hmmm, we think November might be a desert in the WBS kimi-making department here in Catsterland.

Well, even so, all of our furends are nevfur that far from our minds as we purr and mew with you each day.
We love you all so furry much! ♥


Four Purrty Roses ~ Two Yucky Urkas

October 6th 2013 10:41 pm
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Yesterday, meomwy got four beautiful red roses from Pawppy. They were waiting fur her when she got home from her job. Lovely indeed. There was a yummy huge cupcake too. Mmmm...but we did not touch that cupcake, because pawppy guarded it well, until meowmy got home.
We didn't touch those roses either...


This morning when meowmy got up, those roses were three beautiful ones,and one broken in half one, and stripped of leaves, too.
Hmmm...now WHO could have done that? It must have been dog-guy, right??
Then she went into the dining room to have breakfast...but...wait...she found two big 'urka-gurkas' on the floor...and in the middle of one of those yucky messes was a bunch of green...OMC! The rose leaves evidence. Now we know what stupid criminals feel like when they leave easy to find evidence around...I guess it is obvious that kitties did this...but...was it Pipo, or was it Minko? We won't divulge that info..and we are not going to tattle-tail on each other either, MOL! Meowmy will nevfur know, tee-hee...pawppy said, My catness, those kitties are trying hard to not endear themselves to us.
Meowmy thought: Good thing they didn't do this when company is coming on Tuesday...
And dog-guy must have been thinking...sheesh, when is it going to get cleaned up so I can go back to lying under my fave table at mealtimes?

Isn't life fun with kitties? Nevfur a dull moment!


Peace & Harmony Reign Once Again:)

September 27th 2013 10:10 pm
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Well at long last meowmy saw what she was hoping to see...
As you know Pipo had dental work done, and Minko was not furry furendly with him when he got back, didn't know he was Pipo, and well, stranger kitties have to be hissed & smacked away...
Well after 2 days they could walk past each other and not hiss/growl, and now this morning meowmy saw them curled up together! Hooray!
Peace is good!
Harmony is good!
Kitty love is furry good,MOL!
All is once again well with our world...thanks fur the purrs you all sent to help it happen! ♥


Over The Hills And Through The Woods, Me-Yowling As We Go…

August 21st 2013 10:24 pm
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That was us…in our carriers...all the 8 long back roads miles to that pawlace where we do not like to go, HISS.

We got stacked in the van, shotgun…Stacked because meowmy put our carriers on top of each other, then she ran the seatbelt around them. Then she covered the fronts with towels, because she didn't want us to get drafted by cold AC air. So now we couldn't even see out the fronts, only the sides, meowmy was on our left and there was another window on the right…so was ard to enjoy the squirrels, coons and possums, let alone anything bigger like a deer. Meowmy said she didn't see any deer…and most of the critters she did see were…um…squished:( So our me-yowling made sure the ride was less than boring, MOL!

Meowmy tried to calm us down by putting her fingers through the carrier door-grates, but we just ignored her and sang all the more. It was a kitty choir!
Funny thing, though…as soon as we got through the doors of that clinic…we shut right up, we were not going to let the peeps there hear our talent. We save that fur meowmy's ears alone! But we were not letting her hear more of our beautifur Meezer Mewsic at all…so there!
It was a much quieter ride homewards...


The Sweet Sixteen…

August 3rd 2013 11:48 am
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What a lot is going on here…has been, and is. So much to mew about…and meowmy says she was too busy to let us miaow about it all.

Well, a while back, we said we were going to be away from here for a short while. Meowmy's cousin and her hubby came to our den all the way from the Netherlands. Well, actually they drove over from our auntie's pawlace in Canada. Dog-guy was sniffing the bags they brought along and wagging his tail expecting Murphy (His doggy cousin), to jump out…we are glad he stayed in his own den, MOL!
Well meowmy's cousins liked us and gave us lots of attention! Hooray…they love kitties, and have their own, too!

Meowmy took her cousins on road trips, and we were not invited along…sigh…always the unfurs try to do things and sneak away without us.
However we are happy to have not had to go in a car…MOL!

