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We Bees' Inspirations and Wise Tidbits

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Meowmy In A Panic & The Barkless Dog-Guy

March 19th 2014 9:51 pm
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Soon by the calendar it is supposed to be Spring! Hooray!
Well, while some melting of snow has happened, there is still loads of it! Only now the piles and mountains are no longer pristine, but yucky looking, esp where the dog-guy spends his pennies, MOL!
A week ago we had a major dump of over nine inches of heavy wet snow. Things had just started to look better out there, and it was even warmish…that is to say it was above freezing. And then winter returned to pester us again. UGH.
That same day we had a dog-guy holiday…he went to that *vet* pawlace…and was there for hours. When he came back, he smelled funny and didn’t even try to say anything to us, and no barking at evfurrything he heard. That was really odd, because he sure can be a master barker pup.
Well in a day or two he was more like the dog guy we know, but then this Larry-N-Gitus dude paid meowmy a visit, along with some frogs and squeaky mousies...
By now, meowmy has managed to evict L-N-G because she nevfur invited him, but she is barking; like dog guy…good grief the world is upside down.

We sure keep meowmy busy ourselves though…we puke fur her benefit now and then, we scatter the litter about, so that we will get cleaner floors, MOL! We make her compose purrty pictures fur furs, though sometimes she has to do that fur dog-guy as well…and we sit purrty or do silly things like snag a piece of yarn, and pull it, knock the things off of the counter in the bathroom, or chase my tail(Pipo). Of course sunbathing is always a high priority, even more so this winter with so much coldness. We had to hide a time or two when the dudes came to do maintenance on our furnace…but we let them, because we like its warmth so much.

The other day we watched meowmy's mouse go berserk… it jumped all over the screen and made the pages turn when meowmy wasn’t even done reading them…Yikes, she was getting into a panic mode. She was purrturbed with Minko because he likes to sit between meowmy and the edge of the laptop, and bonks his head on it too…so she was going to try to blame him fur her woes... Even unfur-the-techie-bro was stumped. Pawppy thought the confuser was kaput:( and that it would need to go to the confuser hospital …but, wonder of wonders! Pawppy turned the confuser on its side to write down the serial number, and when he placed it back on the desk…OMC! It was fine! Pawppy said maybe there was a real bug in there and the movement dislodged it back out from under the trackpad/mouse. Maybe that’s why Minko was so interested in the confuser.

Anyways no worries, kitty pals, meowmy can still make pictures fur you all as needed.

Meowmy really looked funny on St Patrick’s Day…she wore her regular uniform, but put on a little green hat on top of her head, and a light up shamrock pin on her shirt.
When she came home she was still giggling, because she had made her residents giggle and smile…it was worth her being silly she said. I guess it was OK fur her to leave us, if she was making others feel good…but we didn’t do anything green here, MOL!

Here are a few pictures, as posted in our blog:

WeBeesMeezers' Blog

Purrs and nighty-night!


Sorry...Again For Other Reasons...

March 15th 2014 12:17 am
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Wow, this doesn't happen too often that we get neglected...
Meowmy saw that we were a DDP today...but she had to go to her work, and so she did some things fur a few other kitties & pups.
She as our catretary said she would deal with our honor and stuff like that hen she got back from work.
Well when she did get back, she told pawppy...'do not give me a kiss'...she has zero voice, only a few squeaks and croaks.
Hey, what about us?
Well we got to bask in guy is still a bit we did have a purrty good day.
We see that there are a ton of gifties and P-mails...and probably some pictures to post.
Thanks in advance for all of those...and sometime meowmy will attend to them...we just wanted you to know you were not being ignored, but meowmy wants to go to her own nest...and well, she sees there is way loads of
Kitty & Puppy work here on this maybe all the DDP things may get put on the back burner again...sigh...shall we fire our catretary? She seems to think others are more needing of her attentions than us...

Meowmy made a lost his barker for a day this he has it back, but meowmy said he stole hers!


OOPS! Sorry Kitty Furends!

