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Sending Out Birthday Wishes

March 24th 2010 6:50 am
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Zack and I want to send out Happy Birthday Wishes to our Auntie Mercy's Mommy who's Birthday is today!!

Thanks to her for being such a wonderful Mom to all her furkids, a very good friend to so many and for making Catster even more fun for all of us. Wishing her a purrrrrrfect Day!!

Happy Birthday to a Special Mom!!!



I'm Honored!

March 26th 2010 12:21 am
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Thank you Catster HQ for honoring me today as a Daily Diary Pick. This is my second honor on Catster!! I can't believe how fun Catster is and how many cool friends Zack and I now have. It sure is a fun place to hang out.

Mommy was on the computer when the DDP email came thru. Zack and I were busy running around downstairs in our before-bed wild stage. This is the time of night we love chasing each other. Maybe that is why we sleep so good at night and don't wake up Mommy too early for breakfast.

Zack and I love to sleep together at night. Usually we sleep on the very high top cradle of the Molly & Friends cat tree but sometimes we sleep together on the top bed of the Katimanjaro. We haven't decided yet where we will sleep tonite.

During our day naps we love to cuddle. Usually we nap on the chaise in the landing area. It is very comfortable plus Mommy has very soft pink and blue blankets there for us. Daddy and Mommy are always calling each other to come and look at us while we sleep because we are so adorable in the different positions we lay together.

Leo & Family are still up playing too. Thank you for the Red Rose!

Goodnite till the morning!



We both slept together on the high top cradle of the Molly & Friends House last night. We didn't start waking up till 6am and then played till 8am when we finally decided we were hungry. It is always a hard decision for us - should we eat or should we play?!

Thanks friends for the comments, pawmails and giftees. You are all so nice!

Special thanks goes out to:
Tate for the Bunny Rabbit, Sugar & the KY Kitties for the Easter Egg, Hilda for the Pink Rosette, Alfie & the UK Kitties for the Bunny Rabbit, Adam & Eve & Family for the Bunny Rabbit, Teebo & Callie for the Red Rose, Angel Sam, KiKi & Emmie for the Easter Egg, Tilly for the Easter Egg, Tabatha for the Easter Egg, Lil' Muppet & FurFamily for the Bunny Rabbit, Kovo for the Yummy Shrimp, Bail & Furfamil for the Easter Egg, Baby G & Little-One for the Pink Rosette and Angel Mea & her "M" Furfamily for the Bunny Rabbit!


Four Months Old

March 30th 2010 1:31 pm
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Zack and I are now 4 months old!! So is my Catster Sis Leia. We are all growing up together. It sounds like she luvs to play just like we do.

Daddy dropped off our poopie sample gifts at the Vet yesterday for just a regular check to make sure we have no worms or parasites. Mommy just called the Vet and we got a report of clean poopies. Yay!!

We have tried quite a few different brands and flavors of canned food. Some I liked better and some Zack liked better. But we both decided that we luv EVO canned cat & kitten food so that is what we are eating for all our meals now. YuM! If we get a treat it is a kibble or 2 of Wellness CORE dry which we luv also. We each get a CET dental chew at the end of the night to clean our teeth and we show up in the kitchen when it is time for that because we luv those too.

Daddy bought us a cat condo to put in front of one of our 3rd story windows so we can watch all that is going on in the neighborhood. It is fun to watch the birdies fly by. Our favorite thing is to have the lights off in the bedroom at night and then we can see really well out the window and no one can see us. We like to spy on our neighbors.

Thank you Easter Bunny & Catster HQ for the Easter Basket Giftee! And thank you to my Catster Sis Leia for the Easter Basket and Hero Ribbon Giftees!


We just had the EVO cat & kitten dry for a treat and we think we luv that even better for treats. It is a bigger kibble size and comes in 2 flavors. We luv both flavors!


Thank you to Uncle Tigger for the Easter Giftees he left on all our pages. We luv you Unkie!!


