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Life with the Boyz

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Where are my photos

July 8th 2012 12:08 pm
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Comon Pops!
I have so many good new photos. Where are they?

Pops: "Sorry Timmy I have been busy. Next week"

Oh yeah, Busy with what, that, that, STUFF?

Pops: "Yes Tim! That 'STUFF' as you call it is really high quality food for you and every fur. I take very nice chicken, cook it, remove some calcium and some fat, grind it finely and there you go. Better than anything in a can and way better than anything in a bag"

Yuck! I think its...

Pops: "WHOA there! You guys were a bit slow last night with the evening meal but it was all gone this morning"

Well yeah. OK its, its, just different. Maybe we have to get used to it.

Pops: "Tim, the truth is you guys eat better than I do."

OK. We shall see what we shall see shall we not?

Pops: "Yes we shall. Maybe you can tell your furends to try "

Did you say

Pops: "Yes I said"

OK. Lets try a little more zest in the next batch

Timmy Tomcat


Back to same old same old. Almost

June 17th 2012 12:16 pm
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Seems like it is the new same old.

We were play and Rumpy was jumping on everycats head!
So he runs up and: WHAM! I got him good. HA! Didn't know I have been brushing up on my Cat-Judo! Now I have YOUR HEAD RUMPY! MOL.
*Rumpy: "mrr mmmpphhh rrrr mmmphhh ok leggo leggo"*

HA! Just letting you know who is Top Cat.

SO then me and Rumpy were hangin. Like dood cats do. Hangin. So when Buttons walked by to see Buddy I whispered to Rumpy: "Have you noticed how B is getting all rubbin up on Pops. He says he is just jockeying fur treats but I think he is really a part of the family."

*Rumpy: "So?"

Then I say It's Fun to whisper and make Buddy think we are planning something.

*Rumpy Yowls:"FUNNY FUNNY"*

We both look over and Buddy is watching us closely.

Have a good week all! HAVE FUN!
We still miss those who are not here but are happy to have YOU!

Timmy Tomcat


Update on HQ and Posting Conflictz: Stay to be heard!

June 16th 2012 8:04 am
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Well hello all my good furends!
I was quite happy and a bit surprized that so many of my pals took the time to respond to my last diary note.

I DID get a response from HQ. It was not a short little "Oh, OK, we will look into it". It was a full and comprehensive response that spelled out Catsters Position. (If any would like to read it please drop me a paw mail and I will forward it.)


With that clarified we do hope that our furends just use the cat-sense that is our given. Please just pass over any title that seems it may cause distress. Our big world will not ever be purrfect. This is one place we have found where it is, in our opine, a bit kinder, gentler, more caring.

Look at all the good things here. The great photos. The wonderful diary stories. If you want to explore go into the DDP's and read new tales of intrigue. Maybe some new furends. In short: HAVE FUN!

And Please, STAY!
If you must: Tell one of us! Be Heard!

Real friends will listen if you must complain!
If you want to yell send us an mail!
Post on our diaries!
Write in your own diaries!
Just Stay!

How else will you be Heard!
We will listen!
We love you all!
Timmy Tomcat and Family! Pops too!


Tabbies of Trout Town Have Left Catster

June 9th 2012 12:57 pm
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A Sad Sad Day!

We just found out. We did not know. We are very upset.

We did send a letter to HQ about possibly being a bit more tactful in posting stories, but, truth be told, we had not seen the reportedly offensive material. We do not check out much of this site other than our friends and favorite groups. We just do not have time. To be fair we went to see what the fuss was about.

Yeah. There it was. Pops had told us about the "Artiste'" making his cat into a helicopter to be "closer to God". Well... Hmmm... Uhh... Yeah we would not like it fur one of us. Pops thought the guy was: "A weirdo looking for some press". Maybe so. Truth is that his cat is immortal now.
True but what about the bigger question: Is it acceptable here on Catster?
I think not. My Opinion. Told HQ. For those who argue lets use a Puppy. That offensive? Another mammal? That offensive? Case closed.

Now on to the next one. The Cat Skull. Well... Again what is the context. The story is actually nice. Pops and us are fully vested in the idea of returning to the earth that we take. Yes we choose to cremate in our household, but, you say Potato. So that part is fine with us. Now the skull bit.

The English started this so there you go. I think it is as acceptable as having little wooden boxes with ashes. Seems the writer has them also. So there you go.

We were kicking this around with Pops and he admitted to thinking about what he will do with the next of us to pass the mortal coil. Taxidermy? Freeze dry is the new wave. He says not to worry. We will have a family discussion before hands.

Now back to the discussion. We think maybe at least one of the two stories was a bit over the top. The helicopter cat is just bad taste. Just our opinion.