March 7th 2014 10:41 pm
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Yes it is an OOPS...because we furgot to say thanks for all those hugs on our page, the diva and cassanova purrsents, those Valentine ones, and the Spam...well we didn't get any of those ones, yet, MOL!

So here goes!


Sorry we yelled, but we wanted to make sure you heard us and that you didn't think we were ignoring you all...sigh...we just need a better more vigilant catretary...


WeBeesMeezerDDPzers today!

February 28th 2014 10:45 pm
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Wow! WeBeesMeezerDDPzers today!
That is fun as they say.
But while we wanted to play,
in our nests we did stay…
While meowmy worked and didn’t play…
At her job fur her pay.
She better use her pay
to get us some treats,
Else we’ll sleep on her sheets,
Deposit our furs,
and turn her hair gray…

MOL! WeBees are silly today!!!

Thanks fur stopping by to leave messages, and prezzies and pictures, too!
Meowmy had to work, she almost couldn't even help with our catretrial duties today...but well, she did find some time, so we nabbed her...and now WeBeesHappy!


Spring?? Soon?? We Sure Hope So!

February 22nd 2014 9:11 am
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What a windy day it was yesterday.
Our snow covered yard is bestrewn with all kinds of bits and pieces of branches…like sprinkles on a cake.
And right in the middle of this snow is a broken in half butterfly:(
It was supposed to have been permanently attached to the tree it was decorating…but the wind decided to wrestle with it and it won:(
So meowmy felt kind of sad, this butterfly was a gift from our Auntie, and it was up there for many years already. Well, now we shall have to help the economy by getting another from some local garden shop…and a good fastener, too, MOL!

At least we have not had to watch snowflakes lately…last time was Feb19th…and we even got to bask in a few sun puddles, and today again. Hooray!

We still have our snow mountains though…but now they are ice mountains, because we had more than a few buckets of rain pouring down on them on the 19th…after a dumping of about 2-3 inches of new snow…we are glad we do not have to be out there…

And there IS hope…meowmy has heard and even seen several Robins! Go figure!

Purrs, pals! Meowmy has to go to work this weekend...


We Thought We Had To Flee, But Now We Are Purring With Glee

February 15th 2014 7:55 pm
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We Are Gleefully Purring because we can now have some hope that our Catster doors will not be locked to keep us out of our fave playtime spot!
This pawlace is just so precious and beloved. Words can hardly describe it!

Thanks from the bottom of our kitty hearts to whomevfur has graciously helped out to take over the behind the scenes doings here.

Thanks loads to all the lovely purrsents that decorate our page right now...what a lot of Catster love....Valentines, Gotcha Day, and just for sending out general love.

Yes, We did have our Gotcha Day, yesterday...on Valentine's Day!
Were both 'gotted' on Valentine's Day...Day of furever love from our peeps to us! MIAOW!

Due to meowmy being way too busy with non-kitty junk like chores and work and snow removal, and more snow removal...and not feeling too great with a cold the past few days, well we got all behind,and didn't get to send out those lovely bouquets of roses or the candy hearts...sorry about that...we did send out some big hugs though:))
Or something free, MOL! Meowmy can't even remember! MOL!!!

We have this image on our page and meowmy was trying to save it but was having some troubles with here it is as a rollover for the time being. Its kind of our 'logo'.


Which brings us to another topic...most of you know us as picture memento/badge makers for your 'spawsial occatsions', such as DDP's and birthdays. etc.

Some of those images took meowmy hours to make,she remembers doing some that were about 4 hours in the she doesn't regret making them at all, in fact all of them are made and sent with love and good will, but when she finds herself spending as much or more time at them as her job at the nursing home, she is spending too much time at it, and neglecting other things...well so fur now the shoppe is temporarily out of commission...sigh...and when it does reopen it will likely be in a more limited capacity, such as by request or only for a specific type of occatsion...not sure as yet...

So please bear with her as she takes a sort of semi retirement...maybe you can give advice as to what type of pics she should do, like maybe birthdays only, or DOTD, Or COTD, or whatevfur....she really doesn't want to do more than maybe one or two a day...

Well, its getting late, and meowmy has to get up early to go to church...


