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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

Good Mews

January 5th 2012 12:24 pm
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For the very, very first time I tried to run and get in what daddy calls my hidey-hole under Mr. Big Bed when mama tried to put me in my carrier. I had been napsterin in the carrier most of the day, but mama started actin suspishus-like, so I tried to hide. It did not werk. Mama shut the beddyroom door. I ran under the oak parlor table in the livin room, but mama got down on her tummy and pulled me out. How embarrasin...for her!

We had to wait cuz Unkl Dr. Mike was "squeezin us in," but it was not so bad. I stayed in my carrier UNDER my blankie AND my bed until auntie Serena camed in and weighed me. I am 11 pounds now, almost as heavy as Gunnie! After that I got to go back in my carrier until the doktor camed in.

Unkl Dr. Mike says I have allergees besides my nuther sickiness, and the weather has been so warm here and the wind blowin so much that all the animals in town with allergees have been comin in to see the dockor.

The good news is I am stayin on my cyclo cuz it keeps the bad thingies from comin back on my legs. Now I am gettin "ack-ack" medsins (prednisone) to make the bad things on my mouth go way. I only have to take it for a little while. I probly will need it sumtimes whenever those bad things come back, but not all the time.

Tabbies, I sure wish my medsins were trouts, but they are regular medsins. We might have some "trouty" treets around here somewhere, though.

Purred by: Laura W

January 5th 2012 at 2:31 pm

peekie, we will send ewe a case ...ore 530.... oh trout, sew ewe always haz trout on stand by....happee ewe had sum good mews at de vets....haza pawsum night N be lookin for de trout prob abully within de next 7 minits !!! peace out N rock on :)
Purred by: ♥ Anna ♥ (Catster Member)

January 5th 2012 at 3:03 pm

Wonderfur news Peekie!! we are so glad to hear all is going to be ok.

mom and i got the giggles when you were talking about your Mama crawling around on the floor to get you. shhh don't tell, we don't want to embarras her.
Purred by: Peekaboo (Catster Member)

January 5th 2012 at 3:37 pm

Wow, Tabbies! The trouts just got here. Lots and lotsa trouts! Thank you SO much! Gunnie is gonna be jellus.

Purred by: Monida (Catster Member)

January 7th 2012 at 12:39 am

Hi Peekie! Sending you big purrs that your allergies get better. Hasn't this winter been crazy? Enjoy all your trout from the Tabbies!




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