They went to pawlaces in Indiana to see the Amish stuff…
They also toured round our own locale of Calhoun County…rich in history of the Civil war, slavery (The Underground Railway),Fort Custer National Cemetery, and Kellogg's, among other things. They went to a farmer's market and enjoyed fresh produce, too..but they didn't bring us anything, sigh…even though we were helping the dog-guy do guard duty. Not even a piece of fish or catnip! Hiss! MOL!

Then it was time for the company to leave…so they left and drove away to go to Niagara Falls. OMC, We would love to see all that water! No, maybe not...

Well, then it was a lot quieter here, and meowmy and pawppy got to have a catabration…what, we weren't even with them! It was their 26th annifurrsary…They had a furry spawsial meal in a fancy restaurant.
They also went to search fur a new couch and loveseat…appawrently us furs here and the toll of years has made the current ones a bit less than lovely, not to mention they are furry old fashioned and meowmy says, ugly! MOL!
Maybe they will get leather ones so we can have a new scratching post! What? Oh, sorry meowmy…

Then meowmy went back to working with her peeps again at the nursing home…they all missed her, they said.

And…finally our driveway was fixed and ridded of those paw prints, that had been there for about 6 months…now it is all nice and flat and smooth…poor Bandit, may he RIP…even though he was a pup...

Now you all might be wondering about this sweet 16.

The other day meowmy saw a kitty at the neighbor's palace. OMC! We shall have a lot of hissing to do to keep him out of OUR yard and all the catnip meowmy cultivates for our own use. Don't know kitty's name, though… Maybe we can hire our dog-guy to keep that kitty out! MOL!

Then…there are chickens clucking and scratching in that yard. White ones, black ones, speckled ones and brown ones. A rooster too, by the sounds we hear. We were told there are sixteen of them! Sixteen yummy chicken dinners and a lot of scrambled eggs, Mmmmmm!
Hmmm..we think that if one tries to venture over the fence, we may just be able to snag us a chicken dinner! "Oh Dog-guy…will you help us??" MOL!

This morning, we were rudely awakened by some shrill barks and yaps.
OMC! there is yet another pup over there. Her name is Daisy, she is a year old, and looks like a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix. A beige fluff ball fur sure! Meowmy says she is furry cute…fur a pup...
Meowmy says she hopes that her furmily will be more responsible with her, and not let her run loose, or be tied up like the other pups endured. Time will tell…

Unfur-bro the elder now has his first car, a brand new one, too! A blue hatchback, perfect fur taking road trips…so last night he puts junk in it and drives away. He says he will be back in a couple of days, then we will have our extra lap back...

Well, now we are resting…too much excitement here! Nevfur can a kitty have enough catnaps, MOL!


OMC! We Are Going To Be Absent...

July 22nd 2013 7:45 am
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Hello kitty furends and your furmilies.
Meowmy has company and is 'on vacation' this week. This means that we are going to miss a whole lot of wonderfur things in your lives like things to concatulate you about, birthdays and gotcha days and so on...
That means we can't play on your pages either, or make pics:((
Well we will be back soon and then we will just have to get started again...
Sorry if we miss YOUR day(s), we see there are several today...maybe we can go and send them a wee note at least...that is purrty quick, not like making memento pics, MOL!

Well, we will be mewing at you soon enough.
Got to go and hide now...we hear a strange car in the driveway...
Purrs and hugs to all!


DDP!!! And A Heads Up...

July 13th 2013 10:54 am
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We haven't put in an entry fur several days...because meowmy is busy and doing a lot of not-catster things...and when she does, its to play with other furs and not us...Pfffttt!

Ok, well life is boring, mostly, and we didn't have much to mmew anyways, to be truthfur, MOL!

Thanks Catster fur making us DDP's...and thnks to our pals who sent gifts and pictures andnotes.
Meowmy has to go to her job in a few minutes...so we will be only here with pawppy and the unfurbros...oh and dog guy, none of who do Catster fur us...sigh...We will do lap and sun puddle duty instead! Those are always good fur plan B.

And a heads up, meowmy says we need to mew that later this month if you hear nothing from us, we ...well the peeps are going to be busy with vacation.
Huh? How can vacation be busy??
Well, we won't be here for 7 -14 days...OMC, We will starve, not getting our fill of Catster!

Sorry if we miss things...but soon enough we shall be back!
Now we got to go fur now...

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