DOTD! and The Cathood Part II (& Thanks)

April 3rd 2010 9:08 am
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I'm Diary of the Day!! I'm so very honored to be pictured on Catster's Homepage and to be able to put this on my Catster resume. Thank you HQ. This is a great way to celebrate my first Easter weekend. Zack is so proud of me and I'm sure Angel Rocky Ann is too.

Remember The Cathood of the Travelling Hello Kitty Head?? In her Will, Angel Rocky Ann left her Hello Kitty Outfit that was ordered from Japan to the Hello Kitty Fan Club Group. And now new Administrators Pixel and Ele' (who were so great to take over the Group for Angel RA) are having members who are interested, participate in The Cathood of the Travelling Hello Kitty Head Part II. The member with the best picture wearing the outfit actually gets to keep it! I won't be participating because I don't wear clothes but I sure can't wait to see the cute pictures. This HK Head will be lots easier for cats to wear than the first one. There are dogs in the Group now so I guess it is also a Doghood too for doggies that have very small heads. If you are a Hello Kitty Fan Club Member and want to be part of this, please check in with the HKFC Administrators!

Thanks to all my friends for the comments, pawmails and giftees to catgratulate me on my DOTD. Mommy is going to read them to me right now while I'm sitting in my Kitty Cube!

Special purrrrrs of thanks go out to:
Lil' Muppet & Family for the Forever Crown
Nelly, Bell, May & Family for the Easter Egg
Sugar & the KY Kitties for the Winner's Trophy
Sampy & Family for the Easter Egg
Khaki & Family for the Pink Rosette
Chai Latte - Cabone & the SF Gals for the Forever Diamond
Auntie Mercy for the Forever Planet Earth
Freddie & The Thomas Kitties for the Red Rose
Buster, Buddie & Little Girl from Hawaii for the Giant Hearts Easter Egg
Buster, Buddie & Little Girl also for the Bunny Rabbits for Zack & Angel RA
Colleen for the Easter Egg
Teebo & Callie for the Blooming Sunflower
Adam & Eve & The LA Kitties for the Easter Egg
Tony, Ashley & Angel Callie for the Pink Frosted Cupcake
Kovo for the Forever Emerald
Hilda for the Easter Egg
Angel Sam, KiKi & Emmie for the Easter Egg
Miles for the Easter Basket
Miles for the Easter Basket he also left for Zack
Uncle Tigger for the Pink Rosette
Minka for the Red Rose
Nikko & Scooter Cottontail for the Double Painted Easter Eggs
Nikko & Scooter Cottontail for the Giant Hearts Easter Egg for Zack
Maus for the Forever Diamond
Baby-G & Be-Little for the Red Heart
Beepers & Family for the Pink Rosette
Tasha for the Bunny Rabbit
Hannah & Family for the Forever Diamond
Lucy & Family for the Forever Diamond
Toffy & Vanessa for the Easter Basket
Catster Sister Leia for the Pawty Hat

A big MeOw of thanks to Kovo and his big sis Pansy for making me a beautiful framed keepsake of my DOTD Honor today!! I hung it up on the right side of my page. Luv it!

Thanks for celebrating my honor with me. You are all so sweet!


Talking to Birdies

April 20th 2010 1:21 pm
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Zack and I were sitting on our carpeted pet steps on the window seat this morning watching the birdies in the tree outside. All of a sudden I started to bird talk! Mommy has heard lots of cats bird talk before but this is the first time she heard me. I did great!! She couldn't believe that came out of my little mouth. I am sooo cute!!

We have 7 windows where we enjoy watching birdies, doggies and people. We go to different windows at different times of the day. Mommy just added a carpeted window perch to one of the windows and that is one of my favorite places to watch now. It is very funny to see my head going back and forth as I'm watching the birdies fly by!


I Won A Contest!

May 4th 2010 6:47 pm
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Zack and I haven't been on Catster much lately. We miss all our friends but we are just too busy playing. When I did pop in tonite, the first diary that came up in my recent corral activity was a diary entry by Ele'. She was having a contest to see if any cat could see something different on her page. Right away I noticed that the ' was back in Ele'!!!

