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An Angel's Notes for the Day


August 21st 2010 1:08 pm
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My momma had a strange dream about me last night. She said I was still living with Moufasa and Midnight, my kitty cousins, (which I hadn't lived with for quite awhile) and I looked really good! That I was in shape and not fat anymore and very healthy. She was petsitting us and taking care of us and couldn't figure out why on earth I was back here and not with HER. You know how dreams are, kinda cooky. She sad it made her both happy and sad to see me looking so good because she wishes she could have helped me be that healthy.

Momma, you need to stop feeling so guilty! You did everything possible and thensome. I think she'll always feel that way, even though it wasn't her fault I was fat in the first place. It was the lady that adopted me from momma's sister. She fed me stuff that was terrible including ice cream!!! It was yummy at the time but now I wish I didn't eat it.

Then momma's dream turned into her chasing a baby elephant down a dirt road in a jungle. LOLOLO! Talk about weird! But then again, my momma is terrific at dream interpretation and she says that's because elephants never forget. And she can't forget about how I was so sick. At least it was a really cute baby elephant! LOL! Crazy momma.


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