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I Luv Birthdays!

November 28th 2010 8:46 am
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Today Zack and I celebrate our very First Birthday!

At midnight Daddy and Mommy wished us a Happy Birthday. We got our fav Liv-a-Littles chicken treats. Then we had so much fun playing with all the wands that Auntie Mercy sent us. After that we were in a wild mood. We were chasing each other up and down the stairs, up our houses, across Mondos. We were so excited about it being our Birthday! Mommy and Daddy had alot of fun watching us. We even got more presents - a Cat Track to bat and chase a ball around, YEOWWW! Christmas Candy Canes to decorate our cat room and super cute catnip filled Ratherbee Teddy Bears.

Thank you to Catster HQ for posting our Birthdays. Thanks to all our catster friends for the rosettes, giftees, comments and Happy Birthday wishes!

We know that Angel Rocky Ann is at the Rainbow Bridge celebrating our Birthday with our Auntie Mercy and all their other Catster friends.

Birthdays are so much fun!



Happy Birthday Sis!!

November 30th 2010 1:48 pm
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I want to wish a very Happy First Birthday to my Catster Tortie Sister Leia !!

Now she is the same age as Zack and I :)



Meet My New Friend Zoe!

December 7th 2010 8:54 pm
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I want to introduce you to my new little friend. She is only 3 months old. She is an adorable Tortie.

And her name is ZOE!!


We Won A Prize!

December 18th 2010 5:49 pm
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Zack and I are so excited! We won a giveaway on The Cat's Meow Blog. Skeezix the Cat announced that we won the book "Shelter Cats" by Michael Kloth. Our picture is up there too! Catgratulations to Minko & Pipo and Willow for winning giveaways too.

Shelter Cats by Michael Kloth

Be sure to check out The Cat's Meow Blog as there are other giveaways going on! Thank you to Skeezix the Cat and his Mom, Karen!

I am napping in my Hepper Pod right now. At first we really wouldn't go in our pods but Mommy took the inside pad out and replaced it with soft flannel baby blankets (with prints that matched our pod of course!) Now we both love going in the pods. I take really long naps in them. Zack likes to more pop in and out.

We are very excited for Santy Claws to come next week. Last year I don't think we got a visit from him. But I really don't remember because we were only 1 month old and homeless.

Happy Holidays to all our Catster Friends!!


Annual White Star Whitester Day

January 15th 2011 9:57 am
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I got an award today! Both Zack and I were bestowed with a White Star Award. You can see it on the right side of our pages.

Each year on January 15th, a number of pure white catsters painstakingly choose some non-white kitties that have added something special to the Catster Community.

I want to thank Star for picking me for this White Star Award. Star is a one year old boy and his one year old sister sibling, Moon, picked Zack for the award. They are natural siblings like us and the same age as us! Star and Moon are furfamily of our very best friends Sock and Troop.

I am going to have a fun day celebrating my award. My favorite game to play lately is when Mommy throws ping pong balls on the bed and I run up there and chase them off. I get really wild. I have Mommy play this game many times a day. Being a one year old is so much fun!

Also thank you to Star for the Forever Crown he gave me for my page!


I Was Tagged By Zoe!

January 28th 2011 5:09 pm
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My Tortie Catster Sis, Zoe, tagged me! I'm supposed to name the five things that my parents do that are annoying, and then tag five friends to play the game.

My parents aren't annoying! I'm only one years old and I really can't think of anything that my pawrents do to annoy me. I am always purring and I never hiss so I must not be annoyed. Zack and I have the run of the house. We always get our way. We are totally spoiled. Nothing annoying about that!

Also our pawrents aren't annoyed by us either.

If you are reading my diary and want to play tag, then you are IT! Let me know so I can read your diary too.


Under Renovation

February 4th 2011 12:53 pm
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Our Z & Z Cat Room is under renovation.

Daddy moved one of our Molly Tree Houses to the downstairs bedroom. Which turns out to be a great place for it because we love to spend time in there in the morning cause lots of sun comes thru the windows. Our tree house is right next to the bed so we can dive onto the bed. Fun! They also moved the chaise (from our sandbox room) to our cat room. That way Mommy can read in there while we are on our houses. We enjoy napping on the chaise. We can also use it to jump on from the new high house if needed. Some of The Mondos have been moved around too.

Our pawrents ordered a new cat house called The Pinnacle Cat Tower to go in its place. It is 86" high and has 3 very tall carpeted poles! We luv to climb and they thought that would be purrfect for us. It has 4 cradles that we can use to help get down. There is a little house at the bottom and at the very top. Zack and I thought that the top house would be a great place to hide when it is time for our Vet appointment next month. They'll never be able to reach us up there! The Pinnacle Tower was suppose to arrive in California yesterday but it was coming from Florida and the truck got delayed by the snow.

The funny thing is that I keep forgetting that one of our tree houses isn't there. I run into the Cat Room to go jump on that house and I have to stop because there is an empty space. I then turn around and go jump on the other Molly Tree House. Then I remember that the other house is downstairs so I run down there. Zack thinks I am very funny so he chases me in this game. By the time I get this all figured out, The Pinnacle should be here.

I wonder if it will be me or Zacky who will climb to the top of the tower first!

I want to thank Sugar, Chrissy Whitesocks and Uncle Bellzy for the 3 beautiful Red Roses they added to my page. So pretty!

Sunday, Feb 6

Just got word that The Pinnacle arrived in Blythe, CA. Yay!

I want to thank Leo & Family for the Big Hugz Giftee and thank you to tortie Betsy for the Chocolate Covered Cupcake!


Zoey Short Legs

February 11th 2011 12:53 pm
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I have very short legs. I am a little runt. But I have the 'tude on my side. At 6 this morning Mommy saw me on top of the Pinnacle Tower stretching my legs really far because I saw something in the corner of the ceiling. The corner of the ceiling isn't that close to the tower. Mommy was afraid I was thinking my legs were longer than they really were. She saw that I was trying to get at a daddy long legs on the ceiling. So she called my Daddy human legs and he came with a mop to try to get him down. Even Daddy's legs weren't long enough to reach it. Daddy got him down and showed him to me. Then I went back to chasing Zack. I am helping to train him to be a Dreamboat. (#13)

Today was an extra fun day even besides finding the daddy long legs. Today the garbage truck came. Zack and I luv watching the garbage truck. It comes down our alleyway 4 times. And we can watch it really good from the Z & Z Cat Room. Then we helped Mommy change out our sandboxes. Afterwards it is so much fun rolling around in the brand new litter!


I Have A Special Valentine!!

February 11th 2011 7:01 pm
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This is the first Valentines Day that I will remember celebrating and I have a Special Valentine. Yay! I am so excited! Zack and I are not allowed to date but we are allowed to have a Special Valentine this year.


He is handsome, strong and confident. He has the cutest little face. I just want to smoooch him. He is King of his tree which really impresses me. He has short legs just like me. Both our names have 4 letters in them. I can see why he made Samoa's List - Dreamboat-in-Training #2. I am one happy little girl!

Zack asked a girl to be his Valentine. We'll see what she says.


Feel The Luv

February 14th 2011 11:58 am
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Sending out luv to my Special Valentine Kovo, my brother Zack & his Special Valentine Betsy, Angel Rocky Ann and to my Mommy & Daddy. Happy Valentine wishes go out to Auntie Angel Mercy, Uncle Tigger, Uncle Bellzy, my Catster Sis Leia and to ALL my Catster friends.

Happy Valentines Day!!

Like so many, Zacky and I are purring really hard for our friend Ashlynne.

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