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Pawsitively Meow-Worthy

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Kaci Sunshine

November 9th 2010 4:50 pm
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Oh my god, we are in tears and so sad right now. My momma's eyes are leaking bad. Our wonderful, sweet little friend Kaci Sunshine is in the hospital and failing rapidly! oh my gosh! Kaci's momma JUST lost Miss Mittens a short time ago, this will kill her! Please purr very, very hard and loud everyone! Kaci is loved by so many! Kaci Sunshine.

We'll keep you all posted. I hope to god we'll only have good news or at least better news.

Luv Lace, Finney and Alex


Kaci Sunshine is FINE!

November 9th 2010 7:16 pm
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Okay this was a real poopy mess but we're just the messengers so don't shoot us! We just got a pawmail from Kaci Sunshine herself saying she has no idea why everyone thinks she's in the hospital, she's home and doing okay! We think because Boxie Brown has been real sick he hasn't updated the Get Well Purr list in a week so one of our friends saw it there and started the purr chain. LOL. We're just relieved that Kaci is okay! Phew! My momma can go to sleep easy now tonight. Thanks for the purrayers everybody. Even if they weren't immediately needed, they are always needed. Kaci still isn't out of the woods. But she's okay, HURRAYYYY!
Luv Lacey


Pink Panther & Pooh

November 16th 2010 1:07 pm
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Momma clicked on my page last night and saw that my Pink Panther music wasn't coming on. I didn't stop it and she didn't stop it! It was that youtubey thingy. They said it was copyright infringement. What fringes are they talking about? I didn't copy no fringes? Oh well, hopefully they'll leave my Winnie the Pooh music alone!

We want to thank Annabelle's momma Sarah for helping my momma with all her technical issues for her new puter! Momma was pulling her hair out and she would NOT look good bald, trust me! Annabelle's momma has her own tech support website. If anyone needs any puter help, she is your go-to gal! She's fantastic and very patient (lucky for momma, MOL). Here's the place to:

Guess what? Me and Finney slept on momma's bed with her all night last night! We didn't bug her once or anything either. It was so cool! She was really happy this morning that we snuggled together and with her. She said we kept her feet warm all night. Maybe we can do it again, as long as we're good. Finney usually screws it up by getting on the floor and ripping momma's mattress to shreds! Sheesh. Then she kicks him out and he thinks it's funny and trots off with all his poofiness sticking straight up in the air. I can hear him laughing the whole time!

We were so very happy to read today that our good friend Kaci Sunshine is eating well today and even bugging her momma for MORE! That's purrtastic news because we love Kaci and her momma big time! They've been through so much lately and Kaci getting sick is more stress for both. So keep feeling better Kaci girl!

So that's it for now, if any of you have time, check out all of our new pages; me, Finney and Alex.

Luv and sloppy kisses!


wouldn't ya know it?

November 19th 2010 1:05 pm
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So, me and Finney have been EXTREMELY bored and blah lately. And NO, this is not rubbing off from our momma. We're getting out of our kitten stage and settling down which has thrown momma for a loop actually. She kinda likes it and yet was a little worried. She talked to a doctor friend of hers who has around 6 kitties and she said it's completely normal this time of year and our age. We're eating well, feeling fine, etc. etc. etc.

So anyhoo! Mommy wanted to get us some new toys and doesn't really have much money so she bought us this thing from
Cat It Design Senses Play Circuit _product

Now you'd think by the looks of it that it would be fun. You can take it apart and make it different shapes and stuff. Nope, Nada, nothing. We touched it for about 1 night and that was it. Today mom went to get us some food at the local holistic pet store and she got these little balls for $2.99!
Atomic Bouncng Ball Cat Toy (2 Pack) /B00063KNZI

OMG these little balls are so much fun! They're rubber and they bounce in all kinds of crazy directions. We had a blast when she brought these home. Just goes to show ya...sometimes a cheap toy is the best toy. Thanks momma! Lucky for us, she never gives up, MOL!


Oh boy! It's my gotcha day!

November 22nd 2010 7:46 am
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Well I must have known it was my gotcha day because Finney and I woke up this morning and have been tearing through the house like we haven't done in weeks! Course the full moon probably helps too. But we have had the blahsies and not eating as gung ho as we usually do. Last night we started chowing and this morning we are bouncing off the walls and making momma laugh so hard she almost spit water out of her nose (that would have been really funny)!

It's freezing outside, 36 degrees and it feels like snow. We like to watch it come down but momma doesn't like cleaning it up. It's too quiet in here momma, put some music on! We want to dance and sing!

We've already gotten some nice gifts, momma's really got to catch up on our thank you's for Alex and Finney! Then we'll have to do it all over again for meeeeee!! Weeeee!!

I feel like doing some backflips, gotta go! I'll be back, smell ya later!

Luv Lacey


Thanks for my Gotcha Day Presents!

November 24th 2010 11:46 am
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Hi everyone! I want to say my thanks today for my gotcha day presents and well wishes AND because tomorrow is a day to give thanks. So from me and my family thank you everyone in Catsterland for sharing your friendship, support, good times and bad with us. We really found a great home here and we're so very grateful for all of our friends!