WeBees SO sad:(((

January 16th 2014 11:56 pm
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Well you get it...
We are going to miss ALL of you, we can't even begin to imagine life without our furends, and the peeps that wrote fur them all.

So we can be reached here instead, meowmy's email:

And purrhaps we may start a blog.
But furst we have to copy the reams of kitty (&doggy)
even though this site will be here a wee bit longer, we won't be making piccies anymore, because we need to use that precious time to catch all our stuff & junk to get it copied befur its gone furevfur. Boo-hoo...sniffs...meowmy needs a bucket to keep from flooding our den.

Goodbye, hugs, adieu, aufwiederzehen, tot ziens, till we meet again...
(( ♥ ))

We love you all so furry much.



January 15th 2014 8:56 pm
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We think that is from the ages old Alka-Seltzer slogan about how to deal with upset tummies or headaches from other indiscretions and over-indulgences...
Such as too much noming on CAKE!
And all that catnip-laced Hot cocoa that still splashes on our pages, too...not to mention all the popping giving us headaches...from the dozens of balloons! OMC, so many that our pages may just float away, MOL!


Thanks to all of you kitties who sent out all those cakes and balloons...and thanks again to those who sent them to all of our angel furblings too. Our furends here in Catsterland are so kind to share them with evfurryone. Thanks too, to Catster for having shared in Dogster's Birthday so we could all indulge!

Evfurrytime we feel the least bit hungry, we just go and look at our pages, WOW!
Well, gotta go and chow down on some more yummy cake!


We Are Flooded!

January 12th 2014 10:07 pm
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Wow! We are flooded here in Catsterland! With sweet yummy hot cocoa!
Our page, and those of our angel fublings look delish!
Thanks to all who sent us some, and we can sip/slurp and lap to our heart's desire!
Thanks to HQ fur making these available to freely send! Yummy Fun! What more could us kitties want/need?!

The one time a flood is fun, and we are mewing our thanks fur it, MOL!


Meowmy Was In An Avalanche, OMC!

January 5th 2014 10:41 pm
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We have a snowmaggedon going on here, and soon it will be Michartica, too:((

Last night it started snowing, and today there was about 6 inches when meowmy & Pawppy got up. Churches all over this area were cancelled including ours.
Over the course of the day at least another 8 or more inches came down, and sometimes it was snowing so hard that when the peeps where shoveling the paths and driveway, as soon as they looked where they had cleaned up, they had to do it again. UGH! It took them hours to do the driveway, and later the roof had to be cleared too, to keep the snow burden at a minimum.
At least we kitties were given the best job: we snoopervised from our warm was snoopervising, but he is silly and kept running outside through his doggy door to see how much progress was being made...or not...because the same paths had to be recleared 3 times today, and could be done again, but now its dark so, well it will have to wait. So we are snuggled with peeps and cozy and comfy. The best.

Just before supper while there was still some light, meowmy took the roof rake to the roof again. She put the thing in a section of snow and started to pull it down...and she heard a low rumbly-whooshing noise, OMC! It was a real life avalanche, Yikes! At least she realized just in time what was happening and was able to stumble in the snow to get out of its way...and down it came with a huge thundering 'whump'. In all the years of 'raking' snow off the roof, that has nevfur happened. At least it didn't bury meowmy alive.

Now we are waiting fur the bottom to fall out of the thermometer, as far as wind chills go, and the real temps are expected to be well below zero tonight, and not much 'warmer' tomorrow.
Meowmy works second shift at the nursing home, so maybe by then some of the roads will be plowed out...which of course means a lot more shoveling work as the driveway will be all filled up again, UGH:(
Pawppy said he will take the day off tomorrow to keep things cleared out, and he can use his confuser to work from home if necessary. Pawppy wisely brought unfur-bro back to AnnArbor yesterday befur all the snow started...and unfur the elder went back to his own pawlace on the third, so we are all where we need to be, safe, warm and cozy.

And remember:
Don't try to change things on your pages in the 'fun stuff' sections (the biofields), because the flea that is pestering them will eat up all your work and you will go right back to a blank Catster page. UGH! Fleas,

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