Should The Tabbies have left? Their Choice. We MISS YOU ALREADY and if anyone is in touch please let them know. We would love to discuss this with them as people who are passionate make the world a better more interesting place.

So there we are. Not a happy day on Catster.

Timmy with consensus of the boys Fitz and Pops.


Past Photos

May 27th 2012 8:25 am
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Wow I was packing for the KCK trip and found the photo of my rather strong suggestion that Pops not go out to drive on New Years!

No Do Not Drive on NY

MOL! It was kind of fun being good by being bad!
Hope to see you all in Hawaii!

Your Buddy Tim


Great Party

May 19th 2012 9:34 am
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Whoa-Cat we are having sum fun today!

Mr Buttons is one year old tomorrow. We had a very nice party fur him today. I cannot believe no one, should I say it, let the cat out of the bag! MOL!

We had treats and fun and he got a big bag of new toys. He picked the one he liked best and then let us divey up the rest. What a cat that young one is, what a cat. I choose a nice one that smelled really good.

Buddy wore his Thong! What a hoot!

Hope you are all having a wonderfur weekend!

Pops said he got these really nice toys on Etsy at

Purrs and Head Bumps
Timmy Tomcat


Happy Mothers Day

May 13th 2012 2:35 pm
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Hi all my furs
Happy Mothers day to all the great Moms and Mom-Cats out there. You do so much for so many. We love you!

I have been a bit busy as Pops has had some family business. Nothing real bad but stressful. I am his con-fur-dant and, whew, persons have such things going on I am glad I am a furson. MOL

So Little gal Fitz is still here. No bites or applications. We kind of like having a gal around. She is so full of energy it is refreshing. She tore up Pops paper towels the other day. We know better but she was never told about that no no. Then Pops came into the room. We all were real quiet. So Fitz jumps back into the mess, WHEEE! We all held our breath. Pops laughed. He said she looked so happy how could he be mad. MOL

*Tim Whispers*
Psst. Secret. Buttons first Birthday is next week the 20th. Party! Shhh!

So have a great week

Timmy Tomcat


Me and Buttons

April 22nd 2012 8:41 am
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Hullo all furz and Happy Spring!

Well it is getting very nice around here and spring brings out the energy in everycat. Especially the youngins like Buttons. That boy is one crazy little fellow. In a good way.

He goes for hours and hours on end. Furst with Bump, then with Fitz, then me or Toby. When we older cats are all out of breath he just keeps up the fun only with his toys.

*Tim yells out: "HINT! Bumpy take note! He plays with toys when we get tired"

As we were having such fun zooming around Pops decided to get the tunnel out. Now we had this before but did not pay it any mind. I do not know why? What a great thing! You can hide in there and leap out! You can chase the feathers in there! Big Fun! I like to hide and then leap out at any-cat. Whee!

Pops was telling us that he has a surprise fur us. He said he has a couple-few bucks from his Infernal-Raven-Vue and is going to put a cat walk up on the walls! Wow! He says it will be a few weeks but we have been so good, Rumpy too, that we deserve a little extra! Wowzer! I can hardly wait!

Hope you are all having fun too!

Timmy Tomcat!


Those Feathered Treats

April 15th 2012 9:25 am
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Here they come! Watch out!
Those Feathered Treats are zooming by the window again what fun. I love to lay in the warm sun and watch them do that feathered treat stuff, whatever it is, as I let that heat soak in.

We have those Bushy Tails too but they are not out in force yet. What a good life.

We have been laying back of late as spring seems to make everything new again. Even The brofurs Buddy Bud and Rumpy are pals. Will wonders never cease. I think that lad is finally growing up but we keep that quiet around here. If he knew he would get all wild just because. MOL

Pops had been real busy with the "infernal-raven-you"? Some hooman thing I guess. He also had some learning stuff he needed for his "Lie-cent-sure". We let him get it done without too much complaint as he says that is what keeps us in cat food. Yay Pop!

So I am off to take my, hmmm lets see, is it my mid morning nap or my 2nd nap after my noon nap? Hmmm? Oh yes. Its my first nap after lunch so let me go grab a snack so I can keep on my busy busy schedule.

Later Cats
Timmy T


Happy Easter to all!

April 7th 2012 3:49 pm
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This is a special day for many of our friends.

Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover we wish you good times with your families. May peace and love fill your homes as you spend time with your loved ones.

Pops is not Orthodox so does not do a Seder
but we are having a nice meal and treats tonight. I think its because he finished that Tax thing. He was a bit cranky this morning but then told me he is getting a bit back. I do not understand that hooman stuff but he was smiling. First year since I have been around. Purr.

So relax with family and friends. Give a big purr. Rub some ankles under the dinner table be it Easter Ham or Passover Seder and maybe you will get some goodies.

Timmy T

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