Sigmon - pink ribbon
Annabelle & family - pilgrim hat
The family of River & Simone - pie
The tabbies of trout town - pink ribbon
Nadia & Gumpy - pie
Tilly - heart
Hunter - pink ribbon
the family of Luke, Sammy, Tully & Natasha - pie
the family of Shade, Smudge & Chaucer - cupcake

Lots of good stuff to eat here. YUM! Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We love you!!!

Luv Lacey, Finney, Alex and momma Lisa


No Internet!

November 26th 2010 11:35 am
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Lacey's mom here! We just wanted to let everyone know that our internet is down and we may not have it back until TUESDAY! I'm not a happy camper right now. I'm at a neighbor's house right now using his computer but may not be able to come over in the next couple of days. So if you all don't hear from us or anyone needs me on my website, still email me anyways because I'll try to check in. I just wanted to warn you in case you don't get an immediate response. It's "technical difficulties"! Grrrrr. Or as Lacey would say "RRRREEEEOOOOOOWWWWWW, PSFFTTTT". Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!

Lacey's momma, Lisa


My new job

December 2nd 2010 7:48 am
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So I have a new job now. My first priority and job is to be guard kitty of the house. Whenever I hear someone coming up the stairs or even talking in the stairway, I growl. I'm momma's alarm system. But I have a new job that I REALLY love!!! I'm a massager! At least once a day, maybe 2 times a day, I jump up on bed and start my purring machine and get my concentration ready.

I look at momma and signal her that I want to give her a massagy. She gets in the bed, under a few covers so I don't rip her apart with my nails of steel, and it begins. Ohmmmmmmm, ohmmmmmm! I concentrate real hard, my eyes get big and black and I start walking up and down momma and purrrrrrr purrrrrr purrrrrr. My feeties go up and down, back and forth all around. Sometimes I slip and slide all over her, she thinks it's funny but I'm busy working, no time for laughing!

I'll go all the way from her toes to her head and boy I'll be concentrating so hard I'm hypnotizing her with my big eyes when I look at her. Hmmmm, maybe I should be making some hypnotic suggestions while I'm there. "You will give me catnip, you will give me toys, you will give me nom noms!" Yup, I think I'll do that next time.

Sometimes I do this for a half an hour! She loves it, she just lies there and enjoys it. She'll lay there and let me do it as long as I want to! Isn't my momma helpful? I feel the need to knead! Then when I'm done, I jump off the bed and she says "thank you honey! that was wonderful" and comes and gives me big kisses. I say I have the bestest job in the world! What a great life I have!


So sad

December 7th 2010 2:21 pm
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Ohhhhh, my momma is really sad hearing of the death of Elizabeth Edwards. Momma met her way back when her "crummy" husband was running for President. My mom had worked for his campaign and met his wife several times. She said that he was very, very charming and handsome. But his wife was the nicest, warmest lady and really had a huge heart and a brilliant mind. She fought the brave fight with that awful breast cancer!

NH is an EXTREMELY political state and at one time momma was very involved in it. She can't stomach it anymore at all and doesn't trust anybody. But she's met a lot of people in that world and even in the media because they swarm here and spend months here. Anyway, I guess we're righting this diary to reinforce how important it is to find a cure for this gosh darned disease! It's taken yet another wonderful woman, too many of them.

RIP Elizabeth! Hope you've met up with your son and are at peace now. We continue to pray for all the kitties with cancer and for their pawents and family who are sick with it also. We hate you cancer!!! Go away!!! Leave everyone alone now!



December 10th 2010 2:25 pm
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HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ohhhhh, my mommy is so silly it's almost too easy. She doesn't trust me and Finney around any decorations so she really never does much for any season. She says it stinks because the house looks so drab.

Well the last month has really drab, gray and depressing outside and she says she's had it. So she went for a walk somewhere, we think it's the basement, we've never been down there. She came back up with a big box full of all kinds of glittery stuff and stuff to eat and chew on. Oh man! We hit the jackpot!

She's trying to put them all kinds of places we can't reach, but she forgets that we have built in springs on our toesies! This is so great because we have been bored to tears! This a going to be so much fun, hee hee heeeeeee! Finney's already losing his marbles. She put up a long red curtain on the bathroom window and we've been running and hiding under it, chasing each other. Whoooo!

Momma says good, maybe you'll get out from under my feet for once! I've actually tripped her several times today alone. I will not leave her alone. I'm driving her completely crazy.

OH! Finney is chasing me now, he's doing his famous trilling sound. Momma loves that! Funny how just bringing up a box of strange things can get us all geared up to play. We are just nutballs! Hmmmm, maybe momma will hang us up as decorations! We certainly make enough noise! MOL!

I'm gonna see if that Santy Paws has any nippy for us. Mmmmmmm yum!!! Well, I'm off to do some investigating and see if I can get that box open! What do you want to bet I can!

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