Ele' is back!!! I'm so happy for her :) And thanks Ele' for the 10 zealie prize!!

Everything is great with Zack and I. We are just having so much fun. We need more hours in the day to play. We are always so happy and excited to get up in the morning to start the day all over again.


Chip Do Over

May 14th 2010 10:44 am
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Zack and I just got back from the Vet. We both had appointments but it almost looked like I was the only one that was going to keep hers. I needed to be remicrochipped as the chip that the rescue Vet said she put in either wasn't put in or wasn't scanning. Since I had to have this done anyways, Mommy was going to take us both in for 6 month checkups.

Mommy tricked me into a bedroom that held my carrier (we were playing in the carriers last night) by using The Purrfect Feather Toy, my most favorite toy. I fell for the trick and I was in the carrier before I knew it.

I was very good in the ride over there. I was checked over by Dr. Tom. I'm so cute because I purr whenever anyone is touching me. I have a very loud purr. I now weigh 4.95lbs. But.... I have a poochy belly already. I'm very squat so I have to watch my weight. We get fed a 6oz can of food a day and I'm suppose to cut that by 25%. My pawrents and Vet are very aware of the obesity issue in felines and want to keep me in good shape so it isn't a problem when I get older. Otherwise everything looked very good. I had a pedicure. And then I was chipped. I purred while getting chipped! I didn't leave any presents for the Vet or for my parents. I was a very good girl!


Everything But The Kitchen Sink

May 27th 2010 8:29 am
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Seemed like we had found everything but the kitchen sink. Well, we found it this week! Mommy was going to try to keep us off the kitchen counter but she gave up. Everything else is off the kitchen counter but us! We now even have really high carpeted stairs on the other side of the kitchen counter because Mommy doesn't want us to hurt ourselves while jumping down. So when we sit at the top of those steps, it looks like we are sitting at a bar waiting to be served a beverage. Everything we do is cute. Mol! There are even cloth placemats for us to sit on the counter. We are good about staying off the counter if it is needed by Mommy or Daddy and then we just sit on our steps and watch. The stove/oven is never used so that isn't a worry. Sometimes Zack even takes a nap on the counter.

We helped Mommy get the house all ready for our Godfathers' first visit to meet us today. Mommy added mousies to our Katimanjaro House so it looks like mice are running up and down it. Right now Zack and I are napping at the top of Mount Katimanjaro to rest up for our company.



May 29th 2010 9:41 pm
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Zack and I met our Godfathers!

The first day we were very shy and spent most of the day hiding under the chaise upstairs. I was the braver one. A couple of times I'd go downstairs and sit in front of our Godfathers and just stare at them looking at Eric and Paul back and forth. Everyone was amused by me. Then I'd run back up to report to scaredy cat Zack. When Daddy and the Godfathers left to take a drive and pick up supper, both of us ran down to play. At night when everyone was asleep we ran round the house because we had alot of pent up energy.

The second evening Godfather Eric introduced us to Halo Liv-a-Littles freeze dried chicken pieces and to the word "treat". I followed Eric all the way down the stairs and soon Zack had to find out what he was missing. We had so much fun! We played with our new Petstages fish bowl too. So now we regularly come downstairs to see everyone, eat our meals and sometimes have the Eric treats. We still have our shy moments but we are being pretty friendly!

Eric and Paul left for a few days to go to Napa Valley. I bet we are going to think they are hiding on us and look all over the house for them. Mommy thinks we will be very happy when they come back here for a few days before heading back to AZ. So far Eric is the only one who has given us the treats so it is a special thing we will look forward to when we see him again.


Weighing In

July 6th 2010 9:35 am
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Yesterday after weighing us, Mommy put our baby scale on the kitchen counter for us to get use to. This morning after breakfast Daddy found us both sleeping on the scale together! Here, Mommy thought she'd have trouble getting us to like going on the scale. Of course we'd rather sleep on it then go on it when we are suppose to.

Another place I like to sleep is on Mommy's computer chair. Sometimes she will pull the chair out and there is ME!

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